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Friday, March 25, 2011

weekend wishlist #025

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001. Just a reference picture really, as I've spotted a similar one in Primark for £12. Not sure why I want one really, just makes a difference from wearing a black cardigan with everything at the moment I guess! Might get one with sleeves instead, or as well, haven't made my mind up yet.

002. I don't think I'll be spending £16 on a belt anytime soon but isn't it the cutest? The orange colour is really nice too, makes a change from brown and black. Anything with dogs on..

003. And another little woof woof! The cuteness takes the ~edge~ off of double finger rings. So cute! Want! NOW! I have so much animal everything, it's quite ridiculous.

004. I did see Kate's post about this and it confirmed my lusts! Has anybody else tried this yet? What do you think? I'm still after the lipgloss stick too, one day soon!

005. Am currently covered in this stuff, but I used the spray version as I had some left and didn't want to waste money. The mousse would be a lot easier to use though I imagine! The only thing is I smell of digestive biscuits, are there any products out there that don't make you smell weird?!

006. I tried on this pair of Converse at work yesterday, they're so nice but I think I'd rather get a pair of normal ones and put studs on them myself! Unsure as to whether I prefer the optical white or normal white (more of a cream) though. And high or low?! Hello 15-year-old!

28 comment(s):

  1. Aww, I really want that ring! I've also been looking at some cream converse too, I want the double tongue low top ones :)

  2. Did you know St Moriz comes in Dark now... im very pale but I think its brilliant. You only need one application instead of three to look 'summer-tanned' :)

    I also have optical white converse hi-tops and love them. Would consider buying the low ones too though xx

  3. my friend took a denim waistcoat on holiday with her last summer and i ended up stealing it all the time! since then i've bought my own and it's one of the easiest items to wear in my wardrobe. i love it. also the doggy ring is adorable!!! x

  4. It's great to own a jeans waistcoat - it adds a cool vibe to everything. I myself have a studded one :D
    Animals on jewellry are awesome!

  5. that denim jacket is so cute - great for Spring/Summer! Converse are a must for those effortless days but i think high tops can looks pretty cool with shorts :)

    Surement des photos de la tournée M83 que vous avez deja vu mais elles representent enormement de souvenirs pour moi alors op je me les regarde pour partir de bonne humeur !
    vive la Vie!!!

  6. The dachshund ring is the most perfect ring
    i've ever seen, I love it! I love the belt as well, I've always had a thing for Scottie dogs, ever since I was a little girl!

  7. lolz at your dog obsession. so cutes though! denim jackets go with everything, srslaahh.
    I have converse that I studded myself, but they're still muddy from when i went to watch my boyfriend at creamfields last year. sickkk.
    thanks for the mention bbz! xo.

  8. Definitely get a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse, if debating. They go well with that vest, and that sort of grunge-y punk style, but you know, you're the modern classy version.
    I prefer lower cut myself, had mine for about 10 years, which is quite a long time...(seeing as my feet are over a size larger..)
    I would think about what you would be wearing with the shoes, and if you want the high cut to go over the pants, be covered, want your legs to looked 'cut-off' if you're wearing something shorter..

  9. Love the denim jacket, I just customised one I bought off ebay :)

    Check out my blog here!

  10. I love that belt! I want something with a labrador on because I have one but dog things always have scottie dogs or sausage dogs on :(
    Nice picks xx

  11. I just bought one of those denim crop tops and it's lovely I think I may have to indulge in a quarter length one as well hehe!

  12. Jean vests are lovely. I need to get my hands on one, and a pair of Converse sneakers! Those two would look great together.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Ooh I have a denim vest too and I wear it all the time in the summer, mixes up summer dresses really nicely. Love the poochy ring - too cute! I've spied some Americana cons on ASOS and want them SO much its silly, well also feel about 15 when wearing them :)

    R x

  14. I have a denim jacket like that from new look, it's so wearable.
    Great choices! Amy,x

  15. owww i love the cute little belt, scotty dogs will always be a weakness.

  16. Love the denim jacket! :) I really want one for summer xxx

    please check out my blog at :) xxx

  17. I LOVE the Scottie dog belt and the daschund ring is so cute! :)

    Maria xxx

  18. reeeeeally want some converse at the moment!xxx


  19. Ahhh, the dog ring is amazing! I wish it came in silver, I would definitely snap it up then.

  20. such a massive fan of your blog
    def following

  21. ive got the £12 waistcoat from primark, it makes a nice change and it's really versitile...I love it x

  22. I have that £12 waistcoat from primark, it makes such a change and it's really versatile, great for layering! x

  23. I like the denim waistcoat, good old trusty Pri for doing a cheap&cheerful version! xoxoAVS

  24. I love the converse shoes and the dog ring.
    aw, and the betsey Jhonson pig ring from the previous post is so cutee!
    love your style! :))

  25. I love the dog themed ring and belt!


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