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Friday, December 31, 2010

weekend wishlist #013

I skipped last week's wishlist as it was of course Christmas! This week doesn't really count either, but I won't have enough time or energy to take outfit photos - I am so hungover and you've already seen what I'll be wearing anyway (H&M playsuit and maybe leopard print tights?). I'm just going to a house party/gathering kinda thing, I'm only going to go if it's definite that we aren't venturing into town though because I just cannot be bothered after last night!

I am cheating a little on today's post and showing you stuff I have already ordered - it's okay though as technically I can just wish for it all till it arrives at my door..

ASOS spot shirt dress

I saw this the other day in the new arrivals section and instantly fell in love.. I think! It's one of those things that looks really nice in the photos but I'm 99% positive that it's going to look awful on me! I hope the length is okay and I'm not just fooled by the long legs of the model! I'm just wondering what shoes to wear with it - the model sports white brogues but I'm not quite sure?

I also made a trip to the Models Own website - I've been adding an array of nail polishes to my basket for weeks and weeks and have only just taken the plunge and made an order. I saved £7 when I bought 5, I was going to get more but I noticed yesterday that Boots are doing 3 for £10 on all MO products so I'm going to get a few more in there instead!

Vintage Pink, Pray, Peach Puff, Mushroom, Juicy Jules, Proper Copper, Gold Rush, Scarlet Sparkle

I haven't ordered all of these, even though I do love them all - you'll just have to wait and see what I did get! I will say that I've ordered both the black and white nail art pens though, I've wanted them for ages and I can't wait to try them out!

PS. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and don't have killer hangovers tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

fleur delacour

dress: Topshop
cardigan: Topshop
belt: Primark
ring: Betsey Johnson
necklace: Disney Couture

Not sure if I like this all together to be honest! I got the dress and cardigan as part of an exchange yesterday, I do like the dress as it can be worn in the summer and the winter where it's quite sheer. That's what makes me wonder why it's priced at £28, but hey, I didn't pay for it! The cardigan is a bit weird as well, I kind of want to sew some buttons on to it! It's very soft though, so I can't complain!

Tonight we're going to a friend of the family's for a little gathering and a meal - we're having chilli, I'm not sure how I feel about it to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the hot stuff! I'm sure it will be lovely though. Beigel is coming so it will be nice for all the little dogs to have a meet-up and play around too! I'll try to get some pictures providing they stay still for long enough!

I'm trying out my Girls Aloud Cheryl eyelashes that I got for Christmas for the first time tonight. I know Sarah's are already my favourites but I wanted to save the best till last! These are so over the top and really long, I had to use curlers on the ends as they were just sticking out horizontally across my face and it looked so stupid! Also I just realised I haven't filled my eyebrows in looking at the photos, oops!

I really wanted to put my hair up tonight but my mum told me it looked horrible. Then again she hates pretty much 99% of what I do/wear! It's freshly washed so it's being really annoying and not doing what I want it to. So fluffy!

Not long till NYE now! What are your plans? I don't really know what I'm doing yet, I think we're going to a friend's house and then leaving for town around an hour before midnight! Can't say I'm looking forward to it too much as I know I'll end up mixing drinks like I always do (I get bored) and then have the worst hangover for the next day when we are visiting family!

Monday, December 27, 2010

i heart sigma

This little beauty of a parcel arrived last Wednesday, Sigma kindly sent it to me to try out so it was a kind of early Christmas present if you like! I chose the travel kit in black and it is just wonderful! I know I sound like a total suck up but I've never had 'proper' makeup brushes before so of course I love them! They are all SO soft and easy to use, I don't know what I was doing using my old ones for so long.

I've wanted the MAC 187 for so long but for the price it was never going to happen! I've been using the F50 brush for foundation, cream bronzer AND powder and it works well for all. I love that they're travel sized as they are easy to just put in my bag if I'm staying at my boyfriend's for the night! It says to wash them even before the first use - which I didn't as I am far too impatient and excited to try out new things - but they washed up very well after I used them!

Everything I received was so lovingly packaged, and a few leaflets were included informing me how to clean and take care of the brushes, which brushes were suitable to certain uses and products, and the company really seems to care about the person on the other end of the transaction, which is always nice! My package arrived pretty quick too!

