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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ashish SS15: Backstage Report

I know we're smack bang in the middle of AW15 right now at London Fashion Week, but I couldn't not give the Ashish SS15 catwalk show its well-deserved limelight on the blog. I'll be backstage and checking out the new pieces this week, but for me you can never have enough Ashish anyway. This season it's the only show I'll be attending - and popping backstage again beforehand - it's the one show I always make time for and leaves me on a weird fashion high every time. I had other plans, but they were put to a halt thanks to a horrendous bout of sickness whilst on a plane.. meaning I've been stuck in bed feeling sorry for myself since Friday. I DIGRESS.

So, if you're an avid member of the Ashish fan club, like moi, you'll know it ain't Ashish without a good dollop of glitter. SS15 was of course going to be no different. The SS15 collection was heavily inspired by the whole idea of celebrity - Miley, Kim and Kanye were all featured, reminiscent of fan art and caricatures. Ashish himself described the SS15 collection as a 'fucked up 50s meets disco' (take from that what you will), and was just an all-round tidal wave of sequinned splendour. Insane. I love it.

With Ali Pirzadeh for L'Oréal Professionel in charge of hair, it was kept simple and healthy-looking, with a sleek but natural finish. Mostly straight but with a real party girl feel to it, so with a slight dash of sweat (from dancing, naturally).. maybe sticking to the face and skin slightly. Stay with me here, because it gets fun. Multi-coloured, holographic wefts of tinsel were then worked into the models' extensions, making everything totally Ashish from head to toe. The only product used was the Crystal Gloss Shine Spray. Simple! If you can call it that. As for makeup, Sharon Dowsett Maybelline went for a 'showgirl without the drag' look - no liner or lashes, but a mountain of glitter and crystals. Bronzes and golds were applied all over the lids, with gemstones along the lower lash line and then randomly on top. Divine, and not nearly as difficult as it looks to do at home. Promise! Nails were a 'cosmic cluster' with shades Watery Waste and Glitter It, followed by another helping of crystals applied at random.

So there we have it. I had such a hard time whittling down the mass of photos for this post - the sheer amount of Winnie Harlow alone was ridiculous! What can I say? The girl is worth it. I'm going to roll around in glitter now. Hurry up Tuesday!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lush Valentine's

January came and went in the blink of an eye, and now Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're taken, single - I hear ya - or none of the above, Lush can mark the occasion with a pretty plethora of bath time treats. Be still my beating heart.

Cupid's Love, £4.25 - scented with rosewood and bergamot, this sweet, fruity soap is bursting with figs, soya yoghurt and passion fruit to soften the skin. Who can resist anything heart-shaped.. even if it is just a soap?

Prince Charming Shower Gel, £4.75 - with a motto "ridicule is nothing to be scared of" (which is very true.. and oh so very 80s), Prince Charming is a concoction of marshmallow root, pomegranate juice and vanilla, along with a fragrance of sandalwood, grapefruit and geranium oils. That seems like a lot, so in a few simple words.. I think it smells pretty much like Jaffa Cakes.

Hearth Throb Bubbleroon, £3.65 - inspired by French patisseries, this 'shea butter sandwich', Heart Throb, is a bright red hunk of love with gold glitter. With frangipani, vanilla and geranium oil, Heart Throb has the same scent as the African Paradise Body Conditioner - a BIG Lush love of mine. It's basically a big cuddle of a scent. Like with all bubble bars, you can get a few uses out of them by breaking them up. I can't wait to use this one!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, £3.25 - as you may have guessed, this one's a horn-shaped extravaganza of pastel colours and starry sprinkles. I love bubble bars - I very rarely have a bath without bubbles.. small luxuries - so this was going to be no exception! As I'm writing this I have the scent on my hands from crumbling half under hot running water (it's not huge but it gives off a ridiculous, not to mention satisfying, amount of bubbles, so you can definitely get at least two uses out of one of these) and tints the water a sweet baby pink. It's a great pre-bedtime bar as it's filled with neroli, ylang ylang and lavender oils. I'll be stocking up on these for sure!

Floating Flower Bath Bomb, £3.50 - this one is mostly Jasmine, which I generally find a bit heady and overpowering, along with ylang ylang. It promises a rainbow of colours though so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

The Kiss Lip Scrub, £5.50 - if you've ever used a lip scrub from Lush, you'll know they stand the test of time. Completely edible - not something I'd advise.. dead skin anyone?! - and completely addictive. No more chapped lips with these babies! The grittiness comes from sea salt and caster sugar, whilst Sicilian mandarin oil and cocoa butter keep things moisturised as the scrub works its magic. Sticking with the sweet theme, the mixture also has edible hearts and hundreds and thousands. Cute! There's also an accompanying lipgloss which would make a really nice gift as a little duo.

Lovely! How are you spending the 14th? I'm going to be cuddling a bottle of red.. and smelling awesome.

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