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Friday, February 25, 2011

weekend wishlist #021

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My mum had loads of Tesco vouchers for Goldsmiths the jewellers to spend in a limited time, so we went for a look today. I'd always been a fan of Michael Kors watches, yet the store we went to didn't stock the brand (even though they're on the website!). I ended up getting a Guess watch in the hope that I can exchange it for a MK one in another store soon, but I'll be fine with it if I can't find my dream timepiece! The first one pictured is my absolute favourite, although I haven't seen anything like that in the Goldsmiths store or on the website, boo hiss! I'd be more than happy with a rose gold one though, as that's what I went out for today originally.

'albany' black and nude platforms

Also have my eyes on the prettiest shoes ever, we have them where I work too! I tried them both on the other day while we were quiet and I fell in love instantly. I couldn't decide what colour to get though so it just looks as if I'll have to get both! Chunky heels, a mix of patent and suede and little bows on the front - me all over.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

if you’re a bird i’m a bird

currently doing the rounds on Tumblr!

If you've followed my blog for a while or know me at all, then I'm sure you'll also know that I'm completely obsessed with anything related to the Miu Miu SS10 collection. I probably have too much animal printed stuff already, but if I see something with cats/birds/horses/etc. on I find it almost impossible to resist! Needless to say I've been looking for a pair of cat print platform heels since forever too. Now and again you can find them on eBay, which is where I got these from but I can't seem to find any more of the same now. I have seen some with crystals though! I usually wear a 38, which is this size, but because they're made in China they tend to run a little small. Hello squashy toes! I will definitely be ordering a size bigger if I can get my hands on them!

In other news, most of my day has been spent at the dentist. My appointment was at 11AM and I got out at about 1:30PM! Extremely frustrating. Unbelievable? Not really. My mum and brother had fillings done whereas I only had a sealant (tastes like banana! Yum!) so they can't eat for a couple more hours. This means I feel bad so I'm not eating till later either! There's so much nice food in the house so I don't know how much longer I can take! I didn't even have any breakfast because I thought I'd be in and out by lunchtime! What a joke. It's always the same though so I don't really know what I expected to be honest! Think I was just destined to be grumpy today..

Monday, February 21, 2011

topshop SS11: sandstorm

Say hello to the new Topshop makeup collection: Sandstorm. This is in no way a promo post, I just wanted to write about it since it's so pretty and I actually like pretty much every product in the collection. My purse is going to absolutely hate me if I dare step into a store and have a look because I know I won't be able to walk out empty handed!

I especially like the look of the creme lipcolours as both shades seem really wearable. Apparently they have a matte finish which seems weird because it looks like it would be glossy. Even stranger is the fact that there are in fact lipglosses in the form of sticks. Not sure what happened there but it all seems a bit back to front. Definitely looking forward to trying them though!

The packaging has such a luxe feel, coming from a girl who loves gold everything, this is pretty much perfect. The pink polish looks absolutely wonderful, and so refreshing since I've been sticking to classic colours for as long as I can remember! There are some more products to come but these are all the stock images I could get hold of so far (apart from this bronzer/blush duo) so I'm excited to see the rest! I know I have way too much makeup already but the prices range from £5-£12 so it's not going to make that big of a dent into my bank balance.. at least compared to what the MAC Wonder Woman collection will!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

black magic

tunic: topshop
necklace: disney couture
ring: me and zena
nails: OPI Off With Her Red!

Not sure why most of these photos ended up blurry but oh well! After being at work in the freezing cold all day we had friends of the family over so I've been sitting downstairs chatting and eating all evening. I'm very tired and full up now, my parents got the best food - olives, kettle chips, pasta salads, chickens, a black forest gateaux, a banoffee pie, some beigels and some other Jewish food that I can't remember the name of.. all in all a very happy tummy!

I have this tunic in a rusty brown colour too which I love, but at the time I couldn't not have both as they're so versatile. I think this is more of a night-time dress but I actually wore it to work today! Well, I did go to Nando's last night as well! Am I the only person who wears things more than once before washing? Don't worry I wore fresh underwear and tights!

