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Thursday, October 14, 2010

eyeko goodie bag review

So, I am finally swatching/photographing all the stuff I came home with from the Eyeko birthday event almost two weeks ago! Sorry for the delay!

I was lucky enough to receive three nail polishes, a double-ended eye pencil, graffiti eye liner pen and Magic Mascara in my goodie bag (along with the cutest tote ever and a tee I totally forgot to photograph!) and there were bits placed around the venue which everyone was helping themselves to so I did the same! All the nail polishes had been nabbed but I got a few lipglosses, the extra glow cream and some more graffiti pens (we were told they were faulty but mine seem fine!) - if only I got a black one!

Here's some swatches of the nail polishes:

Petite Polish - for French nails: if you have short nails (no white bits) then this won't need as many coats compared to if they're long as it doesn't cover the white very well for the first couple of coats! It's super sweet though.

Pastel Polish - for nice nails: I thought this would be a little like Rain Polish but it really isn't! It's a bit lighter, less grey and has subtle shimmer added to it which is what makes it so pretty.

Military Polish - for brave nails: I love this! I've recently been wearing this a lot with a matte topcoat, which I think just adds to the beauty of it (it almost looks black until you look closely!).

(for some reason my hands get smaller as the pictures go along, it looks funny to me!)

The rest of the goodies (from top):

Magic Mascara (pointless but still!)
London Lips Portobello
London Lips Soho
London Lips Primrose Hill
Graffiti Eyeliner (brown)
Graffiti Eyeliner (purple)
Line & Shine Duo pencil in Super Star (electric purple and plum)

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you've tried any of these products, what do you think? Also don't forget you can receive a free gift when entering code E10921 into the comments box when shopping on Eyeko!

3 comment(s):

  1. lol love that you swatched the mascara <3 I love the glosses, only have two though :) xx

  2. I haven't tried any of this stuff yet, but everyone seesm to be raving about the Graffiti eyeliner, so might just have to try it out!

    Came across your tumblr the other day, and love your blog!

  3. I haven't tried any Eyeko stuff so far! But these products do look really good, especially the nail varnishes.


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