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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

birthday girl

dress: New Look
rings: Topshop + VIPXO
necklace: Disney Couture

Goodness gracious, nothing - including these awful photographs - is going right today! Not such a good look for my 20th year already! I woke up to an inevitable sight of the outside world covered in a blanket of the white stuff. Typical that it couldn't wait another day! No shopping trip for me. I was so annoyed I didn't even go into uni! I really didn't want to waste my day after getting dolled up but alas, I'm still at home. My boyfriend wanted to take me to the cinema but to be honest I'm in such a bad mood now there was no point. I sound like such a drama queen but something always seems to mess up my birthdays!

I first saw a link to this dress on Lily's blog, and immediately knew it would be perfect for my birthday! It's more beige than cream and kind of looks like a pair of granny curtains but I still love it! I'm glad I got two sizes as well because I needed the bigger one and now it's out of stock! Just a shame I didn't get to wear it outdoors apart from taking Beigel out for a walk!

I don't really know what to do with the rest of my day. I ordered a few bits from ASOS earlier (a cream dress, patent brogues, an 'ox blood' playsuit and a snood) just to try on and see if I like them while the 20% discount on ASOS brand is still running - it's 'ASOS20' if anyone's interested! I think we're getting Chinese food in a little while, for some reason I haven't eaten all day! What a rubbish birthday. I hope everyone enjoyed the snow more than me!

PS. don't forget to try your luck in my giveaway which ends tonight (and please check the rules)!

Monday, November 29, 2010

special delivery

L-R: Pink Friday, Viva Glam Gaga, Cut a Caper

You wouldn't think it was Christmas in less than a month what with all the stuff I've bought for myself lately! New things have definitely made the thought of turning 20 (twenty!) tomorrow a little less bitter though.

I've wanted Viva Glam Gaga since I first heard about it months and months and months (!) ago, and forgot to order one when I got my Venomous Villains picks! I hate paying for delivery at the best of times so I was planning on getting it on my next trip to London but when I heard Nicki Minaj was collaborating with MAC I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone (such a morbid figure of speech) and get the Pink Friday lipstick (named after her album) too, along with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which I'd wanted to try for ages, and Cut a Caper lipstick from the Tartan Tale collection. They sent me the cutest little bottle of eye makeup remover too!

Pink Friday is definitely the most opaque of the three as it's a satin finish where the others are lustre products. I'd say it's more for a night out than the other two as well and is very bright! I'm not Nicki's biggest fan but I do like how she's almost a real-life Barbie, and I really do think the lipstick reflects her totally!

I love Viva Glam Gaga so much and I'm so glad I got it! It needs to be applied a few times - and blotted if that's what you prefer - to show up as much as Pink Friday but I just love the glossy finish lustre formulas provide so I'm happy! It looks pretty similar next to the first one but it's a lot less blue so stands out less. That doesn't mean it's not nice(r) though!

I have lots of nudes and pinks but not many peachy lipsticks. The best one I have is a Barry M shade (#54 I think!) but it's so drying! As I said before, the lustre formula is so moisturising, not to mention the vanilla smell all MAC lipsticks seem to have! Nom nom!

As soon as I applied the MSF Natural I thought I regretted it, but after looking in the mirror when I got home after a full day at work I couldn't believe how perfect my makeup still looked! Seriously amazing product, and that's coming from someone who hates powders!

After wanting one of these rings by Victoria since I first saw about them I finally ordered one in time for my birthday (tomorrow! I know I keep going on about it, sorry). It's so lovely and you should all buy one for yourself or for your friends as a cute little gift! Probably best to get your orders in quick though as it's not long till Christmas! Has everyone started their shopping yet?

PS. ignore the ugly hands! My fingers always look so chubby, thanks small hand syndrome!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sub zero

blouse: topshop
shorts: topshop

Is it just me or was it ridiculously cold today? Am shamefully wearing a whole outfit by Topshop (even my boots!). I did actually wear a giant Primark cable knit cardigan over the top but it didn't really look right in pictures! Also braved the cold with my hair up (see side view here), not the best choice really! I did get a handful of compliments though, so I guess I didn't look as much like Justin Bieber as I thought..

On my lunch break I wanted to buy a few things (a dress, a scarf and some boots) but nothing was in stock so I was pretty disappointed! All the more to buy on my birthday on Tuesday though, my parents are taking me to Lakeside after uni, I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't snow so we can actually go! I think we're going to TGI Friday's after that, so excited for Jack Daniel's ribs and Oreo cocktails! Nom nom nom!

And of course now for some X Factor banter! I don't know about you (well, I probably do) but I am SO happy Katie has gone! I have been waiting to tweet 'pop goes the weasel!' for weeks! Sad I know.. and I'm still gutted about Paije going last week. You win some you lose some I guess!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

crown and glory

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

These wonderful items are by Sophie over at Crown and Glory. Being the lovely person she is, she asked me if I'd like to try an item! At first I picked the Orlaith headband, but upon arrival I found that it really didn't go well with my new brown hair at all! Sophie kindly let me choose another item instead. If that's not great customer service I don't know what is!

I think Beigel liked them too!