The more I say in this post the later I'll be able to post it so I'm gonna leave it there! I got some new shoes from work today as well as the primer I posted in this week's wishlist. Oh and the Sleek contour kit, Not sure if I look any different but I'm wearing it in these photos! I might have also bought the new No7 mascara but you'll have to wait and see..

Friday, February 18, 2011

weekend wishlist #020

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

001. I have a good few blouses already, but I don't have any (or anything else in fact) in this colour! Perfect for spring, but not so perfect for my bank balance. Hopefully somewhere else will do a similar piece - Primark, I'm looking at you..

002. Cutest studs ever alert! Stolen Thunder are a brand I lust after every so often, I love the idea of wooden (bamboo) jewellery, it makes a nice change from gold or silver! I'm glad it's panda friendly as they are my absolute favourite animals!

003. I seem to have been looking for one of these for ages, whenever I get my nails done in a salon I notice they have the acrylic powder in heart shaped glass jars, always! I don't really need it but it would look super cute on my dresser filled with.. ummmm?

004. I used to use Benefit That Gal primer before and can't say I really noticed a difference in my makeup when I run out, just that my face no longer smelled like strawberry milkshake every morning! I've read a few reviews on primers and this one by GOSH sounds pretty good. Also it's not too expensive so I won't regret it so much if I don't like it! Has anyone tried it? They have an apricot version too so I'm unsure of which one to get!

005. More loafers.. all of a sudden I'm even more obsessed with them. I keep picturing myself in Paris with these on so I simply have to get them! I know they're made of really soft leather so they should be comfortable to walk in around the city next month. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

chanel vitalumière aqua


Tried out my new foundation by myself today, yesterday I had it put on by the MUA at the Chanel counter so all the products she used on me were different to my own, meaning the look might be a different when recreated at home! I'm totally pleased with it though, it's so silky feeling and light compared to Estee Lauder Double Wear Light that I'd been using before. I've not edited these photos at all, in case anyone thinks so, because I want to show the 'real' finish on my skin!


I'm wearing it as I would normally - I have MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural over the top, with some blush, and concealer just under my eyes and a little around the nose. I've tried to take some of the photos scarily quite close, it's more matte than it would be with just the foundation obviously, but I still think it looks pretty natural. It feels like I'm wearing hardly anything! I guess it helps that it's a thinner constancy than what I was using before as it can go further but still provide decent coverage to even out and perfect the skin without looking cakey - perfect for me!

You have to shake the bottle quite a bit but it tells you that on the packaging anyway. Also it's not cheap at £32, but you can always use your Beauty Club card for points towards future purchases. Those are my only bad things to say about this really, although it is a new love affair so only time will tell if we drift apart or not! I am going to try it out without using powder, cream blush/bronzer is the way forward considering the cold weather (hopefully) on its way out soon!

OH and one more thing, you can't see my top all that well but it's the black version of the one I have on in this post. Not sure if I like it as much as the white though, so I may be selling it! Keep your eyes peeled for stuff on my shop page, I'm too lazy to take photos of everything right now..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

surprise surprise

dress: Topshop
shoes: Primark

Had to take something back to Debenhams after uni today and spotted this Peter Pan collar dress that I wanted ages ago but didn't see the point in getting because I have SO many Peter Pan collar things already. It was only £12 on the sale rail though so I could do a straight swap for what I took back! Although I have another dress of the same shade this was too cute to leave! I had a bit of a bad day so even though I should be saving money for my trip to Paris and Belgium next month, I wanted to treat myself to something new.

Before this though I dropped trusty old Primark a visit and spotted these lovely little patent bow loafers! They really reminded me of these Topshop ones, only better, and cheaper at only £10! They come in a nude pink and white too but I'm not made of money these days! At first I couldn't find my size in black so I asked a lady if they would have anymore in soon and she actually went and found some more in the stock room for me! She was so nice, I'd never expect that in Primark especially half hour before closing time!

