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Saturday, November 20, 2010

i got no strings

playsuit: H&M
nails: Models Own Nude Beige
lashes: Eylure 107
lips: Eyeko London Lips Portobello

So yesterday I was in H&M and finally spotted the playsuit I wanted before. I wasn't sure about it, but I still bought it to try on with a different bra as it's quite low cut! It's no better whatever one I try it with so I'm thinking of just making a little stitch higher up to preserve my dignity a little if I do keep it! Comments are welcome, if it really does look that awful then please let me know!

I'm also pleased that my Disney Couture Pinocchio pendant came in the post this morning. How unbelievably cute is he? You can't really tell from the picture but he's got little chains on him like a puppet! I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of a Disney freak! I don't see anything bad about revelling in your childhood though. Plus he's an early birthday present!

The wonderful Sophie at Crown and Glory sent me these beautiful rust coloured floral hair clips which also arrived this morning. I love them and I'll be making another post about them soon with a special discount code for you all!

Do I have any Harry Potter fans for readers? I certainly hope so! My boyfriend took me to see Deathly Hallows pt. 1 last night. I really enjoyed it even though we were in a screening full of absolute morons who obviously hadn't read the book! Also I cried so much it seemed as if I was putting on a show apparently! I say it was justified, I'm sure if you've seen/read it you'll agree! What did you think of it anyway?

30 comment(s):

  1. Yay, you bought it. It looks really nice! I might have to go have a look for it myself x


  2. The playsuit looks gorgeous :) I love your make-up in the last picture, it looks so natural!

    I'm watching Harry Potter next week, I cannot wait! xxx

  3. Ooo the playsuit looks lovely!

    Your brown hair makes me want to dye mine too. I'm too scared though!

    Chloe... x

  4. You look stunning :) I am so getting that Models Own polish - looks lush! X

  5. I love the playsuit! And those hair clips are so cute x

  6. i think your outfit is adorable and not too low cut, of course it's up to you and what you're comfortable with. and that necklace!
    your new hair too is just as pretty as ever
    i want to see HP so much, but with all those people also excited to see it, seems a bit rowdy for me.

  7. The playsuit is gorgeous and looks lovely on you!



  8. The playsuit looks GORGEOUS!!!! You should definitely keep it.
    I went to see Harry Potter on friday morning ♥. It was SOOOO good! I'll be going again as many times as i can :). And was also kinda mad with the people who hadn't read the books ¬¬ they don't deserve such an awesome movie.

  9. Love love love the necklace. Disney couture do such nice pieces :) and the playsuit looks lovely on you x


  10. I am a HUGE HP fan but can't see the film til Wednesday for cash flow reasons ha. I think I will probably have a little cry too though. Loving the playsuit on I think it is gorgeous! A small stich would sort any exposure issues for sure :)

    R x

  11. I like the playsuit!!

    Just back from HP... Roll on the summer for the last ever one.. sob sob xx

  12. I think the playsuite would look better without the tie?
    Would be great to style it with different chunky belts as well.
    I've eyed up Pinocchio! I've got loads of Disney Couture on my Christmas list.

  13. the playsuit is cute. i have one thats a bit low cut as well and think i need to sew it or something.
    loooove the necklace.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  14. Love the playsuit.

    I'm a massive HP book fan but I'm going to wait until the crowds die down til I go and see it in the cinema. Can't wait x

  15. Gorgeous playsuit! I like that playsuits are so easily worn and not much thought has to go into what to pair it with. xxx

  16. And no, the playsuit looks gorgeous on you. And I'm watching Harry Potter tomorrow cause the tickets keep being 'SOLD OUT'. but I bet nothing can be better than the books itself.

  17. I really like the playsuit! I have been rediscovering mine and I think I may have to invest in this too! I love the shape! I always just pin it or wear a lacy camisole underneath- I know Primark do some cheap ones :)I love your hair too- you really suit the brown!

    Maria xxx

  18. I LOVE the play suit, its a great shape and the long sleeves are better for this chilly weather. Do they do it in different colours?
    Maybe you could wear a tank underneath?

  19. You really suit that playsuit! I'm extremely jealous of your Disney Couture necklace. There's nothing wrong with being a Disney fanatic ;) Of course you have HP fans for readers! Corr blimey, it was really good wasn't it?! Not too fair from the book either. Aww, it was a bit of a tear jerker wasn't it?!

  20. i've been looking for a playsuit like this for ages.
    i shall be swiftly visiting H&M :)

    love love <3


  21. I love the necklace ! Its so cute :) I love that you make all your outfits fun by adding cute disney pendants or accesories :)

    And dont worry I cried my heart out at harry potter! I'm glad they stayed quite true to the book. I've already planned going to see it again! ha such a HP fangirl! :) xx

  22. i adore that jumpsuit! may have to pop into my local h &m

  23. I love your outfit and your nail polish and necklace are gorgeous!

  24. you are beautiful!
    and that necklace is so cute, along with your very stylish outfit!

    courtney xx

  25. You look gorgeous, keep the neckline as it is!

  26. I need that necklace in my life - its gorgeous! May need to edit my list to Santa. ;)
    Playsuit looks fab but it's all about how you feel in it and whether you're comfortable. :) x x

  27. The play suit looks great! There is nothing bad about talking about Disney ;-)
    Still haven't seen the new HP, feel ashamed, what kind of fan am I?!

  28. Hello, I would like to buy this jumpsuit if you want to sell it? Please contact me venlamannila@gmail.com :)


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