Needless to say I wholeheartedly recommend these brushes, although I just spotted these new sets which instead come in a container and am just a little bit jealous now! If you wanted to buy anything from there, they send you a free gift when you spend over $30 (which is basically two or three brushes so you may as well). Just use this link or click the button in the sidebar! Happy shopping and let me know what you think if you purchase anything or even if you use them already and have any tips!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

so this is christmas

blouse: Primark
shorts: Topshop

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you're all having a wonderful day and got lots of lovely stuff! I'm currently waiting on my Christmas feast dinner, I would help but there's something about Christmas day that makes my dad switch and he literally won't let anyone else in the kitchen! To be honest I'm still pretty full from the mammoth breakfast we had, paired with a glass of Buck's Fizz! I think Christmas is the only day of the year when it's acceptable to be tipsy before noon!

We went through the usual rounds of putting everyone's presents into separate piles, watching Beigel frantically unwrap his gifts and cringe at my mum not liking half of the things she got (it's not her fault though, my dad - like most men I imagine - got all of it yesterday and probably didn't even think about half of what he was buying). I didn't get any surprises from Lewis this year because I ordered it all myself with his card, but he's not exactly one to take hints so what was I to do? I did very well though - he loves his Darth Vader clock and Pantone socks especially!

As you can see I got lots of lovely things also! My favourite has to be Lotso just because I waited for so long. I knew I'd got him but I saved opening him till last anyway! He seriously smells so good (like strawberries!) and Beigel keeps trying to take him for himself! I think I'm going to exchange the shoes as I love them but they don't suit me very much.. possibly for these ones instead?! Knowing my luck nothing will be in stock now, not really looking forward to the manic crowds in shopping centres after Christmas looking for goodies in the sales!

I should probably actually talk about my outfit, shouldn't I?! I got the blouse last week sometime, and I've only just tried it on. I'm not really sure about it (I have a pussybow version also, both with tags still intact!), I think it makes me look rather big and it's not quite opaque enough! It has a dip back which would look quite nice paired with high waisted black jeans I think, but sadly I have none that fit right! It's too high at the front to wear leggings with so I don't know what to do! I think I have more than enough clothes though so I'll probably return it. What do you think?

My dinner should be ready soon, I don't think I've ever had it so late at Christmas! I'm seriously looking forward to all the rubbish telly on tonight, is Sean Slater coming back on EastEnders tonight? I certainly hope so, what a babe!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sticky toffee pudding

dress: Topshop
floral garland: Primark
necklace: Disney Couture
rings: VIPXO + Betsey Johnson
shoes: Peacocks

Such a late start today, I wanted to go to Lakeside with my brother to pick up a few last minute bits and bobs for Christmas as I don't have any more days off before Saturday! He's being selfish though so I'm probably going to smother him in his sleep. Another day wasted :( at least I wouldn't have bought anything I didn't need!

I'm probably going to get loads of funny looks today - mum even told me I look stupid - but I don't care! I stilly really love this dress even if the lace bits to ride up on the chest (no idea why, I'm not exactly Katie Price!). The colour is so lovely, it's called 'toffee' which is always good in my book! I have the black version too, but for some reason I had to get a size bigger in that one because it wouldn't do up! This one is fine though, sort yourselves out Topshop!

I ended up ordering a dress I wanted and posted a while ago today. I tried to ring the store but they weren't answering so I just went for it! I could only get a 10, so I hope it's not too big! I find a lot of clothes come up quite big from River Island, am I alone? I really hate paying for delivery too so it better have been worth it! I just wonder how long it's going to take to get here..

I just want to say that I really enjoyed the feedback I got over my latest post. Everyone has been completely amazing! I didn't want it to be all about me, so I hope I got the message across properly. I think I did myself - and everyone else - justice!

Totally not looking forward to spending the remainder of my week at work, it's colder inside the shop than out! I have to take a change of footwear in with me so I can change out of my wellies as well, such a hassle! You'd think that for £250 they would at least keep my feet warm!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the ‘big’ deal

Now I don't know if you look at my Tumblr blog at all, but over the past 24 hours or so I have had what feels like a flood of messages on there regarding my weight, the first being:

"you're a bit fat :/ some of the clothes you post don't suit you and make you look fatter. sorreh"

Now, normally I would have just deleted this and carried on with my life. The thing is, it really worried me - and still does - that there is a type of person that actually spends their time writing these kinds of horrible, degrading messages to people that they most likely don't even know. After I posted my response I then received an influx of really nice messages from people, and of course a few bad ones. Somebody tried to tell me that I was trying to impress people (?!) by saying that I was a size 10 at 5'5" (both wrong anyway, idiot) and that most people my height are the same size or smaller. Not only is this completely untrue and hurtful to those bigger than myself - but I have never tried to impress a single soul with anything to do with my size/weight.

