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Monday, November 28, 2011

boudoir prive november

dead sea spa magik body lotion, korres 24-hour moisturiser, rahua
voluminous haircare, vinies ayurveda's soul mask, studiomakeup lipstick

Got my November box yesterday morning and to be honest (as always!) I'm not completely over the moon with it. I never got the Rahua stuff in the September GlossyBox but still it's not very exciting to see something that has been in a different box before! Same goes for the Korres lotion, similar to one that came in last month's box, and again with the Dead Sea Spa Magik lotion, which puts me off just from the smell. I am actually looking forward to using the shampoo and conditioner though as Pia was raving about the stuff at the ambassadors event last week.

The lipstick, in the shade 'tender pink' I was really looking forward to trying till I swatched it and saw that it had a really frosty finish. I think frost finishes tend to look really dated, so I'm not going to get along with that. One thing I will say though is the actual lipstick is really fun to use just because it clicks in and out. Simple minds etc.

Generally speaking I'm kind of put off using anything in this box for some reason. I haven't touched the masks yet but the smell and look of the product inside isn't all that pleasant! It's nice to have gotten two of them though I guess.

What do you think of this month's box? Did you get different stuff? Let me know, if you have a post on it link to it in the comments and I'll have a look!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

dot dot dot


Sooooooorry, another one of these, they're all I seem to post lately I know! Was going to post a weekend wishlist but there isn't actually all that much that I really want lately (shock horror?!). Typical that it's my birthday this week too!

Blurry view from the top of the London Eye at the GlossyBox ambassadors event on Wednesday. It was such a lovely night, I really enjoyed it! Got these amazing chocolates in my goodie bag which I am too petrified to open and eat..

Spend the last half of the week at uni, in my much loved new dalmatian loafers. Obsessed is an understatement! Stayed at Lewis' Thursday night working on a little project together and ordered a 'crown crust' from Pizza Hut which was, to put it simply, disgusting. Millie woke me up in the morning wanting a cuddle just like always.

Finally tried on the coat of my dreams after work today, and decided it must be mine. Been after a black faux fur coat for quite some time now, and it's been between this one and a Motel offering, but now I think this is much nicer! Also spotted a rather questionable tee in Primark and had my first red cup from Starbucks this year so felt suitably festive for once. OH and I really wanted to post a picture of this little advent calendar Sara sent me, it's so cute!!

What have you been up to recently? Please give me some ideas for my birthday! At the moment it's probably just going to be a meal or two (at separate times.. maybe) and some random nights out as I haven't had a drink that wasn't at an event in ages. Seen any good films or shows lately? All suggestions, thoughts etc. welcome!

Friday, November 25, 2011

liz earle gentle face exfoliator

liz earle gentle face exfoliator*

I was sent this along with the brightening treatment mask to review a while back and have been using both (see my other post here!). I love that this product is really gritty and isn't one of those products that calls itself a scrub when really it's a cleansing goo with some lumps in it. So immediately I like it just because of that. After using it my face feels really soft, and my face doesn't go bright red like it does with others, so I guess that's where the 'gentle' part comes in! All in all I am really pleased with this product and would probably purchase, although it's no Cleanse & Polish (now THAT product truly does live up to its hype)! What's your favourite exfoliating product? Have you tried this?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

busy bee


Sigh.. another random picture post! Hope you don't mind! If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not have seen most of these snaps already, I just wanted to share them (again) and not neglect the old blog.

Thursday: caved in and bought a replacement Tangle Teezer at long last. It's official- we are in love!

Friday: had a really good outfit day if I do say so myself! Threw together some chiffon, pleather, velvet and faux fur and felt unsuitably luxe all day at uni. Also went over the top at lunchtime too.. avacado and prawn bagel, weird cola Lucozade and a tiny festive chocolate bear! Half was donated to my friend, eyes bigger than my belly 2k11.

Saturday: boyfriend came over for a night of pizza and X Factor. Beigel loves him more than I do.

Sunday: found a Slanda (sloth panda - name courtesy of boyfriend!) in a shop window on my way to work. Hilarious! When I got home the evening was spent with family to celebrate my grandad's 75th birthday, with a Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake no less! Both my little cousins are talking now, so cute!

Monday: went to the Handpicked Media Gets Social event with Lily and Kate. Went to McDonald's for extra lunch, found a £10 note on the floor and got served by someone called Tintin. Favourite talks of the day were BBB's and Mark Borkowski's. So inspiring! You can catch up on the day with the #HPMsocial tag on Twitter. We went for Nando's after and finally got my hands on the dalmatian loafers I've wanted for basically a lifetime.

Tuesday: went to the Stratford Westfield with my parents for the afternoon/evening. Dribbled over Toy Story merch, spotted an amazing wolf in Vero Moda, indulged in a luxury hot chocolate, loved the (outside) Christmas lights as the decor inside was pretty poor, and managed to get the last Lion King jumper in Forever 21. I need a Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast and Snow White so if you have a store near you PLZ CHECK 4 ME? Oh and not forgetting my cutesie new bobble hat from Primark for a whole £4. Might have to get the matching scarf too!

Tonight I'm going to GlossyBox's ambassadors event on the London Eye. Really looking forward to going on it as weirdly I've never been even though I am from London! Will post about it soon!

Any post recommendations for me? I've got a few product reviews coming up as well as a load of stuff for outfit posts but it's really difficult to get anything photographed with the amount of daylight we are getting lately! Plus it's my birthday next week so hopefully I'll be pretty busy.. talking of which, I need some solid ideas for that! I'm going to be 21 and nothing is set in stone yet. Talk about leaving things to the last minute. It's kind of my forté.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

glossybox november 2011

Nail Rock wraps, Arbonne FC5 foot creme, Dead Sea Spa Magik facial wash,
Illamasqua Freak perfume, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer hair treatment

This month's GlossyBox arrived late last week, a little earlier than normal as I am now an ambassador for them! This means I get my boxes for free from now on but obviously this won't sway my opinions as honesty is key! I paid for the boxes I got before this apart from the September one which I was sent after attending the event.

So what do I think of this month's box of goodies? To be honest I'm not that over excited about it. Personally I feel like one month's box will be amazing and the next one not so much, but then it redeems itself again. So far I have only used the face cleanser and it made my face feel really rubbery and almost too squeaky clean which was disappointing. Looking forward to trying the hair elasticizer which I have looked at before but not splurged on.

The perfume is okay, realised it was a unisex scent which explains why I thought it smelled like something my dad has! Nail wraps are something I still haven't got around to trying and I don't really like this pattern so I will probably save them for a giveaway or put them in a Christmas card or something. The foot cream is a generic minty type deal but I don't actually have one so that's useful! Also thought I would mention the new men's box they are bringing out, it comes out every 3 months instead of monthly like for us females and I'm tempted to get it for my boyfriend/dad!

Overall I'm not raving about this month's box, but I guess I do like that they are being realistic and actually using sample sizes. When they include huge products I think it gives people high expectations even though it's obviously a nice surprise! I am looking forward to next month's box though, I'm sure it's going to be a good one considering it's a Christmas box! Have you signed up to GlossyBox yet?

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