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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

graze weekly box

dark rocky road, cracked black pepper cashews, great fire dragon, olive focaccia

I get a box from graze every week. I actually enjoyed today's box so much that I ate it all within a couple of hours, oops! 'dark rocky road' contains cranberries, dark chocolate buttons and pecan nuts, 'great fire dragon' has jumbo chilli maize, roasted & salted maize and satay broad beans (so good!) and the others are pretty self explanatory! It was probably my favourite selection so far! I recommend all of these. If you want to try your first box for free (and your second half price) just sign up with this link:

6 comment(s):

  1. So sad they don't deliver to Chile. These look healthy and yummy.

  2. i've not got round to actually ordering mine yet, but my boyfriend does. the boxes are so cute! omnom.


  3. the dark rocky road sounds aazing. wow. going to get myself on this x

  4. Your blog is adorable. I just had to put it on my reading list on my page :-)

    I might have to take a look into graze!

  5. wow this looks incredible, especially the rocky road :-)!!
    Love your blog dear xxx

  6. I love nuts! (realised how bad that sounds)
    May just order some, they look yummy and good for you too. Ticks all my boxes.


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