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Monday, November 29, 2010

special delivery

L-R: Pink Friday, Viva Glam Gaga, Cut a Caper

You wouldn't think it was Christmas in less than a month what with all the stuff I've bought for myself lately! New things have definitely made the thought of turning 20 (twenty!) tomorrow a little less bitter though.

I've wanted Viva Glam Gaga since I first heard about it months and months and months (!) ago, and forgot to order one when I got my Venomous Villains picks! I hate paying for delivery at the best of times so I was planning on getting it on my next trip to London but when I heard Nicki Minaj was collaborating with MAC I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone (such a morbid figure of speech) and get the Pink Friday lipstick (named after her album) too, along with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which I'd wanted to try for ages, and Cut a Caper lipstick from the Tartan Tale collection. They sent me the cutest little bottle of eye makeup remover too!

Pink Friday is definitely the most opaque of the three as it's a satin finish where the others are lustre products. I'd say it's more for a night out than the other two as well and is very bright! I'm not Nicki's biggest fan but I do like how she's almost a real-life Barbie, and I really do think the lipstick reflects her totally!

I love Viva Glam Gaga so much and I'm so glad I got it! It needs to be applied a few times - and blotted if that's what you prefer - to show up as much as Pink Friday but I just love the glossy finish lustre formulas provide so I'm happy! It looks pretty similar next to the first one but it's a lot less blue so stands out less. That doesn't mean it's not nice(r) though!

I have lots of nudes and pinks but not many peachy lipsticks. The best one I have is a Barry M shade (#54 I think!) but it's so drying! As I said before, the lustre formula is so moisturising, not to mention the vanilla smell all MAC lipsticks seem to have! Nom nom!

As soon as I applied the MSF Natural I thought I regretted it, but after looking in the mirror when I got home after a full day at work I couldn't believe how perfect my makeup still looked! Seriously amazing product, and that's coming from someone who hates powders!

After wanting one of these rings by Victoria since I first saw about them I finally ordered one in time for my birthday (tomorrow! I know I keep going on about it, sorry). It's so lovely and you should all buy one for yourself or for your friends as a cute little gift! Probably best to get your orders in quick though as it's not long till Christmas! Has everyone started their shopping yet?

PS. ignore the ugly hands! My fingers always look so chubby, thanks small hand syndrome!

17 comment(s):

  1. definitely gonna invest in some of that powder, i hate ones that set in the weirdest places.
    and yep, started xmas shopping, just, 2 presents down thousands to gooo.
    i hope you had a good day! and have a lovely, lovely birthday xxx

  2. Those lipsticks look great! I think I got my xmas shopping out the way just in time, we seem to have been hit by a freak blizzard over the weekend, and it's still going!
    Think I might buy one of those rings too...
    Have a great birthday!


  3. i too need to check out this powder.
    i got Lady Gaga's lipstick too and think it's wonderful! i'm considering Pink Friday, but i like being able to see it in person because sometimes the swatches on the website don't look the same (to me at least) and i'm baffled.
    looks like you got a great delivery of things!

  4. Love the nails!! Victoria rules!! Lipsticks look wonderful, I have a few MAC lippies, and I really love their staying power, spesh under a gloss. Hope you have a wonderful birthday hun, wish I was still that young!! xx

  5. Have a happy birthday! Those lipsticks are gorgeous and that ring is so cute! I also love your nails!

  6. Wellll I am a HUGE Nicki fan so I need pink friday! haha missed it this Friday. Love the viva glam Gaga too <3

  7. Oh I'm so jealous you got pink friday! It was sold out when I tried to buy it. Boo! It looks gorgeous though...not as garish in real life. Your nails look fierce by the by.

    All my christmas shopping is bought and wrapped...mega prepared I am =) Now I just have to sort through all this uni stuff....x

  8. I really want cut a caper, but theres so many eyeshadows I want too, I just cant choose! xx

  9. MAC Satin lipsticks are the way forward... I wear the Brave shade every single day!

  10. Your nails look gorgeous and your hands are perfectly fine sweet! Happy birthday for tomorrow (: It's amazing how quick the years fly by isn't it?! Hope you have a lovely time. Have a good week sweet.

  11. I too got my Pink Friday in the post earlier today and love it :-)

  12. Happy B'Day for tomorrow !
    Just fell on your blog and loving it !

  13. you have just convinced me to by an E ring too


  14. so jealous that you got the mac lipsticks!! they look gorgeous. and have a great birthday tomorrow!!!xx

  15. What brush do you apply your MSF with? X

  16. I want all of these lipsticks! I really want to try the Viva Glam Cindy as well as the Gaga. Oh MAC...

  17. i have exactly the same problem with my fingers, so i feel for you! the scrabble ring looks lovely though, and your nails are perfect!



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