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Monday, August 22, 2011

glossybox august 2011

KMS California HairStay style boost, Avaha Mineral Body Lotion,
Murad Cleanser, Rebel Nails wraps, Daniel Sander Baby Jet mascara

Got this month's GlossyBox the other day. A bit hit and miss but I am generally pleased with the box and its contents! I was really happy to get a mascara although I would have been happier with the Jumbo Jet rather than Baby Jet as the one I got is suitable for short lashes (which I don't have!). The KMS product is the weirdest thing ever, it crackles up in your hand and is really cold, I used it the other day but my hair felt awful after. I'm not going to blame that product though since I used up some conditioner I'd had for a while so it might have been no good (gross) and I let it air dry which always seems to make my hair go greasy quicker? The nail wraps aren't to my taste at all so I'll sell them if anyone's interested. The body lotion is probably my favourite thing, I love the smell! Also I have another one of the Murad samples from the iFabbo event last month which is kind of annoying really! I like the smell but it doesn't really suit my skin type. Boo hoo!

12 comment(s):

  1. I hear these boxes can be hit and miss but I suppose they try and cater for as many people as possible. Glad the body lotion came up trumps though!

  2. I really like the idea of glossybox but I can't bring myself to take the plunge in case the products are just not my kinda thing! The packaging is sweet though :)
    Rachelle xxx

  3. I really need to subscribe to Glossy box! I enjoy getting parcels through the letter box :) x

  4. aw cool
    i will get the august box, too :)

  5. I ended up unsubscribing to glossybox, I might join again soon but im glad I didnt recive this box. such a let down in my opinion :( apart from the mascara i suppose :)

  6. Quite a boring 'blah' box really. I use Murad, its good but overpriced and brings your skin out terribly during the first uses!

  7. I have taken a chance and finally signed up to Glossybox but it's so hit and miss, isnt it. I unsubscribed to boudoir prive the day after i got their box. I think i'll probably try Feel Unique at some point too. I just want pretty things through the post! xxx

  8. Considering signing up for glossybox but aahh... so indecisive

  9. I really want to apply for the glossy box, I love the idea and it sounds like soooo much fun! It's perfect for me because I'm so indecisive about products and all this stuff for the price its at! Wow!

    Cataraina @ Something Said

  10. I still need to order my own Glossybox, I can't decide between Glossybox or Boudior Prive.
    I love all the products that come in the Glossybox but I've heard they're getting more expensive :|

    Beth |

  11. My first glossybox will be the September one, I hope it's a gooden though :)

  12. My hair goes greasy quicker too if I don't blowdry it. I keep falling asleep with wet hair and my hair is always horrible two days later!


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