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Saturday, October 29, 2011

fashionista palettes

FashionistA custom design palettes*

A couple of weeks ago at the TOWIB event, attendees received a custom design palette of their choice. There were three available - a warm gold eye set, a blush set and a blue eyeshadow set. I picked the warm brown/golds predominantly for the copper shade, Auburn Glow (bottom right). The other shades are Brunette Bombshell (top left), Golden Glow (top right) and Berry Brown (bottom left). All the eye colours are intensely pigmented and feel velvety to the touch.

I was also sent the cheek palette later on to try too. This palette includes shades Bella (which is actually an eyeshadow but works as a highlight!), Juicy Apricot, Butterscotch and Blushing. I do find the blushes more 'chalky' than the eyeshadows but they still work well. They are also very pigmented so you really only need a tiny amount and make sure you apply with a light hand!

I think the prices of these products are incredible at £5 for the empty palettes (available in red or black) and £4 for the single shades. There's a 3 for 2 offer online at the moment but I'm guessing it should be on in store too. I know I didn't pay for these but I would have been happy to, and I'm already popping a few other shades on my imaginary shopping list so that must mean something!

Have you heard of FashionistA? Will you be trying it? I really want Cosmic and Gold Rush now too!

14 comment(s):

  1. The Bella looks beautiful, I can see how it could be used as an highlighter.

    When it comes to blushes I have'nt got a clue, actually I'm like that with most make-up! I'd love to wear eye-shadow but the only ones I have are shades of brown and I find they make my eyes look tired - it's very odd!

  2. I haven't heard of these but I'm always up for brands which let you customise your own palettes. Will have to take a look.

  3. I saw these on the superdrug website, they have such a nice shade range!

  4. That's such a coincidence!!!
    I've meet this brand yesterday in the BINTM and got 3 shades in my goody bag!

    Can't wait to try them out =)


  5. I love the colors in the cheek palette ! Really good price, I wonder if they have them in the US. Lucky you, getting them for free ! x

  6. I love Bella! It's so shimmery, I love it! Juicy Apricot looks nice, too!

  7. love the shades on your arm in the last photo


  8. Bella looks so pretty! These palettes are soooo affordable I may have to have a look at them :) xx

  9. Ooh this looks so super cute i love the idea of popping different shades in the container, the golds/auburns look like the perfect shade!

  10. These look lovely! I definitely need to try these eyeshadows out :) xxx

  11. The cheek palette is beautiful, might have to try these out and the price is great!

  12. i never normally buy palettes because i wouldn't wear half the shades in them but being able to pick your own is a great idea!

  13. I've tried the eyeshadows, really good quality and a nice cheap price tag! x

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