The area has always been a difficult one for me to touch upon - at one point in my life food was my worst enemy and would more often than not end up in the toilet bowl. It got to a point where I blacked out in the middle of town and felt faint nearly all of the time, and it just wasn't worth it. Even though I've put on the best part of 2st (maybe 20lbs) since I've been with my boyfriend (2 1/2 years) I feel I am healthier - and happier - with a little extra meat. I just think it's a shame that others feel as though I shouldn't be comfortable or happy in my own skin. I cannot grasp the flow of thoughts inside the head of a person like that - how you could even say a size 8/10 is 'fat' baffles me! They also tried to tell me that my 'middle is alright but my arms and legs are awful'. I don't exactly love my arms or legs - quite the contrary - but seriously, it's not like they have to live with my limbs! They are mine to deal with! Mind-blowing.

This post really isn't about getting people to feel sorry for me, I couldn't care less about what 'anonymous' thinks. After all, if they can't give you a real name, they don't count as a real person. I just dread the thought of somebody larger - or even the same size as me - getting the same kind of messages as me, and really taking them to heart. Who cares what size you are? Everyone is different. Really, the only thing that should make you want to change your body, is your health. Not a boy, not your friends.. and most certainly not a bunch of spiteful comments telling you how 'disgusting' you are.

I'm really sorry this post is so long, there was so much more I could have said but I didn't want it to get a bit tl;dr! It was nice to get so many comments telling me not to listen to the hate - which I don't anyway - but to be honest I'm just glad it came to me and not someone who believes everything they read on the internet.

Monday, December 20, 2010

don't even know

top: Peacocks
scarf: Topshop
shorts: Topshop

Brrrrr! I would have frozen my balls of today if I had any! I don't care what anyone says, it was definitely the coldest day in ages! Saying that though, I'm currently eating Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.. so it can't have been that bad. I just couldn't find anything else chocolatey in the house okay?! I'm also watching the Ruth Jones thing on TV just to watch Will Young - my first love!

Managed to pop into a couple of shops before work and got my mitts on the tops I was talking about in my last post. I bought this one and the camel, and some tan t-bar shoes that I'm not sure about yet! I did want to get Beigel a santa costume that I saw about 2cm away from the till but the woman serving me was the moodiest person ever and there was a huge queue behind me, sigh! After that I saw the tag and it said £4!!! so I'm going to see if they still have it tomorrow! There was only one there, so wish me luck!

I'm working every day until Christmas this week, how depressing! AND I'm working Boxing Day, and probably the rest of the year! At this rate I'm going to be wishing my whole life away!

PS. I know my hair looks so gross and messy, I was supposed to wash it tonight but I am so unbelievably tired and every muscle in my body is aching so I'm just going to leave it!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

weekend wishlist #012

Bit of a different feel to this week's wishlist as most of the items are the same, just different colours! My wardrobe (and room in general) is pretty much full to the brim! A lot of it is patterned - I'm a self-confessed sucker for anything animal print - so I thought it would probably be wise to stock up on some more basics! After all, they save the day when you're having one of those 'I hate all my clothes!' moments!

Topshop basic edge scalloped vest

I'm sure these have been doing the rounds in the blog world since they came out, but I don't care! I'm also pretty certain that these will look horrendous on me because I don't have stick arms, but that doesn't stop me wanting them! They're £15 each which is kinda pricey for a vest (and I think they're quite thin too) but I'm gonna try some on in store when I can! The only problem is I like all of the colours (apart from the blue and red which I don't find wearable - for me anyway) so I'll have to decide when I'm in there! Bet I come out with them all..

MAC eyeshadow - Bisque, Woodwinked, Ricepaper, Brule, All That Glitters, Handwritten

I'll admit I'm not the first person you'd go to for eyeshadow advice - I've always thought it looked too cakey on me! In the past couple of months I've started using little trios by 17 just to get the hang of it though, and I must say I don't go without applying a couple of shadows in the morning now (even if they are just neutrals). Obviously the quality isn't going to be fantastic in the ones I have as they were only something like £5 each, and I'd really like to try the MAC ones. These are the shades that stood out the most to me, but if there are any colours you'd recommend, please let me know! I don't really like shimmery finishes so I'm mainly looking at the matte/satin ones!

