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Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekend wishlist #019

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This week I'm not doing a strict "OMG I WANT THIS NOW!" type post, it's just for ideas on what to buy. I bought two Groupon vouchers to spend at American Apparel after seeing Gem's post about the deal. Wow, there's a lot of links! Anyway, as I bought them in December I have about a month left to use them so I need to decide what I want! I bought two in a panic so I have £100 to spend (they were £25 each and are worth double), not that it will go very far in AA..

The first dress really reminds me of a dress Megan Fox wore, only less revealing! The only thing about AA dresses that I don't like is that you can rarely wear a bra with them. I have the double u-neck long sleeve mini dress and have to wear a sticky bra with it which I don't really like. It looks like I could get away with a bra with all of these though!

I've posted a few colours in the same styles of skirt because they all look so pretty and I can't decide what shades I like best! The petticoat skirt is so lovely, I like the lighter shades best but I can just imagine them getting so filthy! Very summery and cute though, and I'm never going to be able to get it for half the price again so it's very tempting! My friend Aimee has the corduroy skirt and says it's very revealing but it looks like it would be fine to me? I have short legs anyway so fingers crossed!

Last but not least, the infamous AA hoodie. Most of my wardrobe is dresses yet I have loads of casual shoes like Vans, Converse and Ralph Lauren sneakers, so I need to get my hands on some more 'boy clothes'! A few of my friends have these hoodies and I always touch them because they're so soft so I may as well just get one now that I can for half the price!

Sadly the offer's over now so sorry if anybody wanted a voucher! Annoying thing is the day after I bought these, they brought out another offer for online vouchers, mine are store only so I have to go all the way into London! Not looking forward to getting weird looks from the 'holier than thou' staff, you know what I'm talking about! I kind of feel sorry for them though..

18 comment(s):

  1. I absolutely love the cord skirt! I got no 12 with my voucher last month and i can honestly say it was such a big mistake. The hoodys used to be so thick and soft but they've got increasingly worse quality and the one i've got is really thin and is completely bobbled already even tho i've only worn it a handful of times :/ actually considering taking it back!

  2. It's always interesting to see what catches someone's eye! Staple items, basics, etc.

    Great post!

  3. I hate the fact AA is so expensive,cause the clothes are so lovely and simple. I bought myself a hoody and i never take it off literally! worth the money so i would go for that. Or the lovely shirt number 8 x

  4. Love this post these clothes are gorgeous ! Desperate to get at least one of these amazing items :o) xx

  5. Groupons for AA?! Lucky! I love AA for having such simple pieces, if only they were a wee bit cheaper.
    The hoodies are my favorite, I own 3, and I really want the green on you posted.

  6. i love the hoodies, i currently have a purple one that is still going strong after about 2 years, definatly worth the investment! :-)

  7. Wow - I have that exactn second dress but with a bit less sleeve from New Look - except for £5 :) I'd go for the hoodies, they're such a great staple. Or leggings
    It would be mine
    +Amazing deal. I need to scour the internet way more often...

  8. I bought the corderoy skirt in that truffle colour online last week. It came today and I love it! I was worried about it being too short aswell but I think it's fine. It's no shorter than a bodycon skirt but feels like it because it doesn't cling to you.

    Definitely pleased with it though :)

    Chloe... x

  9. OHMYGOD I just read that article about the AA uniform guidelines! How ridiculous is that!?

    It's totally restricting individual style! Working for them would be like going back to school.

    Chloe x

  10. Jeez, those A.A employee guidelines are a bit extreme... :S

    Out of everything you've picked, I love the first dress, the t-shirt dress and the corduroy skirts the best :)

    Gutted I missed out on this offer! x x

  11. The corduroy skirt looks like my fave :)

    Rosie x

  12. Nice post!

  13. I love the AA hoodies but as they're unisex I find that the arms are way too long for me! I don't think my arms are particularly short anyway.. The skirts are great though!

  14. They sell such good basics there, I like their full skirts and the hoodies are classic, they last for ages too x

  15. I really love AA but it's too expensive for me! All the stuff is amaze though, xo.

  16. I can only justify AA when in the US as it's just average prices over there. For basics it's just not worth it the majority of the time.
    I never knew the beauty guidelines were even in place! They are so strict!


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