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Sunday, October 31, 2010


jumper: primark
shorts: miss selfridge
ring: topshop

I'm completely appalled that it's Sunday night already! Time goes way too quickly and somehow it's November tomorrow too! This also means that I turn 20 in 29 days, and I have nothing planned yet. Obviously I need to get my ass into gear for that! I have literally no idea what I want to do, so any ideas would be very welcome :)

Last night I went to my friend's house for a little Halloween gathering. I don't have much money to dress up properly so I just threw some stuff together and eventually became Harley Quinn (the Arkham Asylum version though of course)! I know it's not very impressive but at least it was an effort!

The other day I bought this jumper from Primark, I so wish I'd have gotten a bigger size (I bought a 10) so it was really baggy, but maybe this is OK after all! I feel a little bit like a robber in it, hence the title (since I've also been eating way too much junk food lately)! The ring is from Topshop if anyone wanted to know!

My boyfriend let me order a few bits I had on this year's Christmas list tonight. I'm really annoyed I didn't see this ring and order it but it's too late now! I'll just have to hope I find the H&M version (without broken antlers!) soon instead! If anyone wants to see what I ordered, you can see here!

I forgot to eat dinner today (not exactly a rare occurrence lately!) so I just heated up some Heinz tomato soup and am scoffing on Pringles instead! Such a healthy hamster I know!

16 comment(s):

  1. Your sweater is so cute! I had one like that when i was like 15 but as a stupid emo teenager i cut it out and it was horrible lol.
    I wish i could give you birthday ideas but my last (21th) ws awful! lol But i'm determined to fix that next year.

  2. We have the same birthday, except I'm a year older :) xo.

  3. lovely outfit, your ring is amazing :)

  4. The ring is great, and I love the jumper, Primark have done well with knitwear this year!


  5. That ring is super cute! Love that black topshop dress too. And you look great as Harley Quinn

  6. The ring is so cute! Jumper looks waaay cosy. x

  7. The jumper looks great on you and super cosy! I need a big jumper for this weather. Soup and Pringles? Man, that sounds like my diet!

  8. I have that jumper but in green. They didn't have the black and white version when I got it and when I saw it after I much prefer those colours. I'm quite tempted to get the black and white one as well.

  9. ah im in love with the outfit :) and the topshop ring you forgot to order is so gorgeous! i hope you find the h&m one instead :) i dont know how you can forget dinner... my stomacch would never let me forget :P


  10. stag ring is so cute! love the other things you bought though am also currently pining for those topshop shoes - lucky you!

    R x

  11. That jumper is super cute :)

  12. The jumper looks great on you! Your blog is fab, i love the way you write :)

  13. Man your halloween costume looks cracking! I love Halloween...folk always put in so much effort. Feel like a total scrooge for staying in watching horror films with the boy now. Boo.
    Oh I have the topshop stag ring...its brilliant but I find the antlers a bit stabby.
    Am getting way too excited for xmas, it's unhealthy! xx

  14. This year has gone so fast! A little too fast I think, it's like there's not enough time in the day anymore.
    I love your costume!


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