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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


playsuit: H&M
necklaces: Topshop + Galibardy
ring: ASOS

Didn't have time to do a full outfit post so just imagine this with a black cardigan and sandals! Currently on a bus (story of my life! Gah!) on the way to the cinema, I'm going to see the new Transformers film with my boyfriend. We've seen so many films lately, I guess that kind of explains why I feel bigger than usual as I can never go to the cinema without getting popcorn! Is it really that bad for you other than the salt content though? Back to the outfit anyway, I bought the playsuit months ago and just got round to wearing it! I also got a leopard print and a plain black one too and haven't photographed those yet either! I got size 12s so I could wear them without worrying about showing my bum! I'm not the tallest person ever (I'm 5'4"!) yet even I find half the stuff in shops lately is really short. Also finally got the Galibardy tooth necklace! I'd been after it for ages and it came back in stock a few weeks back. I get weird looks when I have it on but I love it!

PS. I have a twitchy eye and it won't go away, any help plz? Not sure how I'm gonna get through a couple of hours of 3D like this!

Monday, June 27, 2011

you will be mine

River Island garland straw hat

Just a little peep from me to introduce my new love. I haven't actually bought it yet though, seeing as I gave up on going into town after uni today because it was just SO hot. Here's hoping it's still available in store tomorrow or heads will roll. And I know it's kind of expensive for a hat but my mum told me to 'stop going on and just buy it or you'll regret it, you'll have it forever.' Smart lady.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

primark aw11

      1. jacket, £35 & loafers, £16, august. jumper, £14 & trousers, £14, september.
2. dress, £23, september. bag, £5, july. socks, £2, october. loafers, £16, august.
3. maxi, £23, september. bag, £5, july, shoes, £18, august.
4. jumpsuit, £23, august. belt, £2, august. shoes, £18, september.
5. cardigan, £12, august. skirt, £12, & boots, £18, september. socks, £2, october.
6. jacket, £23, september. trousers, £14, august. socks, £2, july. boots, £18, september.

Not sure if anyone remembers my SS11 post, but here's a follow-up with AW11 stuff coming soon. Some of it is actually out now and a lot of it is due to reach stores next month, which I guess is quite weird really! Buying winter clothes whilst in a maxi dress and sandals is going to seem a bit strange, but they do have some really nice stuff coming out and I just hope the quality is as good in real life as it is in photos. I think the only questionable items will be the silky dress and jumpsuit? Other than that I think it's all pretty good and the prices aren't ridiculous either. I also trawled through the cut-out shots and thought I'd show you what took my fancy..

No price or launch information was available with any of these, sorry! Obviously the first two tops stood out to me the most, very Topshop! It all looks quite expensive to me though I think. I've also seen the mustard top with the print (it's actually tiny birds I think?) in store and have been meaning to get it, and I've seen the navy/tan satchel in stores for a few weeks too as well as a cream version.

The brogues actually seem more of a Summer thing to me, maybe it was all put in the wrong folder of pictures? Then again I haven't seen them in store yet. I also really, really like the look of the patterned maxi dress (below), I hope it's not too long for me (like everything always is) because if I took it up it would defeat the purpose of buying it as I like the pattern so much. Fingers crossed!

All in all I am quite excited about the collection, as always. Obviously I'm not expecting it to be the most amazing quality, and I'm kind of hoping it won't be anyway since it will save me some money! Do you find yourself disappointed with stuff you've been waiting to buy or just expect it since 'it's from Primark'? I'd love to hear your thoughts as ever, but all of that aside, I kind of just want to enjoy my summer without thinking about Christmas already!

Friday, June 24, 2011

glossybox june

Sorry for the picture spam, I just love the look of the packaging though! Never got round to ordering the first box in time with the full size NARS Illuminator, I'm not that bothered though honest! Everyone's being like 'blah blah gutted everyone who ordered past the first box' which personally I think is a bit sad, but I'm happy with this, I just love getting cute little parcels through the door and I get to try new products I may or may not have discovered otherwise!

It might sound silly but I was going to buy a mini dry shampoo for my bag the other day so I've saved a couple of pounds there, I had a sample of the serum before but dropped it and it smashed, I'm quite fussy with scents so I don't really like the perfume but I definitely think my mum will like it and the polish, although quite tiny, looks holographic in some online swatches and I have been after the GOSH holographic polish for a while, so I'm over the moon! The bath/shower gel smells lovely and fresh too. I like that this month everyone has slightly different things because of the little questionnaire you fill out when you sign up! I don't think that happened last time since it was the launch box? Anyway, overall I'm very pleased and now looking forward to the next one!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

too big, too small

shirt: primark
shorts: topshop
watch: michael kors
buttons: the haberdashery cart

Is it just me or is sizing in stores getting just plain weird? I bought these shorts a few weeks ago now and as much as I love them they are just SO big on the waist. I have quite a small waist and larger hips but I didn't think the ratio was this drastic. They fit better if I pull them down but surely they are supposed to be high on the waist?! Also they ride up if I wear them low anyway so there really is no point. It actually looks like I'm wearing them quite low in the pictures, it's not intentional and they probably drooped a little bit while I was standing waiting for the self timer!

