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Thursday, October 07, 2010

mac venomous villains

I have recently gotten way too excited over something completely superficial.. the MAC Venomous Villains collection. I was desperate to do some swatches as soon as the parcel arrived, except I got it delivered to my boyfriend's house, where I don't have my camera and refuse to use his one. Even though my day at work was exhausting, as soon as I got home tonight I started snapping and swatching! I was reading up on the collection (again) the other night, and I found out that MAC actually used some of the exact same Pantone swatches used in the Villains' palettes to create the collection! Very impressive from a graphic design student's point of view!

Formidable!, Bad Fairy & Mean and Green nail polishes, Briar Rose powder, Bite of an Apple blush, Innocence Beware! and Dark Deed lipsticks

1. Bite of an Apple & Innocence, Beware! 2. Bite of an Apple & Dark Deed. 3. Briar Rose & Dark Deed. 4. Briar Rose & Innocence, Beware!

The two cheek colours are very different but almost look the same in these photos, I did try to remove the first pretty hastily though so I'm a bit flushed already when I'm wearing Briar Rose! The lighting in my room isn't the best, and I should have probably waited for natural light but I felt like I'd waited long enough to blog about this anyway!

WARNING: Mangled-looking hands alert (I admire all swatchers who manage to make their hands look completely normal when taking these kinds of pictures)!

Formidable!, Bad Fairy, Mean and Green

My favourite of the three definitely has to be Mean and Green. It reminds me of bruised fruit and the poison apple from Snow White! The other colours aren't really my thing but I couldn't leave them! I'm a terrible shopper, I know that and you don't have to tell me..

All in all, I'm very pleased with all of my purchases, and kind of wish I'd ordered more! I definitely think £87.50 was more than enough to spend already though. I really hope my mum never reads this or I'll be responsible for giving her a heart attack! This post has also made me realise I definitely need my hair colour darkened as soon as possible!

And while we're on the subject of new things, here are some cute swallow print/frilly ankle socks from Topshop, and three eyeshadow trios that all look pretty much the same (but I promise they aren't!). They were both bought in deals, so there's my excuse! I also spotted a cute brooch that I decided to use as a hair accessory in Primark today:

That's not all I've bought but I won't have anything else to take pictures off if I don't stop! Stay tuned for more bargains finds.. I'm off to have a well-deserved soak in the tub now, toodle pip!

17 comment(s):

  1. Loved all the things! I spcially liked the nail polishes and the fact they're of disney villains makes them more awesome :D. I want them all but MAC is kinda out of my financial reach right now.

  2. Innocence, Beware! looks SO gorgeous on you!
    Thanks for the great swatches :)

  3. Dark deed lipstick look so good on you, I'll never get to carry out that sort of colours.

  4. You're gorgeous! and all of your photos are so helpful (:

  5. this has nothing to do with this post but i i'm absolutely in love with these mocassins

    i know they're from topshop but what brand are they. they're not on the website anymore. :(

  6. They were Topshop's own, called MEADOW2! Maybe ring your local stores and see if they have them :) they're so comfy!

  7. Wow, every single item of that make up range suits you, loved everything in this post, LOVE the socks, I have a dress with that pattern. Xx

  8. I cannot wait to snatch up those lipsticks!!! Gorgeoussss :)

  9. They look fabulous! you're very pretty too :)

    If you have a chance check out my new blog, - It's about fashion, lifestyle and self love!

  10. i adore the primark hair's so so cute, looks awesome on blonde hair.

  11. I have the pink powder mac disney too but I don't know how to use it, I mean because it's not a blush but I can use it as a blush but otherwise how do I use it ?
    You can answer to my blog if you want! thank you :))

  12. The dark deed lipstick really scared me in the first picture but then I saw the picture of it on you and it looks wonderful! I really should be more daring when It comes to make-up! aha. Love the swallow socks too (i'm a sucker for anything mulberry ss1o style!) :)xx

  13. I love this, especially the fact that it has that evil witch from Sleeping Beauty, she used to give me such bad nightmares as a child! Love the make-up, especially the way you wear it, you look gorgeous.

  14. thank you so much. just like you i want a pair of warm comfortable shoes that aren't uggs. there is only one topshop in america which sucks. i won't be able to go to again any time soon either so i hope it becomes available online.

    p.s. i love your tumblr and blog. it's scary how similar your taste in clothing is to mine.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. wow,,you look like taylor momsen!

  17. Envy, envy, envy! You've made these look even better, sigh.
    I love those ankle socks, I wish they still had them in stock, so cute and miu miu-esque. I like what you've done with the brooch as well, very dainty.


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