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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

rule britannia!

vidal sassoon union jack print straighteners*

I was recently sent these Vidal Sassoon Union Jack print straighteners to try out and review what with all the flags flying around for the Royal Wedding at the moment. Talking of which, is anyone else weirdly excited about that? The closer it gets the more I'm looking forward to it, and I wasn't even bothered before. It's nice to see some tradition I guess, love all the tacky memorabilia too!

Anyway, back to these! In all honesty I've only used them a few times as it's nearly summer and I've either let my hair do it's own thing or had it wavy (that's kind of the same thing just on a different level of groomed!) but when I did use it my hair felt really smooth, and that's coming from someone who is used to GHDs. I guess that can only be a good thing right? They come with three sectioning clips too which have wandered off into the depths of my bedroom somewhere.

The straighteners are £15 until the 17th of May - bargain, happy hunting!

(if this only just came up in your feed it's because it saved as a draft instead of posting! d'oh!)

6 comment(s):

  1. These are a fantastic design, I'm an avid GHD user also, so if they do genuinely give equally good results I might consider these to use at university!
    I was dead set on not watching the wedding and staying out of it, but found myself watching from 11AM through til 3PM, I got addicted to seeing the happiness and warmth between Kate and William...such an iconic moment in history!
    Have missed you posting.

  2. Oh wow, these are amazing! I straighten my hair A LOT and I could do with a new pair. I'll have to look into these :)

  3. ooo these are pretty swanky and patriotic! might have to invest in these, i need some new ones xo

  4. These look so cool, although I don't think I'll be putting down my ghd's anytime soon!


  5. argos are doing it for £14.99, and its my birthday next week and im praying that it wont sell out :( xxx


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