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Saturday, July 02, 2011


playsuit: love
cardigan: new look
belt: primark
shoes: river island
sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs

Had a busy day today out shopping with my mum like I mentioned yesterday. Threw some old/not so recent bits (playsuit from last year, cardigan a few months ago and the shoes I got a few weeks ago at sale price!) as I'm really not feeling well! I think I have sneezed maybe 300 times in the past 2 days or so. Finding it really annoying when I can't quite muster up a sneeze though! So close yet so far. I don't really know why I'm ill, could it be hayfever? It's literally just the symptoms of a normal cold. Plus I've never had hayfever before! Maybe I'm just a hypochondriac.

Mum thought I was crazy putting a cardigan on but I'm so glad I did as all the shops were really cool and I'd probably be worse off otherwise! First stop was IKEA where we got a side table AND a coffee table for little over £5! Some of the sale prices are insane! I also got some cute little flower decorations for something silly like 59p each. Planning on putting them in a glass Coke bottle! I ended up getting a hot dog and fries from there to make me feel better, and then decided to get a slice of pizza from Costco too. OOPZ. Definitely did nothing for my cold or my waistline!

Also managed to get a couple of nice bits from Sainsbury's of all places! Black strappy sandals (although not quite made up my mind on them.. post to follow!) and two maxi dresses, one cobalt blue which fits fine and the other a black and white striped number which I could only get in a 12 so it's too big. Gonna try and hunt down my size in a different store maybe! OH and I got a coral cardigan but I can't tell if it's good-granny or bad-granny. It was only £10 though. We'll see!

33 comment(s):

  1. Aww, get well soon! And your hair looks fabulous like that!

  2. I love your hair like that, & i have those shoes too eep! x

  3. Ahhhh, cute! Love how you've colour matched the cardigan to your playsuit.
    Ugh, I really need to visit Ikea. It's been too long... I'm having withdrawals, hah.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  4. ahh got to love ikea! i always go their with my parents, and we end up buying loads of household crap that we didn't need ;)
    love your playsuit and brogues, and i know what you mean with the cold thing! i have a really bad one at the moment, and i can't tell if it's hayfever or just a cold!
    hope you feel better ;)


  5. love those shoes, I've got some fab purchases from river island recently. I've sent you an e-mail flower

    Eda x

  6. really nice outfit, loving the shoes! x


  7. That cardigan is absolutely lovely!

    P.s. you can develop an allergy at any point in your life, so you definitly should check the hayfever thing as people can become more sensitive at different points in their lives, especially for girls as hormones can affect it


  8. You look so summery and pretty! You also really suit your hair up like that :) xx

  9. Fantastic outfit/pieces!
    Your hair looks wonderful :)
    What shade is that? I'm looking for a nice light brown to color my hair with.
    Also you look incredibly skinny! I'm kinda sorta jealous a tad ;)


  10. This outfit is so cute! Love the slightly unusual colour matching...looks interesting and yet laid back...like! and yeah, it could be a hayfever. I´m allergic and suffer through the whole of summer with symptoms similar to the cold - blocked up nose, sore throat, headache (possibly from being all blocked up).

  11. I want your shoes :)
    Your outfits are always so lovely!

  12. I saw this title and thought 'gosh, she doesnt look ill!'. May possibly need some antihistamines lovely. I love this outfit, and the hair! Eyeing up those flowers for when I go to IKEA!

  13. You are too freakin cute.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  14. The outfit is gorgeous I love the jumpsuit.
    And it can be hayfever, some friend once tried to give me a sciency explanation on why people can develop allergies any time in life, but I can't remember it.

  15. i've never really considered looking at clothes bit in sainburys, i'll have a look next time i pop in.

  16. Love the playsuit, its such a nice pattern! It sounds to me like hayfever, if it continues go to the docs and they'll no doubt give you some anti-histamines (: x

  17. That playsuit is gorgeous!
    I need to get to the IKEA sale!

  18. I LOVE Ikea! It brings me joy like you wouldnt believe! (i'm sad like that)

    Get well soon! x

  19. Awww, get well soon girl! Allergies and summer colds can be so annoying!

    Loving your cardigan! Looks majorly cozy.

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  20. you look lovely for someone whos not feeling that great! cute hair do too

  21. Honestly, I wish I looked this good when I was feeling unwell! Hope you get better soon - take lots of vit C!

  22. You look lovely, and definitely don't look ill! Love that Playsuit



  23. take a hayfever tablet and see? if the symptoms clear for the day or at least eaze then it will be. I always get hayfever every year and i have a few friends who always make out they never get it and then complain of a cold in the summer when its clearly hayfever haha.

  24. love your playsuit and cardigan, and your hairstyle too!xo


  25. Get well soon:D


  26. you look gorgeous, despite feeling rubbish! must check out sainsburys now too xx

  27. Your hair looks so stunning up! And you look very lovely despite feeling so low. The playsuit is just too cute.

    great photos, great post!

  28. Ooh I bought a couple of those Ikea flowers recently too! So cute :)
    Can't wait to see the Sainsbury's purchases. Feel better soon,

    Rosie x

  29. Ah IKEA. I got those flowers also, in almost the same colours. And I love your playsuit. Really cute.

  30. Hope you feel better soon, being sick is the worst feeling. It might be allergies? The hair is super cute! I wish my buns looked like yours, my hair is so thin they look terrible.


  31. That playsuit looks so cute! Love the frills.



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