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Monday, November 28, 2011

boudoir prive november

dead sea spa magik body lotion, korres 24-hour moisturiser, rahua
voluminous haircare, vinies ayurveda's soul mask, studiomakeup lipstick

Got my November box yesterday morning and to be honest (as always!) I'm not completely over the moon with it. I never got the Rahua stuff in the September GlossyBox but still it's not very exciting to see something that has been in a different box before! Same goes for the Korres lotion, similar to one that came in last month's box, and again with the Dead Sea Spa Magik lotion, which puts me off just from the smell. I am actually looking forward to using the shampoo and conditioner though as Pia was raving about the stuff at the ambassadors event last week.

The lipstick, in the shade 'tender pink' I was really looking forward to trying till I swatched it and saw that it had a really frosty finish. I think frost finishes tend to look really dated, so I'm not going to get along with that. One thing I will say though is the actual lipstick is really fun to use just because it clicks in and out. Simple minds etc.

Generally speaking I'm kind of put off using anything in this box for some reason. I haven't touched the masks yet but the smell and look of the product inside isn't all that pleasant! It's nice to have gotten two of them though I guess.

What do you think of this month's box? Did you get different stuff? Let me know, if you have a post on it link to it in the comments and I'll have a look!

19 comment(s):

  1. Ah, it's a shame that your not overly happy with it. It doesn't look like glossybox's best box! I'm still too scared to subscribe!

  2. I can't decide whether to sign up to one of these boxes as they often seem a bit hit and miss on stuff I'd like in them when I see the posts. Also, there are so many out there now I wouldn't know which one to get! x

  3. They have some Dead Sea stuff in Glossybox this month as well. Hmm... Although, I hear the Dead Sea stuff is amazing, so I wouldn't be too upset.

    Pip x

  4. Loving the colour of that lipstick.

    Eda ♥

  5. I was always like the look of these boxes but I do think they can be a bit hit and miss, especially when I can be so particular with the stuff I put on my face. I agree, the lippy looks gorgeous but I'm not keen on frost finishes either. Lovely review though!

  6. I got the 'really red' version of the lipstick in my box which I adore- I got lucky I guess! Makes up for the horrible smelling Korres lotion I got in the last box! (I got citrus instead of guava =() I have done a really crappy quality video if you can bear to watch it about this month's boudoir prive box-

    P.s. Love your blog!


  7. i got a really bright pillarbox red lippy and i really like it. i tried the shampoo as well its good but it stinks :( x

  8. Hate it when the boxes let you down! Glad I picked the feel unique beauty box now xoxo

  9. I recently unsubscribed from Boudoir Prive and after seeing the posts of this months box, I'm glad so. x

  10. I got the red lipstick instead, the pink one you got is very pretty but i hate the frosted finish it has so glad i didnt get that one! :/
    The masks are kind of strange, i mean, they look awful and smell awful, bit worried about using them haha.

    Compared to the other beauty boxes this month i think Boudoir prives one is the best!

  11. I think this box is better than the glossybox but they have both been a bit boring this month.

  12. Couldn't agree more. Nothing wowed me and those face mask things smell disgusting. No way am I painting that on my face.

  13. I don't get Boudoir Privé beauty boxes but this month's Glossybox had the Dead Sea Spa Magik was in there as well, although I just got the bath salts (exciting, I know). I do think the masks look good, but I'm always up for trying face masks!
    Shame about the lipstick too, the shade in the leaflet would have been much better x

  14. Aww, that's a total bummer that the packages aren't as exciting as they look! :( Perhaps the products will be better then they seem, but they sound pretty bad! Such a shame!

    chloe **

  15. it's a shame you didn't like the products in this month's box :( i've never had a boudior prive box before and regardless of the fact that it's been getting some negative feedback recently, i'd really like to try it out and get a feel for what it's like X

  16. I can't say personally if the masks are any good but there have been some comments on the boudoir privé facebook page about the face masks giving people bad reactions. So maybe best to try a test patch before using them! x

  17. I tried that shampoo, I think it's amazing. It gives a lot of volume!

  18. i have received the last 3 months boxes and was very disappointed,the box was delayed due to a last minute product change so i was all excited but was let down when it came,the korres sample is tiny :(
    i have cancelled now and will be ordering a different box for dec :)


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