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Monday, October 31, 2011

this is halloween

dress: topshop
top (underneath): topshop
necklace: juicy couture*
bat charm: juicy couture (2009)

So after originally having no plans for Halloween I have decided to do one of my infamous returns days as well as go shopping for a new phone case! Popped this top under the dress (that's all over the blogosphere.. I've had it for ages and forgot to post!) for a makeshift collar. I think it works well! Fun fact: the dress is actually a size 6 (ikr!) and fits me perfectly, the label in the neck said 8 but the wash label says otherwise, and that's the size they follow according to Topshop! Win!

Paired the outfit with the necklace I was given when I went to the Juicy Couture sample sale this month. Attached one of my favourite charms which just so happens to be totally appropriate for today too! So cute. Thinking about it now I should have worn my skull one too!

If you hadn't guessed already I am channelling Miss Addams for the day, with a doll-like twist on the makeup front. Was going to go all out a la Gem but chickened out last minute. Took the plaits out after these pictures so my boyfriend won't tease me, I bet he secretly likes them though!

What are your plans for today? En route to Lakeside right now, wagamama here I come!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

fashionista palettes

FashionistA custom design palettes*

A couple of weeks ago at the TOWIB event, attendees received a custom design palette of their choice. There were three available - a warm gold eye set, a blush set and a blue eyeshadow set. I picked the warm brown/golds predominantly for the copper shade, Auburn Glow (bottom right). The other shades are Brunette Bombshell (top left), Golden Glow (top right) and Berry Brown (bottom left). All the eye colours are intensely pigmented and feel velvety to the touch.

I was also sent the cheek palette later on to try too. This palette includes shades Bella (which is actually an eyeshadow but works as a highlight!), Juicy Apricot, Butterscotch and Blushing. I do find the blushes more 'chalky' than the eyeshadows but they still work well. They are also very pigmented so you really only need a tiny amount and make sure you apply with a light hand!

I think the prices of these products are incredible at £5 for the empty palettes (available in red or black) and £4 for the single shades. There's a 3 for 2 offer online at the moment but I'm guessing it should be on in store too. I know I didn't pay for these but I would have been happy to, and I'm already popping a few other shades on my imaginary shopping list so that must mean something!

Have you heard of FashionistA? Will you be trying it? I really want Cosmic and Gold Rush now too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

iPhone 4S


Another post that isn't an outfit (really slacking lately, sorry if anyone has been missing my 'fashion' related stuff!), le sigh. Super stressed and exhausted over pretty much nothing to be honest. Thought I'd show you some snaps from my new baby gadget. The next one will probably be out in half a year but my contract ended at just the right time for me to get the latest Apple gizmo. This never happens so I jumped at the chance! I decided to go for the One Plan on Three as it's good value and with the all-you-can-eat (why do they call it that? I'm not a robot) data I can tether on my MacBook for free at uni and stuff. Super pleased with it and Siri is brilliant!

Pictures: wearing a very recent eBay find which I'll post about soon, bought this after Vivianna raved about it (will do a review if requested!), won this from Niki Pilkington on Twitter and am too scared to touch it, gross pizza from Costco, my fluffs, cute little glitter skeleton I found (pack of 4!) in the £ store and most glorious of snacks, smoked salmon and cream cheese beigels.

Tell me your weekend plans/your latest purchase/your favourite hair & beauty products!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stop me

topshop unique dog print blouse

Ever thought "I'll pass" about something for a while, and then a million signs crop up so you see it in a whole new light? Well, I say a million when in fact Zoe and Lily tried to make me buy it a week ago after the TOWIB event and then I saw that Lisa Eldridge wore it in this video. Torture!

It is undeniably pricey at £110 (I know!!), and is 100% silk. The material justifies the hefty price tag a little bit but then again it's dry-clean only so that would cancel out the 'cost per wear' theory a little bit? I don't know, I need your help. It's also my birthday next month. Donations welcome..

Monday, October 24, 2011

way to a girl’s heart

I don't think there are many things higher on a girl's list of loves than food and shoes. Was going through my SD card and found these snaps of a glorious Domino's order the other week. If you haven't yet I urge you to try the gourmet garlic bread, which I thought was nicer than the pizza!

Three pairs of new shoes, lord knows I have enough shoes to last me (and I'm guessing a few others) a lifetime already but they are just lovely. The boots and wedges are from where I work, you can probably find them on eBay or high street stores that sell shoes in the £30-£40 price range, or maybe somewhere like Chockers. The brogues were Primark, half price from £16!

Loving getting graze boxes lately. The only thing I usually get carried away and eat everything in one go because it's so nice! Healthy eating fail. Really recommend cheddar gorge and hazlenut espresso. Use code 27CJD4B to get your first box for free and your second half price!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

boudoir prive october

Korres Quince Body Butter, STUDIOMAKEUP Liner Styler Pen, Cetuem Illuminating Mask
& Creme de Lite, Memo Paris perfume, Rose & Co Salve, Leonor Greyl hair treatment

This month's Boudoir Prive box came through the post yesterday and I've been having lots of fun playing about with all the goodies. I'm gonna be honest and say I preferred it to this month's Glossybox just because all the products are different. I really like the way there is something for your makeup/skincare/body/hair needs etc. all in one little box. It's nice having a mix of brands I've not heard of as well as some I'm familiar with too, but this isn't unlike any other boxes really!

Really looking forward to using the eyeliner and body butter, the salve is really cute but I can't stand rose scents so if it stays really strong I'll probably give it to someone. Hope I remember to use the Leonor Greyl treatment next time I wash my hair! The perfume for once isn't actually all that bad either I don't think. Usually I don't like any perfume samples in these boxes!

Really need to unsubscribe to at least one of these types of boxes, I'm also signed up to the feelunique beauty box! I was leaning more towards ending my Boudoir Prive subscription but after this box I really don't know! What would you do? Did you get this month's box?

Friday, October 21, 2011

itty bitty kitty committee

shirt: topshop
bow tie: primark
skirt: primark

My mum pulls a face every time I wear this skirt, it's my new go-to! So easy to just throw on with a shirt though and pretty comfy considering it has an elasticated waist. Perfect food baby clothing!

Need to get my hands on some silk/velvet ribbon to use as ties for shirts like this, had this bow tie for ages and found it in a drawer (mens section, £2!) but think it hides the collar a bit too much. Also dug out an old ASOS corset style top, perfect to go under sheer clothes and not as flashy as just a bra! The only thing about this shirt is that it's so big, so even when I roll the sleeves up they tend to come down after a while. Still cute though!

Look like I'm channelling Casper the Friendly Ghost here, looks like a tanning session is on tonight's agenda. Out with my girls tomorrow as one of our friends is back from uni for the weekend. Working on Sunday though so can't party too hard (who am I kidding?). Also watching my boyfriend play a rugby match tomorrow. Is anyone doing anything marginally more exciting?

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