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Saturday, October 22, 2011

boudoir prive october

Korres Quince Body Butter, STUDIOMAKEUP Liner Styler Pen, Cetuem Illuminating Mask
& Creme de Lite, Memo Paris perfume, Rose & Co Salve, Leonor Greyl hair treatment

This month's Boudoir Prive box came through the post yesterday and I've been having lots of fun playing about with all the goodies. I'm gonna be honest and say I preferred it to this month's Glossybox just because all the products are different. I really like the way there is something for your makeup/skincare/body/hair needs etc. all in one little box. It's nice having a mix of brands I've not heard of as well as some I'm familiar with too, but this isn't unlike any other boxes really!

Really looking forward to using the eyeliner and body butter, the salve is really cute but I can't stand rose scents so if it stays really strong I'll probably give it to someone. Hope I remember to use the Leonor Greyl treatment next time I wash my hair! The perfume for once isn't actually all that bad either I don't think. Usually I don't like any perfume samples in these boxes!

Really need to unsubscribe to at least one of these types of boxes, I'm also signed up to the feelunique beauty box! I was leaning more towards ending my Boudoir Prive subscription but after this box I really don't know! What would you do? Did you get this month's box?

19 comment(s):

  1. Maybe you should try the feelunique beauty box for some time. If you not like it you can always stop to receive it ;)

  2. Im so tempted to sign up to this instead of Glossybox, the products seem like a much better mix and more individual. Lovely pictures!

  3. This box looks beautiful, don't end it. The Glossy is a bit hit and miss, but still good sometimes. Just end the other one! Ahh I don't know, too many choices. The range of products in this one looks so nice though.

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  4. UK has a lot of these beauty boxes! So envious. The Rose Petal Salve looks so pretty & promising!)

  5. This months boudoir prive looks awsome! It ssooo hard to choose the best box as they all have really great months xx

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  6. I unsubed Glossybox and stuck with Boudoir Prive, this months box was amazing in comparison. Ive also signed up to the feelunique one because that looked really good!

  7. i really need to subscribe to boudior prive! i've only ever tried a glossybox and whilst i liked it, i think boudiour prive seems so much better! X

  8. Aww, some really cool stuff this month. I bet the rose petal salve smells lovely.

  9. Wow Im so gutted that I missed out on this box! It is definitely much better than this months glossybox but if i unsub to glossybox they will put something really good in it next month which will leave me gutted! I wish there was'nt so many beauty box's avaliable!


  10. If I had to get a box, I'd get this one. The products come in BIG sizes, and Korres is a good brand, so it's great that they were giving out such a big size of body butter.
    I'd stick with this box if I were you, it doesn't look like it disappoints!


  11. I adore rose scents, so that Rose Petal Salve looks like it'd be my favourite out of the box!

    x Michelle |

  12. It's funny because I am EXACTLY the same - I am subscribed to the same three you are and was going to cancel Boudoir Prive until this box came and I loved it. Now I'm stuck as to what to do but I can't delay my decision another month can I? (Can I?)

  13. the liner looks great but i think i still prefer glossybox. i feel like glossybox caters for a slightly younger generation the majority of the time, i like that

  14. Wow amazing!!!
    I've subscribed to this box because I've seen it her in you blog =) Can't wait for mine to arrive!
    As for the beauty box, I am subscribed to it to and I looove all the products of this months box. It is like you said, there is something for hair/makeup/body/hands needs.

    I don't know what you should do. Maybe you should just keep both signatures hahaha like me! ( OMG I am addicted to those things)

    Come visit me =)


  15. love your photos of the box and your flowery background :) i'm delighted with this month's box and how there were some full sized products!

  16. It seems like such a good selection this month.

  17. I thought this month's BP box was okay but for me the Feel Unique box is my definitely the winner ;)

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