I also got a new foundation, Chanel Vitalumière Aqua in shade B10. I'm always the lightest! I didn't even need a new one really, I just get stuck in a rut every now and again over my face makeup so something new makes me feel a little better. For some unknown reason I actually have a couple of pimples on my cheeks for once even though you can't see! I'm going to blame the Indian takeaway from last night, boy stress and being run down. Don't be too jealous!

PS. My eyebrows look scarily arched, I hope think it's the shadow! Time for a bath and bed!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

wish upon a star

playsuit: Motel
lipstick: Barry M Peach
ring: Betsey Johnson

Just a quickie outfit post this evening to show you this lovely little playsuit I got today. I had a really old exchange to do in Topshop (from way before Christmas!) which they were reluctant to do but in the end did it as goodwill as I told them I'd had a skin infection and then they felt bad. It's not like I was telling porkie pies or anything so it's okay!

This I think is very much a 'tall skinny girl' type of garment. I'm not sure how comfortable I am about looking as if I actually have boobs! I always classed myself as flat-chested, but seeing as I'm not wearing a padded bra here I guess I was wrong. So now it means this is actually a bit tight on the chest so I think I need a bigger size! The daisy print playsuit I got the other day also had the same issue. They were both scandalously short too, so I'm guessing there is some kind of boob-less, long-legged species about that is being perfectly catered for..?

Not sure if I the peachy lipstick looks good on me or not. I haven't touched this colour for a while but after watching this video I really wanted to again this morning and just went for it! It totally makes my eyes look more blue which I'm not sure I like, for some reason I've always wanted dark brown eyes. I want to try coloured contacts even though they're completely unnecessary!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

weekend wishlist #019

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This week I'm not doing a strict "OMG I WANT THIS NOW!" type post, it's just for ideas on what to buy. I bought two Groupon vouchers to spend at American Apparel after seeing Gem's post about the deal. Wow, there's a lot of links! Anyway, as I bought them in December I have about a month left to use them so I need to decide what I want! I bought two in a panic so I have £100 to spend (they were £25 each and are worth double), not that it will go very far in AA..

The first dress really reminds me of a dress Megan Fox wore, only less revealing! The only thing about AA dresses that I don't like is that you can rarely wear a bra with them. I have the double u-neck long sleeve mini dress and have to wear a sticky bra with it which I don't really like. It looks like I could get away with a bra with all of these though!

I've posted a few colours in the same styles of skirt because they all look so pretty and I can't decide what shades I like best! The petticoat skirt is so lovely, I like the lighter shades best but I can just imagine them getting so filthy! Very summery and cute though, and I'm never going to be able to get it for half the price again so it's very tempting! My friend Aimee has the corduroy skirt and says it's very revealing but it looks like it would be fine to me? I have short legs anyway so fingers crossed!

Last but not least, the infamous AA hoodie. Most of my wardrobe is dresses yet I have loads of casual shoes like Vans, Converse and Ralph Lauren sneakers, so I need to get my hands on some more 'boy clothes'! A few of my friends have these hoodies and I always touch them because they're so soft so I may as well just get one now that I can for half the price!

Sadly the offer's over now so sorry if anybody wanted a voucher! Annoying thing is the day after I bought these, they brought out another offer for online vouchers, mine are store only so I have to go all the way into London! Not looking forward to getting weird looks from the 'holier than thou' staff, you know what I'm talking about! I kind of feel sorry for them though..

Friday, February 11, 2011

tell me about it, stud


This week I received my prize from Lydia's giveaway - an Alexander Wang inspired clutch bag. I have an endless love for black and gold together, I think it looks so classy and perfect! Even though it's a clutch it's absolutely huge, so at least I can't lose it when I'm out! I was thinking of attaching a gold chain onto the zip so I can sling it around my wrist too though, but who knows if I'll find the time! It's actually really soft considering it's not leather too, which means nice quality and animal friendly. Win win! Lydia also sent the cutest little locket-style ring in the package, I'm not sure if you can actually put a little picture in but I'm going to try!

So once again thanks Lydia! I've followed her blog for a while now, she's so cute and friendly and also sent me the loveliest note along with the prize, definitely worth a follow and I'm not just saying that - she's been on my blogroll for ages!

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