As you can see I picked the Rust Bobby Pin set, and I love them! I did take some photos of them in my hair but they turned out really bad! You can get an idea of how they look from this post though. They really are so beautiful and suit my newly brunette locks hair so much!

She kindly set up a discount for all my readers as well! Just in time for Christmas should you want to get a beautiful item for a friend that they won't find be able to find on the high street, or you could just treat yourself! Use the code 'MILKTEEF' for 15% off (runs till end of December).

Friday, November 26, 2010

weekend wishlist #009

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

I feel like I've bought so much stuff this week but I just wouldn't feel like myself if I didn't have a wishlist! As much as I love using my trusty liquid eyeliner to do my leopard print nails I really want to try the Models Own nail pens! I can't decide between black and white, I'll probably get both but I'll wait till they come into Boots I think! What does everyone think of them?

Aren't those socks just the cutest thing ever? It seems everyone has an obsession with fancy moustaches, somehow they have become so 'cutesy' and everything but whatever! Topshop always seem to do super sweet socks, including some swallow and frilly ones I got a while ago.

Everyone goes on about Yankee Candles like they are the best thing ever so I really want to see for myself! Doesn't 'Christmas Cupcake' sound so lovely? I don't know of any stores that stock them, so if you do please let me know! I don't know if I can justify £8 for a small jar of wax!

I already have a few pairs of brogues but I just can't help wanting some patent ones now! We have some at work but they're plastic so as soon as I saw these ASOS ones I clicked on 'save later' straight away! My saved items on there is ridiculous, I must have half the site bookmarked!

I know I posted jewellery storage last week but I managed to track down the birdcage online (I saw it in a magazine) and I think it's just magical! You can pick the bird up and the top comes out or open the door to access! I just think it's so pretty. I can't decide what to get!

Lastly, I saw this dress when I was browsing River Island's new arrivals. I don't really wear much navy but I think it will make a nice change to black! I never know whether I should mix navy and black together, but I think navy tights with it might look too much! Total worryguts here! It reminds me of the Topshop lace trim playsuit that I wanted ages ago but never bought it because it was in the tall range and I'm.. not! I guess some things just aren't meant to be!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

fleur power

playsuit: primark
caridgan: primark
boots: Ella shoes
rings: Disney Couture
nails: Models Own Purple Grey

I didn't think I'd be able to wear this playsuit that I bought ages ago until next summer but I paired it with tights (probably better as it's very short!) and a nice chunky cardigan and I think I got away with it even if I did almost freeze my butt off at work today - that's another story though, we have the worst insulation ever! I also brought these boots home to try as we were so busy putting up Christmas decorations (it's not even my birthday till Tuesday, so I think this is totally unacceptable - such a Scrooge!) and I didn't get a chance to try them in store. I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about them? I'm in two minds as I do like them even though everyone has a pair, but I have the shortest thickest legs ever and kind of think they look stupid but that might just be me! I got a size bigger so I can layer some thick socks up underneath so my toes don't fall off!

Still can't decide which Little Fille headband to get, but think I will most probably go with Carmen! I wear gold jewellery rather than silver so this will probably match everything better and even though I love the black bow one it's nicer to have something that will stand out I think! I'm so indecisive it hurts!

My boyfriend is supposed to be coming over tonight but he's making excuses so I'm just gonna have a hot bubble bath, make pancakes and watch Disney films instead! Who needs boys anyway?

PS. I just realised the last two pictures look like a strange body shot, and I seem to be posing like a nutcase - lolz all around!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

little fille

So I really need your help lovelies! I received a lovely message on Twitter today saying I'd won the Little Fille headband giveaway! The only problem is I'm too indecisive and can't decide which one I like the best! I've managed to whittle them all down to a final four contestants..


It's so hard to choose I know! I love that all the bows are removable, so you can wear them two ways! I really like the toffee colour one but I think the pearls on the grey/silver offerings are just beautiful too! Help a sister out?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

love love, kiss kiss

L-R: strawberry, toffee, frosting (Primark ring)

After seeing the preview products at the Eyeko birthday event, and months of trying to decide which shades to get, I finally ordered half the collection! A bit silly, I know, but at least the shades differ enough from one another, and you can never have enough lipbalm! Another bonus to this product is that you can also use it on your cheeks a la Gem which I think is a really nice touch! Also they are so cute and small so extremely portable and perfect to keep in your bag, pocket etc. - very handy indeed!

I would have to say my favourite of the three has to be the strawberry, as I find it the most natural looking and it smells amazing! The toffee version smells more like coffee to me which is a little strange! My least favourite is the frosting one, as I don't think it suits me very well. I do think it's growing on me though!

Have you tried any of these yet? Let me know what you think! Also, don't forget you get a free gift if you use my ambassador code - E10921 - I think you have to spend over £10 to qualify, but it's very easily done and delivery is free in Europe with all orders or free when you spend over a certain amount to the rest of the world! I'm not going to lie, I also get a little bit of commission from every purchase in which my code is used, so you'd be helping me out too what with Christmas and all! I really can't believe how fast this year has gone!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend wishlist #008

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This week is pretty much all about stuff that I've been after for a long long long time and not got around to getting any of it for one reason or another! I love mallards and always choose to feed them over the horrible geese so when I saw this a good few months ago I really wanted it but it sold out! It's back in stock now but I don't know if it's just going to swamp me so I'll wait and see if it ever comes into my local store.

