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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the fairest one of all

top: miss selfridge
blazer: topshop
necklace: stolen thunder*
lips: mac viva glam gaga i

Crappy photos tonight (pretty sure I always say that?), I was gonna take some when it was light but it got dark really quick. Or maybe I just sat catching up on blogs for too long. I got this vest ages ago but only decided to wear it for the first time today, it's a bit big and very see-through (you should see the back!) but I like it! I don't think you could see my bra so much in natural light though. At least I hope not! Also the first time I've worn leggings in forever!

Stolen Thunder sent me the cutest little gift last week. I thought it was quite funny seeing as when I opened it I was drinking tea! I posted some earrings a while ago made with the same material, I love knowing that it won't go horrible and rusty! The clasp has an adorable little wooden heart attached too. Basically the sweetest thing ever. Thanks to Alice who sent it to me!

Off to do some uni work now. Only have about 7 or 8 weeks left and it's scaring me! I may have to ask you all to do some kind of questionnaire for my research very soon! It's about travelling, specifically to Paris! So anyone who has or had expectations about it, if you went and if were they lived up to or you were left disappointed, that kind of thing.. I'm looking at you!

Monday, March 28, 2011

this and that

Don't think I've ever done a post so late, am lacking in the blogging department lately (and almost every other) but I feel more on track now than I have for a while. Spent the evening after uni with Lewis, we managed to scrape together enough money to go to Nando's and get large (although I'd call it more of an XXL portion if I'm honest!) fries with peri-peri salt and drinks, and he had a whole chicken for free on his loyalty card! I hardly ate any but it was still good.

Currently so tired, I should have done a lot of work tonight but I've done zilch. Since the clocks went forward I've been home late almost every night, where is the time going? The one hour difference has messed up my body clock and general daily routine so much!

I have lots of stuff to photograph still for outfit posts, I'm a bit rubbish with them lately. Do people care? Would you want to see more beauty/lifestyle related stuff or..? Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also I hope you're enjoying the sunny weather - if you have it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

weekend wishlist #025

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

001. Just a reference picture really, as I've spotted a similar one in Primark for £12. Not sure why I want one really, just makes a difference from wearing a black cardigan with everything at the moment I guess! Might get one with sleeves instead, or as well, haven't made my mind up yet.

002. I don't think I'll be spending £16 on a belt anytime soon but isn't it the cutest? The orange colour is really nice too, makes a change from brown and black. Anything with dogs on..

003. And another little woof woof! The cuteness takes the ~edge~ off of double finger rings. So cute! Want! NOW! I have so much animal everything, it's quite ridiculous.

004. I did see Kate's post about this and it confirmed my lusts! Has anybody else tried this yet? What do you think? I'm still after the lipgloss stick too, one day soon!

005. Am currently covered in this stuff, but I used the spray version as I had some left and didn't want to waste money. The mousse would be a lot easier to use though I imagine! The only thing is I smell of digestive biscuits, are there any products out there that don't make you smell weird?!

006. I tried on this pair of Converse at work yesterday, they're so nice but I think I'd rather get a pair of normal ones and put studs on them myself! Unsure as to whether I prefer the optical white or normal white (more of a cream) though. And high or low?! Hello 15-year-old!

Monday, March 21, 2011

wild at heart

tee: wildfox*
shorts: Topshop (DIY)
ring: Betsey Johnson
bracelet: Juicy Couture
glasses: ALDO (via eBay)

Not sure if you spotted that button on my sidebar but I recently got picked to represent everyone who shares my starsign for Wildfox! Greetings fellow Sagittarians! All the astrology foxes got sent a tee representing their sign (I have wanted one of these for ages but couldn't justify the price, so I was super chuffed!) and we were asked to do something 'typical of our starsign' in the outfit posts, apparently I'm ~intellectual~ (not gonna blow my own trumpet or anything!) so naturally I just whacked some glasses on. I don't really agree with all of the supposed traits I have, but I guess I can be clever.. I don't even know what size this tee is supposed to be, you could hardly tell I had any shorts on today but I love it. So comfy and huge!

