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Sunday, July 31, 2011

half tint

dress: primark
kimono: DIY via Topshop
cycling shorts: H&M
belt: primark
hat: H&M
ring: ASOS
necklace: Disney Couture
sunglasses: girlprops
sandals: Spot On
nails: OPI Planks a Lot

Wahhh so many items in one outfit! Wore this to the Wilfox event on Friday except with leggings, was way too hot at work today though so I whipped out my trusty cycling shorts instead. I am indecently pale at the moment, so am going to have a fake tan session tonight! I will admit I do feel a little douchey in these glasses but I do love them! They are absolutely excellent for reading on the bus with - hides your face so you can ignore people yet you can still read the pages as normal! The colour of my toes looks so gross (sup false nails!), the lighting must have messed up, I'm not diseased! May do a little 'haul' type post tomorrow if anyone's interested? Literally so much to post about in the near future so watch this space! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

PS. If you're wondering why it looks different, it's back to front. It's kind of low cut otherwise!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

wildfox reservation

Rather eventful little trip yesterday, decided pretty last minute to go to the Wildfox Reservation launch in Selfridges and met up with Michelle! So glad I persuaded her to come as we didn't spot anyone else that we knew there! The evening was practically getting little tasters of treatments - Michelle got WAHed, we both got our lashes done by Shu Uemura and I ended up getting a bunch of feathers glued to my face! Kind of forgot I had them on still on my way home and wondered why people were staring at me so much! Wildfox are offering these little treatments to any customer who purchases an item over the weekend, so pop down to Selfridges for a look if you're about!

We had a little mooch around the new F21 store on the way back to the tube station and spotted Robyn which was nice! Not really impressed with the store though, it was a bit of an effort to actually look through everything! Also tried to track down the Topshop Allegra boots (am so obsessed with riding boots it's unreal!) but to no avail, EVEN THOUGH the mannequin was wearing them in my size they wouldn't let me have them! Got them to ring a different store that I'm off to today though so hopefully they have still held them for me! Also can't quite decide if this bunny print dress is for me or not? Possibly one of those things I'll regret not buying..

PS. Will do this outfit in a seperate post another day even though you've seen it as I really like it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

back to black

Finally got round to dying my crochet kimono and am so happy with the results! Now I'll be honest, I couldn't be bothered to wash it first because it's new and I just wanted it done as soon as possible, so I dyed it from dry! And also I couldn't find any rubber gloves so I just used a wooden spoon instead. Said spoon is now black but it was right at the back of the drawer and it never got used! I did use two packets of dye on this since it weighed around 300g and one packet is supposed to be enough for 250g, and I wanted to make sure it was black! All the other measurements stayed the same though. I didn't even stir that long either, just submerged the fabric so it was fully covered and did it by eye. Left it in the bowl for an extra hour too just to make sure it would be fully black! So relieved it worked, the next plan is to do it again with one of these skirts as my local store never stocked the black version! What do you think?

PS. Obvious nod to the recent news about Amy Winehouse in the post title. Very sad, although inevitable news. Lots of bad stuff going on at the moment, all in all not a great year!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


dress: missguided*
hat: Primark
belt: Primark
ring: ASOS
necklace: Primark
watch: Michael Kors
shoes: River Island
nails: OPI Skull & Glossbones

Totally feel like a private school pupil in this hat. It was only £2 so I decided to return my River Island one today as I haven't worn it outside yet anyway! I got the necklace the same day and it is just the cutest thing ever. Have been after one for ages and was contemplating going to a proper jewellers so it was nice to get a little cheap one (it was £4 in case anyone was interested)!

Since receiving this dress I've worn it twice in a week! Well three times if you count the morning after the night before.. Received a ton of compliments on it anyway so I'm super happy with it! It's a little longer than my Topshop ones which is great. Thinking about getting the blue one too!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

weekend wishlist #032

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

001. I think I've bought like three hats in the last month (including a badass boater for £2 in Primark!) yet can't find a nice black floppy one for cheaps! Any idea where I can get one?

002. Love at first sight! Absolutely perfect. Black and gold? Check! Animals all over it? Check!

003. Posted this in silver ages ago and then a Topshop version that sold out, and just ordered this! So not technically fitting for a wishlist post but still!

004. Have been reading lots of great things about this foundation and looking forward to trying it! Still have 3 half-full Chanel bottles to use though so not really sensible! Anyone else do that?

005. See, I have been after a nice black skirt since forever and nothing has been just right. Then I see this wonder online, except it's not on the UK site?! Need help tracking this baby down!!

horse print & metallic leopard jeans

Also totally into these jeans right now. Never got round to buying a camel pair and I'd still like to, although these will probably just stay firmly in my bookmarks. Too cute not to share though!

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