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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Festival Hair with KMS California

Last month I spent the weekend at Lovebox festival in Victoria Park - where I spent a lot of my childhood before we moved out to Essex territory - those were the days! As a guest of KMS California, I was shown the ropes when it comes to getting that festival hair down. For the festival season KMS have created three signature looks; the Rope Pony, the Halo Braid and Relaxed Boho, the latter of which spoke to me straight away. To be honest it's not a far cry from my everyday textured beachy waves, just with a little twist!

First the HAIRPLAY Sea Salt Spray was applied all over the hair, followed by random sections being twisted throughout to create natural waves which were loosened once blow-dried. Various sizes and styles of braid were created through the hair - I particularl loved the miniature fishtail you can see in the photo which really helped to open up my face - and HAIRPLAY Dry Wax was applied to give texture to the style. Finally, a good spray of HAIRSTAY Anti-Humidity Seal ensured my hair looked its best all day.

Since the festival, I've been playing around with a few other KMS California products, namely the FREESHAPE 2-in-1 Styling and Finishing Spray which is great before and after curling the hair, the HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray, which is everything you want from a dry shampoo without the grey, powdery leftovers and HAIRPLAY Dry Touch-Up, which works as more of a dry conditioning spray.

In partnership with Bora Aksu, three different cuffs, inspired by the SS15 collection palette, are available as a GWP on two or more KMS California products. Need some inspiration? Check out KMS ambassador Sam Burnett in action here.


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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Summer Skin Saviours from Clinique

I don't know what it is, but this summer my skin seems to be more moody than ever. Dehydrated and stressed out. Not a drop of oil, but tightness and a flare-up at the slightest hint of overthinking something. Real fun! It's not all bad though - I've discovered a great combo from Clinique to give my skin a drink without being too heavy for the warmer months.

First up is the Moisture Surge Face Spray (£22), a hydrating mist I've had for a few months now but has only recently made a big impression. I love these kinds of products all year round, but this is particularly lovely. It's not just one of those water sprays in a can that can end up actually drying your skin out more despite the initial relief from heat and humidity; it's more of an actual moisturiser - oil-free, so good for any skin type - that you can spritz on over makeup, in place of your toner for extra hydration and just basically any time of the day. My only gripe? It doesn't come in a travel size - to my knowledge - which is a big shame as it's too large for the 100ml rule on in-flight baggage.. yet would be absolutely perfect on a flight when the air-con starts to take its toll!

My other new love is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream (£25); I was really intrigued when I got this through as I used to buy the original Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion back in my late teens. I remember it being quite nice to use, but my skin was a little less thirsty back then so this is just what I need. It has a thick consistency without being heavy at all and sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving the skin prepped for makeup and/or a good night's sleep. It's pretty no-frills - in terms of smell and obviously staying within the brand it's high-tech but not overly pretty to look at - but my skin is loving it!

Have you tried either of these products? Do you switch up your skincare in the summer?


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