Back to Adobe Illustrator now, currently in the middle of a three day project at uni. We have to redesign the packaging and general feel for Plum Baby and it's going well! I hate what they're using now, let's hope they don't think our idea (we're working in groups of four) is too out there! I'll be sure to upload some work after presentation if all goes to plan and people want to see!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

puppy love

Too tired to do an outfit post tonight, it wouldn't be interesting anyway, I'm in jeans, a polo and a hoodie. Feeling a bit down about this and that too but at least I have the best little thing anyone could ever ask for. He always makes me feel better! Think it's time for a bubble bath, and I just realised I haven't eaten today, not good! This is what happens when I'm sad, my appetite disappears. Oh what a rubbish post! Actually, just remembered I have some dodgy drunk photos so you might as well have those! My bestie thought it was a good idea to do tequila shots..


Yes I was gone.. not I don't remember taking any of these.. yes I was hungover.. The rest of my weekend was pretty rubbish to be honest. Although I did get to play the not even released yet Nintendo 3DS and Nintendogs + Cats - naturally I adopted a little virtual Beigel!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

weekend wishlist #024

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

001. Since today was so lovely and sunny, it would be a crime to not want to stock up on even more floral prints. It's so floaty and just seems perfect for the hopefully not too far away warmer days!

002. I have wanted a Tangle Teezer for the longest time! My hair is so thick and I absolutely hate brushing it after it's washed. Has anyone else got or tried one? I don't think I've heard a single bad comment about them.

003. Whenever I go into Topshop I want to buy this. Has anyone used it? I think I read somewhere that they snap easily, not good! The colour looks lovely though and the packaging is so luxe, WANT.

004. It just wouldn't be a wishlist if it didnt involve shoes that probably won't suit me. They are so cute though!

005. Just a plain version of the floral blouse. They are both so nice, and I can't decide which one I like best so obviously both had to be featured!

Friday, March 18, 2011

say it ain’t so

Say hello to my new baby! Sure it's not a real Mulberry Alexa, but it's practically the next best thing! And when you think about the £891 price difference, even better! I also saw a bag by Red Herring earlier on in the day for an extra £17, and now I'm so glad I waited because this is perfect! It was a little strange walking past the Mulberry section in Selfridges with it, but still!

As for where it's from, I found it in a little shop in town. The label says "M&E Paris" - I've tried Googling, and the best I came up with was this site but I don't think that's right! Basically if you have any of those kinds of stores that does clothes in the style of Topshop etc. you will probably be able to find one of these. If I was made of money I'd happily buy all of their stock and sell them on here but sadly I'm not! This link has store info if anyone wanted it, I think they had a store in Lakeside too but I'm not sure if it's still there. Plus you can get similar on eBay!

I'm actually writing an essay on commodity fetishism at the moment and I've decided to base it on fashion and a lot of it on the Mulberry Alexa. I'm planning on making a little questionnaire and asking you all to fill one out for me (if you'd like of course) but just for now, what are your views on 'replica' bags/clothes/shoes? Sensible or tacky? I might have to include these posts by Victoria and Lily in my research too! I think as long as it doesn't have a fake label, it's kind of okay..?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hoppy go lucky

top: H&M
skirt: American Apparel
cardigan: Topshop
belt: vintage
ring: H&M
necklace: Topshop
nails: elf chocolate

Finally managed to get some decent pictures! My back hurts from standing in front of the camera for so long. I guess this is just one of those outfits that looks better in real life than in pictures. At long last I used up my Groupon vouchers for American Apparel last night after uni. I didn't want to go but they were due to expire tomorrow when I have work and I just wanted to get it out of the way. I got this skirt in the truffle colour as well, they didn't have size small so I got mediums. They fit nicely if a little low and long but they're floaty so at least nobody will see my bum!

I don't have much else to say, except HOW CUTE ARE ALL THE BUNNIES? The top is so comfortable, well everything is, although the belt stopped me eating a whole breakfast baguette today! I just removed the belt too and the outfit looks so much better without it. How annoying.

