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Friday, March 11, 2011

paris je t'aime

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I don't think I've ever walked so far in all my life. On Wednesday we walked from our hotel, to the Pompidou Centre, to the Notre Dame, to the Louvre, to the Eiffel Tower. Thank goodness we ended up getting the Metro back or I'd have collapsed. It's a shame we only ended up eating rubbish the whole time as well, but everything else was so expensive!

The hotel we stayed in was strictly no alcohol allowed, but do you really think a bunch of 30 students listened? There were a couple of close calls, but we got away with it. I dread to think of the looks on their faces when they checked the rooms after we left! I suppose that's what you get when you say we can't use the elevators even though we paid the same as everyone else did..

I didn't get to go into the Louvre or see the Moulin Rouge which I'm upset about, but I definitely want to go again anyway. There just isn't enough time to visit everything you want to in one day! Regardless I think we did pretty well doing all of that, considering all the beggars and charity workers we had to fight off! That's not to sound mean but one of the charity people shouted at my friend because he only had change left. Seriously!

Has anyone else been to the Palais de Tokyo? Is it just me or was it just the biggest pile of rubbish you've ever seen? The whole of the outside smelled like crap too. Maybe it was ~symbolic~ ? Sorry but I just cannot stand all of that pretentious art rubbish! As if a shed actually means anything artsy, it doesn't. The best part of the whole exhibition was the shop. I really wanted that Anna Sui book! Not sure I'll ever spend anything close to €50 on one book though.

I got stopped in the street by three (I think?) girls who asked for my photo, if by chance you ever come across my blog please let me know! I'm sorry I couldn't stop to chat!

27 comment(s):

  1. I've never been to Paris, I really want to. Your photos look amazing, especially the ones up the Eiffel Tower. I'm surprised you managed to fit that much into one day, you must be exhausted! xx

  2. I love Paris so much :)
    I'm going in a few weeks and Im so excited! All the food looks delicious! x

  3. I'm glad you had such a lovely time in Paris. It really is the most wonderful city :)

  4. Looks so great!! :)

    I want to go to Paris again so much!!xxx


  5. Aaah such lovely photos Emma! Had a nosey through them on Faceyb already but y'know ;) I've never been to the Palais de Tokyo, it was on the list for my next visit but I won't be bothering now haha. The Louvre, however, is absolutely amazing, I visited it on my last trip to Paris with the girls! Also, I've totally kept all my Metro tickets, they're too adorable! xxxx

  6. looks awesome! my boyfriend took me to paris last valentines and it was amazing! didn't see enough & i can't wait to go back! xo.

  7. well I like the Palais de Tokyo but I can understand people who don't enjoy this über edgy contemporary art..but yeah I still prefer a beautiful old museum like le Louvre anyday!

  8. Ahh this make me want to go back to Paris! Beautiful photos :)
    Love your sunglasses also

  9. Love the photos - I've been wanting to go to Paris for years!

    Feel free to enter my giveaway here btw:

  10. Dare i say i prefer London to Paris.

  11. Amazing photos! Looks like you had a brilliant time :) I want to go to Paris so bad, you've captured it in these photos so well x x

  12. The trip looks amazing! The photos are beautiful and make me so jealous! I want to go to Paris!

    You and your boy are adorable :)

    Great photos, great post!

  13. ahh, I love love your photos! Looks like such an amazing time - I'm jealous. I've never commented before, but love your blot a lot!

  14. 1. I am insanely jealous that you're touring such beautiful places in Europe. You're so lucky!

    2. If I saw you on the street, I'd ask for a picture, too. So I could say, "OMGZ, I met Emma Woodley fur real and not just on twitter!"

    3. You look super cute!

  15. First photo! My husband proposed to me right there :).x

  16. You and your boyfriend are adorable :)
    Looks like you've had an amazing time in Paris! I definitely need to drag my boyfriend there sometime!

  17. I'm heading to Paris, this summer & actually CAN NOT wait to check out Palais de Tokyo! A little random, but I'll be living the 2 star life as well, would you rec the place you stayed? If so could you let me know the name?

    It would be mega appreciative. Thanks x

  18. wonderful images!
    nom nom burger! ahaha!
    Krissy xoxo

  19. Having been at Paris before (for a couple of days) I understand how it smelled and that there's beggars everywhere. (As soon as I got off the Metro, gypsies would bombard me to give them money.)
    Nonetheless, I love the photos you took of some places I've been as well and some I haven't seen before. And, the fact that you found some Space Invader graffiti made me a little jealous. Brava!

  20. Omg the kitty painting was so cute!!
    And I know it's kinda random of me to notice, but you got Presidente cheese! I LOVE THAT <3 it's so yummy!

  21. I love Paris so I love these photos! The one of the Eiffel Tower is beautiful.

  22. GREAT photos lovely, im so pleased you had a lovely time! xxxxx

  23. it's always nice to see PAris through the eyes of other people!! :)

  24. What a wonderful city Paris ! want to go back too ;)

    Bisous de France :)


  25. Me and my mates went to this very same hotel last year! It was a bit shit, but it was so much fun! We also got more than our fair share of alcohol in these rooms. Have you been to the tiny cocktail bar down the road? It was so nice.

    Glad you had fun in my home country! You can check the photos of my last trip to Paris on my blog, although I stayed with my parents at their friend's. Was fancier, but a lot less exiting! Haha!


  26. That's so strange! I stayed in the Hotel Alhambra too when I went to Paris! (Admittedly on a college trip in 2006) x


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