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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HD brows palette

hd brows eye and brow palette in vamp*

Probably the most talked about GlossyBox item (perhaps except the NARS Illuminator), I was so excited to receive this and have been using it without fail since. I think Vamp is the darkest option but don't quote me on that. Even though I could have done with a lighter palette I have been using the 'dark brown' shade quite lightly with the slanted side of the brush and then softening it with the other end - good if you've applied too much product! The other shades are great to use on the lid and last quite a long time (however I am no shadow expert).

Overall I am very pleased with this product. Obviously it was included in my September GlossyBox so I'm not sure if I would pay the RRP of £19.99 for this as I quite like brow kits with a wax as well as a powder (I have an E.L.F. one which does the job fine) but I do like it all the same and will most definitely hit pan! It's so handy just to chuck in your bag as well as you have a nude shadow for any imperfections and a dark for makeshift liner as well as a mirror in the lid!

What do you think of the whole HD brows thing? I generally quite like defined, thick brows (having had about 4 hairs on each eyebrow throughout my earlier teen years) although I do quite like the look of a soft light brow too (shame I can't have one as my hair is so dark!). Are you bothered about your brows or nonplussed? Do they 'make or break' a look for you?

21 comment(s):

  1. I really liked the idea of it but I was a bit gutted I got the 'bombshell' colour! (obviously meant for blondes and I am obviously not blonde..) Its cute though, the dark colour works well :) I've found it doesn't stick as well as pencil does (runny eyebrows in the rain naat guud) but for a glossy box item it's not to be sniffed at :D x

  2. I find darkening my eyebrows really changes my look and makes me feel much more confident :) xoxo

  3. i confess to being useless when it comes to shading in/colouring/drawing eyebrows. i just cannot FATHOM it in the slightest. fortunately i quite like my eyebrows and do enjoy keeping them maintained.

    jade. x

  4. I never subscribed to glossybox as there was so much negativity surrounding it for a while but I really wish I had purely for this product!

    I never really used to bother but my eyebrows but recently Ive started to use a GOSH brow kit and It really does finish off a look. I dont know If I would go and get proper HD brows done though, I like being able to decide when they are strong and stand out!



  5. I love the packaging for these, it reminds of of something from Chanel because it's black and looks heavy :) xxx

  6. Wow Carbon is super super dark! I got the brunette palette and I feel quite lucky really seeing as its my perfect shade.
    These palettes featured in Vogue magazine I believe, they have had great reviews and Im in love with mine. The double ended brush makes shading and shaping super easy. I can't wait for my review to post whilst Im away (providing the schedule works...) but I do agree £19.99 is quite expensive, and ordering isn't so easy either seeing as you have to phone up!

  7. Ah I am jealous of all you Glossybox subscriber who got this palette! I have recently started getting into eyebrows and quite like a defined brow! I'd love to try HD brows but I can't justify spending like £40.00 a month on eyebrow treatments! Sorry the rambly comment!Another great post as usual Emma :) x

  8. this does look like a great palette, so helpful to see it in such detail! brows are so important to me. having just settled for my blonde/slightly ginger brows for so long, since I discovered the art of filling in i have never looked back! Good brows make your makeup look so much better as well, could definitely be a make or break situation!


  9. really agree with the above comment, wish I had subscribed to glossybox for this brow kit alone, as my eyebrows are practically non-existant and I have to fill them in daily! love you blog xx


  10. ive recently added some of my darker more natural hair colour lowlights into my hair as i was previously a light blonde so this is perfect for my new 'dark' look! i think for fair haired people this is probably just a nice eyeshadow kit.

    I do agree though i like to use a kind of 'setting' product on my brows.. the only thing this is missing!


  11. I'm going to get hd brows done at the salon, my elf kit suits me just fine at the moment but I've got a wedding coming up and would like something a but more striking x

  12. Thank you for this post Emma! It's nice to hear other people's opinions on things. I got this palette in Foxy and I absolutely love it. I think the brush is ok but I much prefer using a different one I have. As for the palette itself; I was shocked at how pigmented the shades were! I definitely get a kick out of having perfect eyebrows, so I'm over the moon to have such a great product to use. Saying that, I will always love my ELF one!

    Ashleigh X

  13. I love the HD brows palette too, I got it in Foxy. The only thing is I got a larger brush which doesn't fit in the palette so it's separate, so i'm scared I loose it. But after from that i'm really happy! Can't wait for next months box!

    Jade x

  14. I absolutely love this product! x x x

  15. I love the HD pallett, I was lucky enough to get the lighter one and it's amazing!

    Love the post!

    Lola x

  16. I quite liked the HD palette but it always smudged. I found using an eyebrow pencil lasted longer and it looked more natural as well. x

  17. i love this palette! but you're right it's sooooo expensive :)


  18. This was definelty my fav from this months Glossybox. I'm only really just getting to grips with eyebrow taming so this was a nice little thing to receive. I like well defined eyebrows on other people (as long as it's not harsh black on a blonde girl) but on me, I think it looks weird. I have small eyes and stubbly eyelashes plus my eyebrows are quire low-down and close to my eyes. I think it looks a bit much on me.

    As for my use from the pallette I use the softer brush with the Dark Brown shade just to fill in and give them some definition. x

  19. I really want the HD brows... I use pencil to apply my brows with and want to try out powder!
    Where can you get it from?! xo

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