Also bought this shirt before work today (saw it in Charlene's post the other day and fell in love instantly), it was the last one on the rail so I quickly nabbed it, and it just so happened to be in my size! Or so I thought anyway. I definitely wouldn't say I had a large chest at ALL but for some reason when I do another button up it leaves a massive gap! Not impressed. Luckily Charlene has offered to find me a bigger size which I think is lovely of her! Fingers crossed..

I ordered these buttons in the hopes that I could get the shorts to fit better! The only thing is I don't really know where to put them. If I did them at the front the zip would be wonky, so I think I'm going to either cut a slit in the center at the back and do one there, or one on either side. How would you go about it? Or is there any other solution like using elastic or something like that? I'm scared to touch them really since I love them so much! Literally (almost) the perfect denim shorts!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

weekend wishlist #030

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

001. Saw these on the 'new in' section and fell in love! So cute! I hardly ever wear socks but still!

002. I'm still annoyed that I didn't order the first GlossyBox in time. It came with a full size NARS Illuminator in it which I really want to try! The June box should be coming next week though!

003&4. I know I have enough jewellery (especially rings) already but I want these so much! I was going to get a silver version of the moustache one even though I only wear gold so obviously I like this one heaps better! The skull is Disney Couture, a company I really like even though you pay a bit more, and the rest of what I have is still in perfect condition so I consider it worth it!

005. Actually so annoyed I never got these when they were in stock. They are so dreamy if a little bit hipster. Wondering if anyone works in/frequents a Schuh and has seen these recently? I'm a size 5, so if anyone could help track some down that would be brilliant and I'd love you forever.

006. Last but not least, this has actually sold out in my size too! I was deciding whether I liked it or not for ages, then when I remembered I could have just ordered without paying (spend over a certain amount and you get a year to pay..) I went to purchase and it was out of stock! So now the question is do I get it when/if it comes back in stock? I'm not sure about the colour on me but it has dogs all over it - that gets two thumbs up in my world if you didn't know already!

Friday, June 17, 2011

benefit freebies

swatches l-r: posietint, high beam, benetint

Hope everyone's heard about this and bought them already, I got these maybe a week or so ago so I'm not sure how many are still available! Obviously I got all three even though I actually have all of them in the full sizes anyway (added picture of full size and miniature together for comparison/reference), I think the tiny bottles will come in handy for travelling and stuff plus they were too cheap not to get really! Sometimes I like to mix a little of the High Beam (and sometimes Moon Beam too!) in with my foundation on my hand before applying for a extra glowy skin! What do you think of these products? Any little tips or tricks for me or any other recommendations?

Thursday, June 16, 2011


blouse: primark
shorts: topshop
bag: primark
ring: asos
nails: OPI Mermaid's Tears
shoes: new look

Apologies for the worst outfit post EVAR as well as my messy room, got persuaded to go out after work all day so chucked a couple of things on and I really like it! I almost feel like a rainbow with all these colours! Not looking forward to being drunk in the rain but will be good to have a night with my favourites! Put my watch and pleather jacket on as I went out the door (currently on the bus writing this). Have already been told my bum is huge so it should be an interesting night. May take proper photos of this outfit at a later date if anyone asks me too! And will post all the swatches from the OPI Pirates collection that came the other day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Went to Lakeside yesterday with my boyfriend to finally get my watch altered (I've been meaning to do it for a good 3 months or so now!) and to go wagamama for food later. I've wanted to visit Taco Bell since it opened last year too, so we went there for something small as soon as we got there to try it. It was really good! I also spent way too much money in Primark seeing as they had a lot of limited edition stuff and I just kept picking everything up! I ended up getting a good few bits everywhere that I'd been after for ages though so I just need to figure out what else I'm going to keep as I don't think it's sensible to have spent that much in one day! Also Lewis heavily persuaded me to buy a large portion of it all! Looks like I'll be doing a few keep or return style posts in the very near future. Lots of other little posts lined up as well so keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

chanel pro lumière


Got this the other day after the lovely Becky raved about it. I'd wanted to try it for a while and decided to just take the plunge and hand over an obscene amount of money for a little bottle of liquid. I just prefer the idea of a pricier product on my face as it feels better quality (probably my inner snob talking, but still!). According to a few sources it's being discontinued, yet I asked the MUA and she said it definitely isn't?! It would be a shame if it was anyway. I really like the finish, it's not as dewy as I thought it would be, though I expect that may be due to the current state of my skin. It doesn't look too bad, but it feels so thirsty all the time. I've been blaming the recent temperamental weather and trying to hydrate it with oil mixed into my moisturiser at night.

Obvz no edit! Check out my eyebrow hairs! wearing MAC Pink Friday lipstick FYI!

Here's what it looks like on me. I only used a light dusting of Benefit Georgia over the top rather than my MAC MSF Natural since I don't want to add more coverage for swatch purposes! I'm wearing Topshop Neon Rose blush and using a little bronzer from the Sleek Face Contour Kit. I'm going to go ahead regardless of that and recommend this if you have drier skin as it provides good coverage yet doesn't feel too cakey considering. A very welcome addition to my makeup bag!

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