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Sunday, April 03, 2011

weekend wishlist #026

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001. Animals-on-clothes obsession strikes again. Lewis laughed at me when I showed him :(

002. If only this came in gold! I don't wear silver, but I probably could make an exception for this anyway. Boo hiss. Go sneak a peek at Kate wearing it!

003. Has anyone tried the new range by Benefit yet? I love the packaging, I just hope the products aren't a huge gimmick or hit-and-miss like the ones from the main range can be.

004. I got a gold Michael Kors watch in the end, not like the ones I posted though. I'll take some photos when I've had a couple of links removed as it's huge on my wrist! This Marc Jacobs rose gold one is super cute though. Loving all the pink-toned jewellery around at the moment!

005. Yeah I don't need them, nor will I ever walk in them enough to get my money's worth, but oh my gosh these are just so glorious. Funny that they're called 'Sugar' as they're sah-weeeeet! Yeah I know that was a bad joke. I'm tired.

34 comment(s):

    Those shoes need to hurry up and get in my life. Don't think I can go on without them D:

  2. those shoes are lovely!! :)xx

  3. I looove rose gold jewellery, I need a new watch as every day I wear my boyfriends Casio retro calculator watch, i'm such a loser. I can't believe you never wear gold jewellery you weirdo ;)
    High shoes are fine if they have a strap to hold your feet in! So much easier to walk in. Thanks for the mention again! xo.

  4. I would love to try the new eye cream by Benefit. The packaging looks so sleeek and smexy. xo

  5. Haha, you're funny when you're tired :D
    Love the high heels too!!
    Have a great week,

  6. those heels are incredible! wish i can walk in ones that high!
    and love the top! so cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. That watch is gorgeous, I'd love one like that! Need to get saving!
    I hadn't heard of the new Benefit stuff, I'll check that out!

  8. Really want that t-shirt too for name related happiness haha. Love the shoes and watch. Agree with you on the benefit make up thing though, some of their stuff is SO hit and miss and for the price... hmm. X

  9. The ring and the tee are both amazing, you always have such lovely wishlists.x

  10. I LOVE that shirt!
    Where is it from?

  11. That bird top is amazing! hah!
    I was given the MJ watch for my 21st birthday and it is bloody amazing, its nice to break the mould and not have a Michael Kors one.. plus if you wait till House of Fraser have a discount 'brand' weekend - i think they have one recently, this week maybe - i saved up too 20% on mine - bigggg saving there!
    And to finish my little ramble scramble, one of my friends works for Benefit and she says that they have a lot of weird ingredients hmm but apparently they are dishing out samples so maybe hunt some down?


  12. Moustache ring and those heels yes please! I'm not a huge fan of silver jewellery either though aha (: xx

  13. OMG the shoes are to die for love the T x

  14. my housemate got that top today in the Dinosaur version! I also got that ring for my boyfriends sister for her birthday. im loving everything on this list, especially the shoes xx

  15. Oooh, i love that moustache ring, so cute! Those heels are gorgeous too! xx

  16. Shoes are amaze, need them in my life now! woulden't mind em in black to. x

  17. I've been wanting to try the new Benefit line! Haven't had the chance though yet... I hope its decent too, mostly cause their stuff isn't too cheap and I don't want to waste it on useless stuff!

    I've been dying for a rose gold watch!

  18. absolutly love this top and the rose gold, i only wear gold to so rose gold would be perfect for summer :] xx

  19. Aww i love that top, i want one now!

  20. I've tried some of the Benefit skincare range and was impressed. My favourite was the facial polish but their eye cream is good too, really thick and they all smell really nice! x

  21. Love the watch from Marc Jacobs, womens watches can be such a pain, I always end up with a mans watch because the womens wear ones are always so delicate and small- not really very me. If you like rose gold and this type of style you should check out the Toy Watch people for they're gorgeous black watch with rose gold through the links. It's beautiful. Look forward to seeing the watch you did buy.

  22. I think I'm going to treat myself to the Benefit eye cream at the weekend..I absolutely love the packaging! So cute.

    Animal print tees are definitely the way forward :)


  23. those shoes are immense! I know heels that high will make me look like a drag queen so I probably shouldn't be so enticed

  24. That t-shirt is the cutest! &OMG at them shoes i LOVE! But yet i wouldnt be able to stand up in them never mind walk!


  25. Hi there! I love love LOVE your blog and in particular the weekend wishlist bit :) so cute, deffo want those shoes!
    I'm just letting you know that I've linked you on one of my posts, just so you know. Hope that's okay?
    It's just at:

    Niamh x

  26. I love everything in this post (naturally!), but those shoes... wow. I am in love. x

  27. That watch is amazing, I need it on my wrist now!
    Your blog is so lovely, I've only just started mine (yesterday) but yours has been such an inspiration for so long!
    Ellie xxxx
    check ma blog out:


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