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Friday, December 31, 2010

weekend wishlist #013

I skipped last week's wishlist as it was of course Christmas! This week doesn't really count either, but I won't have enough time or energy to take outfit photos - I am so hungover and you've already seen what I'll be wearing anyway (H&M playsuit and maybe leopard print tights?). I'm just going to a house party/gathering kinda thing, I'm only going to go if it's definite that we aren't venturing into town though because I just cannot be bothered after last night!

I am cheating a little on today's post and showing you stuff I have already ordered - it's okay though as technically I can just wish for it all till it arrives at my door..

ASOS spot shirt dress

I saw this the other day in the new arrivals section and instantly fell in love.. I think! It's one of those things that looks really nice in the photos but I'm 99% positive that it's going to look awful on me! I hope the length is okay and I'm not just fooled by the long legs of the model! I'm just wondering what shoes to wear with it - the model sports white brogues but I'm not quite sure?

I also made a trip to the Models Own website - I've been adding an array of nail polishes to my basket for weeks and weeks and have only just taken the plunge and made an order. I saved £7 when I bought 5, I was going to get more but I noticed yesterday that Boots are doing 3 for £10 on all MO products so I'm going to get a few more in there instead!

Vintage Pink, Pray, Peach Puff, Mushroom, Juicy Jules, Proper Copper, Gold Rush, Scarlet Sparkle

I haven't ordered all of these, even though I do love them all - you'll just have to wait and see what I did get! I will say that I've ordered both the black and white nail art pens though, I've wanted them for ages and I can't wait to try them out!

PS. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and don't have killer hangovers tomorrow!

13 comment(s):

  1. Love that dress, and I'm sure it'll look lovely on you. Rather fond of the Vintage Pink nail varnish as well. Might have to get that for myself. Hope you have a fabulous New Year, whatever you end up doing x

  2. Oh I love the look of that ASOS dress! I keep going for those warm toned neutrals at the moment (: Eek Vintage Pink looks so good, I'm sceptical about ordering online again though, my last polishes from them were damaged in transit :/ Happy New Year sweet, hope you have a great night. xxx

  3. Hey!
    About the dress there is a lookalike cool version of it at Bershka, same brown color execpt the dot are black and the price is a lot cheaper :)

  4. Amazing! I love Models Own - I think I'm going to do my nails with 'Pearly Queen' tonight!

  5. Oooh you'll need to show me the dress on! I saw a similar one in Zara ages ago but it was always out of stock when I wanted to buy it :(

  6. I'm now eyeing up that dress so thanks for that :P I'm sure it'll suit you as most things do!

    I hope you haven't returned that long sleeve river island dress that you twitpic'd by the way! I thought it looked so lovely on you and it's nice because it's a little different :) I would of written that in a tweet but because i'm private on there and you don't follow me back, you can't see them lol.

    Also hope you're feeling better by now! Hangover and other aspects :) xx

  7. this has nothing to do with your post (though i do love that dress), but i follow you on twitter, and i have to say... i really love how much you love your dog.

  8. I can't wait to see what that dress looks like on you! It already looks so cute :) oh and I love the vintage pink and Peach Puff nail polishes!

  9. Wow off to check out that dress on Asos now, it'll look great with the nail polish too! I seriously need to try and wean myself off asos for 2011 though, I'm such an addict! Hope you had a good night.

  10. Scarlet sparkle is a must! It's beautiful!


  11. very jealous of that bottom row of nail varnish x

  12. I went in to models own before crimbo and asked a girl and a woman if they had models own and they were both like ermmmm, i was like it's exclusive to boots, and they were like ermmmmm, urgh, silly mofos, it was the big one in brum n all! xx

  13. I love your H&M playsuit! I wish I had one, boo. That dress shirt is adorable, would look great in the summer with a little straw hat I bet! The nail art pens are such a cool idea! Love the mushroom coloured nail varnish :-)


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