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Saturday, December 18, 2010

weekend wishlist #012

Bit of a different feel to this week's wishlist as most of the items are the same, just different colours! My wardrobe (and room in general) is pretty much full to the brim! A lot of it is patterned - I'm a self-confessed sucker for anything animal print - so I thought it would probably be wise to stock up on some more basics! After all, they save the day when you're having one of those 'I hate all my clothes!' moments!

Topshop basic edge scalloped vest

I'm sure these have been doing the rounds in the blog world since they came out, but I don't care! I'm also pretty certain that these will look horrendous on me because I don't have stick arms, but that doesn't stop me wanting them! They're £15 each which is kinda pricey for a vest (and I think they're quite thin too) but I'm gonna try some on in store when I can! The only problem is I like all of the colours (apart from the blue and red which I don't find wearable - for me anyway) so I'll have to decide when I'm in there! Bet I come out with them all..

MAC eyeshadow - Bisque, Woodwinked, Ricepaper, Brule, All That Glitters, Handwritten

I'll admit I'm not the first person you'd go to for eyeshadow advice - I've always thought it looked too cakey on me! In the past couple of months I've started using little trios by 17 just to get the hang of it though, and I must say I don't go without applying a couple of shadows in the morning now (even if they are just neutrals). Obviously the quality isn't going to be fantastic in the ones I have as they were only something like £5 each, and I'd really like to try the MAC ones. These are the shades that stood out the most to me, but if there are any colours you'd recommend, please let me know! I don't really like shimmery finishes so I'm mainly looking at the matte/satin ones!

Peacocks dip back oversized top

I actually spotted these on my way to uni the other day, and I wish I hadn't left them on the rail now! Hopefully there will still be some in my size left if I get the chance to go shopping on my lunch break tomorrow! I never really go into Peacocks as it's the other side of the shopping centre in town to where I work and I just imagine it'll all be really naff, so I guess it just goes to show you! They're only £10 each which is cheaper than Topshop and still nice quality. The creamy one is actually more camel if I remember right as well, so win!

Can you believe it's only one week before Christmas? Just a heads up, Santa - if you're reading, I've been a very good girl this year, and it would just be great if these could all end up in my stocking on Christmas morning somehow!

21 comment(s):

  1. I love those Topshop tops, how grand! One week yess! HURRY SANTA! xx

  2. MAC's Kid, Brule and Carbon are my go to mattes! Woodwinked is so gorgeous, but that stock photo of it is nothing like the actual colour! It's more shimmery, but it's perfect for just an all over colour.

    Temptalia.com is a great blog for swatches that show what the shadows really look like. Hope that helped! xx

  3. I love the colours of those topshop vests and those tops from peacocks are really good value as there are similar ones in topshop for much more :)xx


  4. I'm definitely going to go and look for those tops in Peacocks! x

  5. I was looking at those tops today. I love them too, but I just think the shape would look awful on me. Topshop have just brought out a load of stuff in really bright colours too - very 80's style. I wasn't keen, but they're something to take a look at.

    Love the eyeshadow selection. I'm dying to create my own MAC palette.

    Great post as always,


  6. love the topshop vests, was debating whether to get a couple the other day, before realising I'm on a clothing ban until boxing day :( xxxx

  7. I posted about those scallop edged vests too, but when I tried them on, they were quite short on me and didn't suit me at all ): Love the Peacocks tops, we don't have a Peacocks at home, waaa! I'm hoping to get a MAC eyeshadow quad after Christmas, definitely getting All That Glitters! xxx

  8. those topshop scallop tops are gorgeous- and the mac eyeshadow is dreamy!
    happy christmas!


  9. I have woodwinked, ricepaper, brule and all that glitters!
    I never had any problem with any of these apart from woodwinked. I'm far too pale for it! Ricepaper is one of my all time favourites and I'd also recommend Naked Lunch if you're starting out with eyeshadow xx

  10. I love your wishlist posts! Often they are kinda inspiring (I never would have discovered the H&M Jumpsuit as I refuse to shop at H&M...but I absolutely love it!)
    The Topshop tops look really cute - I'm wondering how the quality is? Just own a few pieces from Topshop but I recently found some awesome basic vests. I'm always looking for high quality basics.
    Have a niiice christmas!

  11. i love mac eyeshadows. my favourites are: all that glitters, satin taupe, naked lunch, mulch, era, patina.

    sleek palettes (available from superdrug) are like 5.99 and AMAZING quality. i have 6 palettes now haha and they've got 12 eyeshadows each i think.

  12. i'm desperate for some basic vests but my arms are too chubby! but i love the peacock's tops!
    :-) x

  13. Love the Topsgop tops and the Peacock ones - both something that I'd totally wear! Gonna have to have a look next time I'm shopping :)
    My favourite MAC eyeshadow is definitely Patina! It isn't a glittery shimmer, more a shiny shimmer if that makes sense. It's so wearable - both on it's own and with other colours. Just the easiest colour to work with and it's very unique looking. Can't rave about it enough!

  14. i have to vests in red - perfect for halloween time! and the kinda rust color - i really had to stop myself from buying them all as they are expensive. x

  15. I love the colours of all these tops. So versatile and basic
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  16. I love the scalloped edge vests but it's sooo difficult to choose a colour, I'm loving the collared vest tops they're doing as well. I would probably buy one in grey...

  17. Oh i need those topshop tops in my life! :)
    Lovely blog!

  18. i love the cut of those tanks! soo different :D maybe i could diy?


  19. I love good basics too! But I never buy them! x

  20. i love the scallop hem tops,i really want one :)

    loving the blog


  21. Those scalloped vests are cute! They make a simple vest look a bit more interesting and the colours are nice. The peacock over sized tops are lovely too, really into plain over sized tops recently! Can't say I've ever bothered to venture into Peacocks though, this may sway me their way. I like the eye-shadows you've chosen, I don't really wear eye-shadows either so can't really help you but these are nice shades.


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