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Sunday, October 17, 2010

black and blue

blouse: asos
cardigan: primark
socks: topshop
brogues: office

This weekend has been so tiring, even if I've hardly lifted a finger. Yesterday I went to Kent to see my baby cousins (youngest is 2 tomorrow, how cute!) and my grandad. I had a lovely time! I overslept today because of getting back so late last night, and my bus had come early so I'd already missed it when I got to the bus stop!

I've been determined to wear my swallow print blouse for ages now, I've had it for over a month! I've always been a bit on the fence about wearing navy and black together as the shades are so similar but different at the same time, but I plucked up my wardrobe courage and just went with it!

Lewis came to meet me at work for my lunch break, but in the end I didn't even eat anything and went to Topshop instead! I really need to stop spending all my money. There was only one of my size left in each of the items I got though, so that's a good enough excuse I guess! Also spotted the tan heels I posted in the store, I nearly cried.


I already have this dress in a toffee shade, but since I saw a black version I've just been thinking "ohhh that will just go with everything and I will wear it all the time!" so I rushed to the till. I saw that a ring I'd had my eye on had arrived in store too, and even though it was a medium (I usually wear a small) I got it anyway. I'm kind of annoyed that it fits because I want to keep it now!

I'm off for a quick soak in the tub (complete with lots of bubbles as always!) before snuggling up in bed with my sketchbooks and X Factor, what a perfectly ordinary Sunday night! Toodles!

28 comment(s):

  1. Aw glad you got the black dress, I think it's one of my favourite things at the moment.

    Yay for the swallow print! I kept going back to look at it cos I couldn't decide whether to get it or not but then eventually decided I probably wouldn't wear it that often... you've made me want it all over again though.

  2. Oh and the ring is gorge too! Want!

  3. oooh you look gorgeous in that dress! I tried the other colour on and its too short for me and doesn't cover my bum sooo annoying because i am average height! I keep spending all my money in topshop too - super naughty

    R x

  4. oh i love your outfit!i want the swallow tunic, have been for agess!x

  5. Oh my god, I want that dress! So so gorgeous! xx

  6. where is the ring from?

  7. lovelylovely! i have that shirt but im sending it back coz its just the wrong size! i got petite 12 and its too baggy and too short!

    i too am thinking about getting the black! like you said you'd wear it all the time! it goes with everything!

  8. love that dress. I really like the ring too, it's one i haven't seen before x

  9. Such lovely outfits! That dress look so nice on you, i thought that about your other one too! :) xo

  10. Love the swallow print, and that dress is pretty.
    I know what you mean about spending money though. I'm out of control this month.


  11. wow. you go shopping like every day. lol. now i'm going to try to get my hands on that swallow print tunic before it sells out.

  12. Just found you through Lily and I love your blog so I'm following you now! :)
    love the shirts, it's super cute.

  13. I love that dress and the ring you got - I wish I could afford to buy more from Topshop!

  14. OMG! thanks for the link for that blouse - it is DIVINE!!!

    adding you to my reader!

    xx Adele

  15. Just found your Blog through LLYMLRS and had a wee browse through... Love all your clothes!! I want so Im going to have to check out Topshop asap

    Following you now!! :) x

  16. I love that shirt, I really wanted to get it but they had sold out in my size.
    The ring is cute too :)

  17. Gorgeous outfits! Finding the last thing in your size is always the perfect excuse to purchase! Can't believe I've only just found your blog, love it! :)


  18. Absolutely ADORE both the blouse & the dress! Love your blog doll, so glad i found it! You're gorgeous btw :) x

  19. I love your shoes and i really want your ring !!
    check out my blog :

  20. just found your blog and love it. i just bought the topshop peterpan collar tunic from your last post,

    feel free to check out my blog


  21. love the black dress, i looked online i didn't see it :/ it's gorg tho i hope they get them in stock soon it's lovely on you! ps-cute blog

  22. I have exactly the same top - you've styled it up really nicely! Tres chic.

    Loving the brogues too! If I weren't so tiny, I'd be in them all the time!

    Absolutely gorgeous blog. I'm now following you! :)

    Natalie x

    Natalie xx

  23. Love that topshop dress, it looks so flattering on!
    I just found your blog, so Im a new follower, yay!
    Hope you can visit my blog and follow back :D

  24. I think the navy swallow print blouse (is amazing) goes quite nicely with the black! I especially love what you've worn on your feet.
    I think I like the black version of that top more than the toffee version. Suits you!


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