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Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend wishlist #008

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This week is pretty much all about stuff that I've been after for a long long long time and not got around to getting any of it for one reason or another! I love mallards and always choose to feed them over the horrible geese so when I saw this a good few months ago I really wanted it but it sold out! It's back in stock now but I don't know if it's just going to swamp me so I'll wait and see if it ever comes into my local store.

I hate paying for P+P and I don't have a MAC store near me so I have to either pop on a train into London or spend over £50 online if I want anything! I was going to get the items when I ordered my Venomous Villains stuff but I spent way too much already so I left it again! I'm not a huge fan of powders but I've read a lot of reviews for the Skinfinish Natural so I'd like to try it! I also wanted Viva Glam Gaga for what feels like forever - I even looked for it in the duty free when I went on holiday in June but to no avail! I'll definitely have to take a trip soon!

I've been after a new scarf for ages (I still haven't taken the tags off of my Primark one because I'm not sure about the colour!) and this was one of the only items on the recently British version of the Forever21 site that caught my eye so I'll hopefully put an order in soon. I never used to like burgundy but now I keep buying things in the shade! I don't know what's wrong with me. There's a similar version in Primark that I did want but it has glittery bits in so I don't really like it so this one is perfect!

My room is unfinished - as ever - and I have a few different hooks and decorations waiting to be worn by my walls when they have a fresh lick or two of paint, and it's always just impossible to untangle my necklaces when I want to wear them so I thought these hooks were super cute! I did have them hanging from a cork noticeboard once but this is heaps prettier.

Finally.. this is of course the highly adored Mulberry Alexa. The oversized version of course! I never have a bag big enough for all my stuff. I know I've been saying I was going to get the rip-off version on eBay but I feel that saving up for a 'proper' designer bag will be an achievement! I'm probably being really stupid seeing as I don't even drive yet but I think that's what I'm going to do. It's driving me insane though as I desperately need a new bag so I might just have to get the 'inspired' version and save up as well! Part of me thinks it's a waste though :( oh decisions!

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  1. aaaah, me want the duck top so much! tis gorgeous. Will have to peruse my Topshop tomorrow in hope they have it :) xoxo

  2. I saved up for the oversized Alexa (not to rub it in or anything), instead of buying a knock off like I first thought, and it's definitely worth it, despite the hefty price tag. Such a beautiful bag. I absolutely adore it x

  3. You definitely have to get msf natural, it's amazing. I haven't been able to cope without it since the first day i got it! I'm hitting pan on mine and it's upsetting me. Must get to mac!

    Also i just bought a burgandy scarf pretty much identical to the f21 one in primark yesterday. It's got stupid primarkesque flecks of glitter thread in bits but you can't really see it. I'm also sharing your burgandy obsession- that and that gorgeous rust colour that's all over toppers atm..

    great post as per. x


  4. I've got that duck tshirt! It's incredible

  5. The necklace hooks are lovely! I'm always in search for things to keep my stuff in order.

  6. I'm completely in love with that top, scarf and bag! I'm a big fan of feeding the ducks (boo seagulls and swans!) so that top is just lovely. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. That's such a cute necklace hook. I need to invest in some nice things to show off my jewellery because it's kept in a drawer atm :/ Hope you've had a lovely weekend sweet.

  7. that duck shirt is so fit i might cry, and the bag, and the scarf!

    love your blog m'dear <3


  8. Wow, the duck top is fab - I quite want it myself now! I've tried to save up for a designer bag so many times, but the money always ends up going on something else, I just don't have the willpower. I'd love to own a Miu Miu satchel but it's not going to happen. If I ever do save up any significant money it's going towards a Mazda MX-5 anyway! x

  9. The duck top is awesome! What a great find, also loving the necklace hanger :)

    R x

  10. Oh wow I love everything you have chosen. Adore the Mulberry bag, I know what you mean about saving for the proper one, I don't drive either, but then I think meh I'd have to save for a car n all, so get the bag gem haha. I went in to the Forever21 in the Bullring tuvva day and it is beautiful, although still a tad peived they class a 12 as plus sized.

  11. That little Duckie top is so cute!! :)


  12. great stuff for me to swoon over as well! i have the Viva lipstick and think it's great :) love your style and the things you post every so often

  13. I have the Primark scarf. Absolutely love it and it is such a bargain. It's not the most exciting colour but for £8 we can't really complain can we!?

  14. This question isn't really related to your post but you seem to know alot about make-up, could you recommend some good beauty blogs that review make-up please? thank you :) xoxo p.s i enjoy your blog.

  15. Love that necklace rack, so useful! Definetely save up for the Alexa if you can, I can imagine you'll feel so great once you bought it!


  16. oh my, the satchel and that scarf are to die for! would kill to have them!:)
    also that necklace rack is so cute, mine broke yesterday :(

    courtney xx

  17. You are crazy to not love burgundy! It's my favorite shade of red!

    The bag is really lovely, I was thinking about getting something like that as well! I do think that you should save up for it. Whenever I purchase fake brands, I rarely use them because I'm afraid people will notice, haha.

  18. I love that scarf! I reallyyy want it, and like you said it was one of the only things on the site I liked, but I've got so many scarfs. Seriously dont think I should be buying another one haha xx

  19. SAVESAVESAVE!for the Alexa :) I have an oversized black and it is so gorgeous and goes with everything!also, <3 the mallard top :)

  20. you have great taste! I want everything you posted too hehe
    especially the duck shirt and the Alexa!

    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

  21. Need this duck top in my life. Every time i see it it's like it's quacking at me....


  22. deffo get the gaga it's limited edition and its amazing!! xx

  23. where are those necklace hooks from?xo

  24. How can you like birds?! They're so mean :-( Granted, the top is really nice though. I love that scarf and the colour of it<3
    Mulberry Alexa... collective sigh.


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