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Friday, July 15, 2011

weekend wishlist #031

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001. Ahhh, there is just something so much more lovely about waving a pretty little old fashioned fan in front of your face rather than one of those ugly electric things. Plus it's eco-friendly! Want!

002. Still want this necklace. It's nearly half price in the sale so I hope it doesn't sell out soon!

003. Can't help but think of Coronation Street when I see these but I think they would look awesome on my wall! Just need to decide on colours and sizes!

004. Been after the perfect black skirt for ages. Never quite managed to find that H&M skirt in black (although I have the nude) so this may be the next best thing. Looking forward to trying it on and it being not so perfect after all..

005. Ever Hip I hate you. How dare you sell out so soon?! I actually have Cut a Caper already which looks kind of similar but I have been told EH is a lot nicer in every way!

006. ZOMG how dreamy are these?! As soon as I saw them online I fell in love. I must have them. I did think about getting the plain black ones instead, but for this price and the simple fact that they are just so glorious means I don't care about being practical.

21 comment(s):

  1. I love the leopard print wedges, they are selling some in a crazy zebra pring too (not for me) but these are just to die for!

  2. haha i've been looking for that skirt in black too, they only have navy blue instores but not online?

    colour confused much? hmm

    Love the ballet skirt



  3. How I get you! I missed Ever Hip with the Liberty of London collection so I thought this was my chance to get it... NAH! Sold out too quickly! Just be aware that you are not the only one mourning Ever Hip... Haha!

  4. Ahh, that skirt is lovely. FML, so annoyed that I'm ridiculously poor right now. x

  5. oh yeah good old Ever Hip...
    i also missed it! i had no clue when the collection was coming out and when i finally saw it was already i was furious i missed out on it!!! been waiting for so long for a re-release... but yeah.. i think i will just order it from eBay and pay a little bit more hahaha

  6. i love those leopard wedges!
    i managed to get that h&m skirt in navy, - i wanted to get it in other colours ahh!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. I actually need these leopard wedges.. GORGEOUS!!!


  8. I LOVE fans I think they are just so elegant! I have some that are twenty odd years old and falling to pieces but I still love them! With the vintage floral designs. Also the skirt, so nice!

    L x

  9. those shoes! so gorgeous!! loooove your blog X X X

  10. The search for the perfect skirt does seem impossible...but that skirt is lovely!

    Great picks!

  11. beautiful picks as always. don't you just hate how something looks perfect when you see it online but it's nothing like it in person? i'm referring to the skirt. those wedges are killer. don't be practical! lol

  12. I´ve absolutely been after a black version of that skirt too ! i have the navy blue, which passes almost but i wear it absolutely so much, it´s ridiculous for something that only cost me 8€ <3<3

  13. Those leopard print boots are amaaaaaaaaaazzing!!! I saw them on the topshop website the other day and instantly fell in love, I think I need them in my life too!

    Gem x

  14. The lipstick is surely on my wishlist too, you just can't pass a color like that up!

  15. Oooh those boots are amazing! You should definitely go for the leopard print ones rather than plain black!

  16. Absolutely love that lipstick colour. I always find mac a bit hit and miss but that colour is divine!x

  17. i need those wedges!

  18. Oh my goodness those wedges are to die for! I love leopard print shoes so so much - just the right amount of tacky ;) There were some gorgeous suede leopard print gladiator sandals on sale in Office today, I was so tempted!

  19. Oooh I have that green fan! I bought it from a sweet little shop in Porto Cristo, Spain in July cos it was soooo hot!


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