My soul died a little this morning when I transferred all my money into my mum's bank account. I'm such a huge consumer and it needs to calm down! I did spend too much yesterday but it was kind of a 'must get it out of my system' type thing. I hope she doesn't read this because I'll get in trouble! A lot of people might think it's funny that I'm putting my parents in charge of my money but it really is the best way and at least now I have no choice but to save up as I'm useless at doing it on my own! Gives me a chance to sell/wear clothes I neglect as well. Win win!

Actually so looking forward to getting in the bath tonight, and I can't wait to get into bed. Hello old person! I don't see myself getting up for work otherwise though. Bisous!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hello captain

coat: topshop

I've been meaning to post photos of this for ages, say hello to my (relatively) new coat! It's a really old Topshop one, I think maybe 2 years ago? I'd been hunting around on eBay for one but they were all worn and going for silly amounts. Then I checked out a site called iOffer, this one is from China so I imagine it's just a copy but it's kept me warm and it looks nice so I'm happy. I paid around £70 for it which is normal Topshop price really but who cares! Look at all the pretty!

Monday, March 14, 2011

liz earle

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser*, Daily Eye Repair*

Like I said before, the lovely Liz Earle PR team sent me a couple of products to try last week. I was just expecting the cleanser but I'd asked for advice about the eye products and they kindly sent me a little extra too! I used the cleanser when I got home from my trip to Paris and it left my face feeling so cleansed and refreshed. I actually ended up with a couple of nasty spots during the trip - I blame fast food, dehydration and lack of sleep - but they seem to be going down with the aid of this product. Also the eye treatment is lovely, I've been using it at night too which I'm not sure about as it contains SPF, but it stops my skin feeling so thirsty, I can't not use it now.

I think I'm going to go ahead and order a couple of products myself - namely the dry/sensitive moisturiser and the skin tonic. Do you have any Liz Earle products? How do you like them and what would and wouldn't you recommend?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my favourite colour?

dress: Topshop
belt: primark
ring: disney couture
necklace: topshop
shoes: missguided
nails: revlon emerald city

Wish I could stop doing that weird angle when I take photos of my face. My hair just gets in the way otherwise though, part of me just wants to cut it all off into a nice long bob but my hair's so thick it will end up looking like a triangle so I'd hate it and myself. Go me!

Got into town early for work today so had a nose around in Debenhams and saw the dress I posted in a wishlist. I have so many pieces of clothing in this shade, but I love it. I was even wearing this dress today so the cashier must have though I was mad! Have unintentionally copied Lily with turquoise jewellery too, I spotted the necklace weeks ago and really wanted it but didn't have any money. I'm not supposed to be spending at the moment either but it's so cute!

Saw the most beautiful bag in a shop window today, literally so close to a Mulberry Alexa, without the little logo obviously. Was so disappointing to find the shop had already closed when I finished work! Also saw this beauty in the Red Herring section at Debenhams when I was walking through, £40! They had chocolate and purple versions too, so cute! Not sure which one I want now..

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I fell in love on Thursday. I have been to Disney World in Florida before but I was only 4 or 5 at the time so I can only remember little bits! We only had about 4 hours at the parks yesterday as it was the last day of our trip, and I think it was the school half term too, typical! We ended up going on just four rides..

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - 0-100 km/h in three seconds.
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - SO scary, nobody had ever screamed so much!
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril - bit rubbish, bashed my head a couple of times :(
Space Mountain: Mission 2 - g-forces, dodging meteorites and black holes.

They were all pretty similar, and to be honest it was best to have gone on the thrill-seeker rides as the queues were shorter from all the tiny children being there. Pizza Planet was closed and we didn't get to go to Toy Story Playland which I'm totally gutted about! We wanted to go on Star Tours too but the queue was well over an hour long! Ridiculous!

All in all I had fun, the only drawbacks of the day were the time we had, the queues, no fastpass, expensive food (€30 between us!) and that I didn't get to have any photos with any of the characters. I'm already looking to book another holiday just there because you need loads of time if you want to get everything done! Obviously I'd love to go to Disney World again instead and all the other parks there (hello Wizarding World of HP!) but that'll have to wait till I win the lottery.

Best part of the day - I actually got a Hamm piggy bank! He's all fat and full of change now :)

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