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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

look show SS12

did my nails on the tube, show passes, champagne, sarah harding,
dionne broomfield, tabitha, me, hannah and steph at the vip lounge

So Saturday just gone I went to the LOOK show at the new Westfield in Stratford as Hannah's guest. The actual day was a bit of a shambles and not really what anyone expected, but other than that it was lovely to meet everyone as well as catch up with some bloggers I'd met before! The shopping centre was absolutely jam-packed and boiling, apparently at some point someone was arrested and the escalators kept getting turned off, and Primark was actually closed at one point because of the amount of people! Kind of a nightmare to be honest, I don't know what they were thinking having the show on the first Saturday the centre was open! I can't wait to go again once the crowds have calmed down a bit and probably on a Monday or something. It costs me the same as a bus fare to get there, so it's going to be super hard to resist going there on the regular..

This post wasn't the most informative about the event as we were seated in a really weird place etc. Gem (1&2), Law, Tabitha, Steph and Sara have all posted about it too though (if we spoke and you've a posted about it let me know and I'll pop a link here! Did you go? What did you think?

PS. Was planning on doing an outfit post today but I fell asleep so that was a bit of a fail!

21 comment(s):

  1. I went and it was absolutely aweful, all those people, so I left one hour later. Can't handle so many people in one space! :D

    London Last Night

  2. I ♥ your dalmation nails! They look amazing.
    Sorry to hear that the day was a bit all over the place, it's a shame the shopping centre got a bit too packed. It looks amazing though!

    Lucy xxx

  3. Your nails look fantastic! Great photos.

  4. the nails look fab!! Westfields was mad!! i think the other one has slightly more walking space.. so im prefering that one atm!! xxx

  5. the event it self would of being awsome to go to, glad you had a good time:)


  6. LOVE your nails, they look amazing! Wish I could have went!

    The Deer Head


  7. Love your nails, so pretty! x

  8. Wow that looks like fun, I wish I went to fashion week in nyc since i live here. Great blog!
    Farrah's Muse

  9. Love the dalmatian nails, its a shame to hear it was so packed! x

  10. Thanks for sharing the photo of the actual catwalk - I was wondering how it looked like. It's such a shame that it seems that their priority was quantity rather than quality...

  11. Oh the dalmatian nails are adorable! Shame Westfield was so packed. Earlier this year the LOOK show was on a week day which was much better.


  12. Love your nails, the Look show must had been great, so sad that I missed it. xx

  13. i LOVE your nails!!!! amazing :) xo

  14. Such a lucky girl I hate you times a million! Lovely outfit you chose, looks like a good day!

  15. A-MAZ-ING nails!

    ♥ it!

    Addi x

  16. your nails look brilliant!!!

    Been loving following you!!

    aww I'd love love love to see an OOTD of you... Hope we can see it soon!!

    BTW excellent blog! Gorgeos!


  17. haha fun times ah Emma, was lovely to see you again and you looked gorgeous. I love the nails, I had it a while ago and all my friends loved it got to love Topshop Unique (I'm in love with that collection, not sure I would do the double bun things up do ). Anyway thank you for making me laugh 'MONSOON' hahah hope to see you again soon girly xxx

  18. Yes to your nails! Sounds a bit of a disaster and a bit of a silly decision but some good photos anyhow! Will be visiting Westfield stratford when that all dies down a bit then!

  19. I spy my legs in the first photo ;) Love your nails x


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