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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

les fleurs

Before I hop into bed to snuggle up with a Pixar film and some hot chocolate, I feel a little post is in order! I always say little when in fact it's near enough a novel but never mind..

L-R: Disney Couture, Topshop (x2) and Henry Holland

I finally wore my Topshop Peter Pan tunic today! I don't know why I waited so long. I guess I didn't really know what to wear it with and in the end I went for leggings as it's a bit too see-through for just tights! I can't stop wearing my £7 Primark cardigans at the moment! I definitely couldn't justify paying like £48 for a Topshop one.

After a long day at uni (in the library, no less) I met my parents in town for a Chinese buffet. I really wasn't feeling it so I went to Lewis' house for a bit instead! On my way I popped into Miss Selfridge to quickly see if they had this dress..


It's only available in the petite range so I got a 10 (I'm usually an 8) but it feels quite tight on the arms! I looked for a 12 but to no avail and that just so happens to be the only size that is out of stock online too! Originally it was £39 so it was a nice surprise to be greeted with a '£15 off' sticker on the tag. I'll probably keep it, I just hope it's tight because of the material (kind of swimwear-like?) - I doubt a size 14 would look right on me somehow!

Also I hope nobody minds the fact that I look like a cherub! My hair is annoying me no end lately so I just pinned it up for these snaps, and in turn you all get to see my 'moon face' in all its glory! All the signs point to a lifestyle change don't they?! Send any healthy eating tips my way pronto!

19 comment(s):

  1. Love your rings! And that floral dress is gorgeous. Definitely a keeper, I think x

  2. Completely LOVE both of these dresses! And for the record, you don't have a moon face, silly!

  3. two cute outfits!
    love them both so much and your new dress looks great on you.

  4. Loved with all my heart the floral dress!♥

  5. Nom nom nom chinese buffet!! I have that dress too and I think it is just tight on the arms if I am honest, I am a 12 and got it in that size and its still tight on the arms! Gutted you got £15 off though :( Do you find yours is a wee bit short, I nearly flash in it constantly ha

    R x

  6. You always have the BEST rings! xxx

  7. Love those rings!
    And you don't have a moon face at all!
    I have the same primark cardi, fab buy and always wear it.


  8. Both of those dresses look lovely on you!!
    And I adore your leopard nails, so cute!

  9. Love that skull ring, I have a slight thing for anything skulls!

  10. The rings are adorable!

  11. The tunic is so cute. Might have to get it myself.
    And the fairtytale ring is adorable.

  12. gorgeous range of rings! I've wanted that disney castle one for donkeys! :) xx

  13. your blog is just so amazingly cute !
    love your nails and your rings !

  14. The topshop Peter-Pan collared dress is so pretty! I love the nude colour and the collar is just so cute!

  15. Love both of the dresses! Your nails look awesome!

  16. I love my primark cardigan but it's so itchy :( x

  17. I love everything in your blog! And I love your rings! <3

  18. Pixar is the best! I recently watched cars which I thought I wouldn't like but it's amazing. Nothing beats Disney.
    I love both your dresses, the second one would look nice with knee length socks I bet!


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