I hate paying for P+P and I don't have a MAC store near me so I have to either pop on a train into London or spend over £50 online if I want anything! I was going to get the items when I ordered my Venomous Villains stuff but I spent way too much already so I left it again! I'm not a huge fan of powders but I've read a lot of reviews for the Skinfinish Natural so I'd like to try it! I also wanted Viva Glam Gaga for what feels like forever - I even looked for it in the duty free when I went on holiday in June but to no avail! I'll definitely have to take a trip soon!

I've been after a new scarf for ages (I still haven't taken the tags off of my Primark one because I'm not sure about the colour!) and this was one of the only items on the recently British version of the Forever21 site that caught my eye so I'll hopefully put an order in soon. I never used to like burgundy but now I keep buying things in the shade! I don't know what's wrong with me. There's a similar version in Primark that I did want but it has glittery bits in so I don't really like it so this one is perfect!

My room is unfinished - as ever - and I have a few different hooks and decorations waiting to be worn by my walls when they have a fresh lick or two of paint, and it's always just impossible to untangle my necklaces when I want to wear them so I thought these hooks were super cute! I did have them hanging from a cork noticeboard once but this is heaps prettier.

Finally.. this is of course the highly adored Mulberry Alexa. The oversized version of course! I never have a bag big enough for all my stuff. I know I've been saying I was going to get the rip-off version on eBay but I feel that saving up for a 'proper' designer bag will be an achievement! I'm probably being really stupid seeing as I don't even drive yet but I think that's what I'm going to do. It's driving me insane though as I desperately need a new bag so I might just have to get the 'inspired' version and save up as well! Part of me thinks it's a waste though :( oh decisions!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i got no strings

playsuit: H&M
nails: Models Own Nude Beige
lashes: Eylure 107
lips: Eyeko London Lips Portobello

So yesterday I was in H&M and finally spotted the playsuit I wanted before. I wasn't sure about it, but I still bought it to try on with a different bra as it's quite low cut! It's no better whatever one I try it with so I'm thinking of just making a little stitch higher up to preserve my dignity a little if I do keep it! Comments are welcome, if it really does look that awful then please let me know!

I'm also pleased that my Disney Couture Pinocchio pendant came in the post this morning. How unbelievably cute is he? You can't really tell from the picture but he's got little chains on him like a puppet! I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of a Disney freak! I don't see anything bad about revelling in your childhood though. Plus he's an early birthday present!

The wonderful Sophie at Crown and Glory sent me these beautiful rust coloured floral hair clips which also arrived this morning. I love them and I'll be making another post about them soon with a special discount code for you all!

Do I have any Harry Potter fans for readers? I certainly hope so! My boyfriend took me to see Deathly Hallows pt. 1 last night. I really enjoyed it even though we were in a screening full of absolute morons who obviously hadn't read the book! Also I cried so much it seemed as if I was putting on a show apparently! I say it was justified, I'm sure if you've seen/read it you'll agree! What did you think of it anyway?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

fur-ever friends

Seeing as you may not have been following my old blog, I should probably introduce you all to Beigel aka the love of my life! He's a 2 year old Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier cross). He really is something special and I don't know what I'd do without him! He is getting scruffy again so I think a trip to the doggy salon is in order sometime before Christmas, before it gets too cold! I do wish he would wear shoes in the winter, last month I bought him some doggy socks but he won't wear them, he thinks I'm trying to kill him! You should have seen him trying to shake them off his legs though, it was so funny. I'll definitely post about him more on here from now on, I just thought he deserved a big opening ceremony! You can see some old posts about him here. I think it would be nice to see more pet-related posts as they really are the best! I much prefer animals to humans 99% of the time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

once upon a dream

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Seeing as I'm spending my day up to my neck in sketchbooks and Microsoft Word, Disney's Sleeping Beauty seems like a good comfort to have playing alongside.. which also made me think of this most treasured brand! It's not too irrelevant to my uni work either as we're going to Disneyland on our trip to Paris early next year!

Take a look at these trinkets and tell me you don't love them! As you all probably know by now I'm completely besotted with all things Disney, and these beauties by Disney Couture never fail to capture my heart. There are never that many good photos of these items but I managed to find a lovely array of images on These make for the most perfect gifts ever, don't you think? My inner-child is bursting with happiness - so totally dreamy!

Shortly after my browse I signed up to become a karmaloop rep too so you can now get 20% off your first purchase with the code 'MILKTEEF'. And don't forget I have a competition running on the blog for £25 to spend on Spoiled Brat! They also stock Disney Couture items so if this is your 'thing' feel free to enter! It's open worldwide too as the voucher will be sent in the form of a code! If you are really itching to get something this second though, you can get 20% off ALL purchases by adding 'MILKTEEF' into the comments box at checkout! Please enjoy responsibly!

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