Peacocks dip back oversized top

I actually spotted these on my way to uni the other day, and I wish I hadn't left them on the rail now! Hopefully there will still be some in my size left if I get the chance to go shopping on my lunch break tomorrow! I never really go into Peacocks as it's the other side of the shopping centre in town to where I work and I just imagine it'll all be really naff, so I guess it just goes to show you! They're only £10 each which is cheaper than Topshop and still nice quality. The creamy one is actually more camel if I remember right as well, so win!

Can you believe it's only one week before Christmas? Just a heads up, Santa - if you're reading, I've been a very good girl this year, and it would just be great if these could all end up in my stocking on Christmas morning somehow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

for the birds

dress: Primark
headband: Little Fille
ring: Betsey Johnson

Yes, the title is from a Pixar short! To say I'm obsessed with Pixar is an understatement really, I wish I worked there! Anyway, it totally relates to the post so who cares!

I got this dress a few months ago, I think it was £9. It looks a lot better on me now than when I had blonde hair! I don't even care that it looks a bit like a nightdress to be honest, I think it's cute! The chest looks a bit stretched and weird in the photos, but it looks nothing like that in real life, honest! I think it's the lighting? My room is in dire need of plastering and a fresh lick or three of paint, I want my room white next time so outfit posts look better (sad or what?)!

It was my last day at uni today till after Christmas. Hallelujah! I handed in my essay of 2500 words today and actually managed to go over the word count AND finish a good few hours before deadline! When I went to hand in early though, I got a paper cut - some kind of reverse karma perhaps? It hurt a lot :( after that I met my mum in town and we went for a meal at the pub - I didn't even have dessert and I'm still so full up! You're lucky these shots are straight-on as I'm sporting a mega food baby right now! I can't believe how much I can put away now, I used to eat a tiny portion and feel sick!

Another bird related item for the post - my birdcage jewellery holder came today..


I actually posted it a few weeks ago. I'm just unsure of it now because it's a lot smaller than I imagined (I really should have looked at the dimensions and measured them up)! It's nice for bracelets but all my necklaces are way too long for it and will just droop! Is it pointless keeping it? I was either going to have this, or some pretty cake stands to arrange my jewellery on. Or maybe little hooks! What do you think?

Just thought I'd mention in case anyone hasn't heard about it yet: Gem has brought to light a deal of almost epic proportions! A site called Groupon are offering a £50 voucher to spend at American Apparel for just £25! I've already ordered mine and you have until midnight to do the same! I only have a few items from there as the stuff is a little out of my price range, no doubt lots of you will agree! I really like this dress in burgundy, this skirt, this hoody in the cranberry and of course I want some thigh-high socks! I might even have to buy two vouchers!

I'm so tired after today, I'm going to have a hot bath, watch Desperate Housewives and curl up in bed ready for a long day at work tomorrow! Friday is my lie-in day so I can't wait for that!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

primark SS11

click photos for hi-res!

This has obviously been on a good f e w blogs already but I really love the whole 'look' of this collection even if I don't actually like every single thing in the photos! I think Primark have really upped their game recently, I remember as a kid I used to cringe when my mum said we were going, but now I pass through there whenever I'm at work and I see something I want 99% of the time! Funny how things change, isn't it?

My favourite item of the whole bunch has to be the belted chiffon dress (second top)! The colour is just lovely, and as it's described as 'belted' that must mean it comes with the belt, no? The material looks super luxe to me (for Primark at least) so I hope they don't change it! The mini satchel is the cutest thing ever too! Perfect for holidays - it just screams seaside to me! Of course this leads on to the first image and what could be the cutest dress ever! The pairing with ankle socks is spot on I think! It's probably going to be one of those items that looks horrendous on me but I'll love it so much I'll buy it anyway! I can see this being one of the biggest money-makers on eBay next year for all the early birds!

I love the look of the long dresses, but being 5'4" and at about 130lbs, there is no way in hell that you'd see me in something like that. I can just about get away with a maxi but at least that covers my legs fully! I have thick calves so cutting them in half would just be visual suicide. The floaty fabrics are just to die for though!

The leather shorts are actually in store at the moment, I saw the black version the other day! Apparently the feather top is too so I'll be on the lookout for that! Those blue heels remind me a lot of these ones by River Island. They'll be coming in in tan too!

I was going to list the prices and dates of release of all the items but to be honest you can just check them out in the other blog posts I linked at the top! I think the pricing is pretty accurate, but we'll just have to wait and see if the quality is up to scratch when the time comes. Exciting!

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