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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Nina Ricci Les Délices de Nina

This afternoon I popped down to Westfield London to check out the pop-up candy house for the newly released Nina Ricci fragrance, Les Délices de Nina. A new apple to join the tree - this time with a candy twist. The fragrance itself is best described as a 'sugar high' and has a fun, youthful feel to it. The pink and gold bottle is a playful spin on the original design, and the citrus notes mix with gardenia, praline, white musk and strawberry candy accord make for a spritely springtime scent that isn't just for the young. I'm sniffing it on my arm now, hours after spraying, and it's left a delicate veil on the skin. Lovely for daytime especially!

So, the pop-up: taking inspiration from the storybooks of Hansel and Gretel and Alice in Wonderland, the Nina candy house offers sights, tastes and smells to transport you into a fairytale bubble. You can make your own sherbet - I went for tangerine, FYI - take a break from shopping and have a manicure, and try your luck at the Les Délices de Nina game - every hour the highest scorer wins a bottle of the new Nina fragrance. It's quite addictive and is pretty easy on the eye - don't say I didn't warn you..

If you can't make it down this weekend - it's really easy to find by the way, just outside Boots on the ground floor! - they're setting up shop in Manchester next weekend (info here). Otherwise you can still win a pack of goodies through the blog, including the new fragrance as well as a bundle of beauty bits; keep your eyes peeled for my Instagram and Twitter for updates! How'd you do it? Simply download the Les Délices de Nina game, available in the App Store and on Android, take a screenshot of your high score and the biggest number wins! Just tweet it to me (@milkteef) along with the hashtag #LesDelicesdeNina so I can keep track. The competition will run till May 25th, and the more levels you play, the higher your score will be. So get going, and the very best of luck!

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Friday, May 01, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic

As a big lover of lipstick, it's important to prep and prime your pout properly (how's that for alliteration?) so that you get the most out of your makeup. After all, the most perfect lipstick in the world isn't going to look quite as great if your lips are dry and chapped. Baby soft lips are a highly coveted feature - and genuinely attainable for everyone.. with a simple regime!

Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Love & Lip Magic are a duo designed to gently slough off dead skin and plump up a thirsty pout for a youthful, super soft lips. Lip Love (£20) is a clever little pot of exfoliating scrub designed to both stimulate and smooth the lips. Sugar crystals shift the old whilst jojoba seed oil, shea and cocoa seed butters, olive oil, vitamin E and beeswax help to soften and hydrate the new. It's not as gritty as a lot of other lip scrubs on the market, and it does feel ever so gentle on the lips. It is effective but I tend to go overboard with the amount of product to make sure I'm getting enough crystals to slough away dead skin.

The Lip Magic (£25) has been a daily staple for me since I got my hands on it. The magic ingredient is propolis, also known as 'bee glue' - a natural filler taken by bees from plants to fix any small gaps in their hives. Often used for treating sore throats and similar, it is known for its almost magical healing powers. Along with other skin-loving goodies like argan oil, hyaluronic acid, beeswax, vitamin E and a blend of helianthus, olive and jojoba seed oils, it truly is a little pot of magic. I had a small ordeal when I left it behind at a friend's house recently and struggled to live without it before long! It may be small, but it is mighty. I don't usually like dipping my finger into something I'd use to regularly, but the consistency itself is so perfect on the lips I can forgive it. It's thick but oily and yet doesn't feel sticky or heavy in the slightest. I've hardly dented it either considering I've been using it for months!

In short - if you struggle with dry, chapped lips that feel uncomfortable to the point of sore, whether you're big on lipstick or not, go and try out the balm. Personally I'm enjoying the Lip Love scrub, but the true hero for me has to be Lip Magic. Never before have I agreed so much with a product name! I've already got a backup in my stash.. a rare occurrence for me so soon.

Lip Love & Lip Magic are available now from Selfridges, Net-a-Porter and Charlotte Tilbury's own website.


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