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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in outfits

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Probably not going to get around to doing an outfit post before next year (!) now as I'm still in lazy Christmas mode and the lighting is pretty rubbish in my room, so here are a bunch of outfits I've worn and posted this year instead!

I don't know how I managed to look okay at the start of the year when I'd take photos in artificial light as it looks terrible when I do it now! I should have edited the background in my pictures from the start though, I hate seeing the imperfections in the wall behind me! In case anyone is wondering, it's probably best for me to say now that it's the only editing I do with my photos, apart from colours etc. If I started editing myself I wouldn't know where to stop..

It's probably a safe bet to assume that I really like wearing black. I have a slide door wardrobe with two parts, one side is colours and the other black/white/grey which is probably a bit much! I'd like to venture out into wearing more colour but I usually go for the same rusts and dusky pinks. Possibly a bit of floral, leopard print and the occasional cream rather than white but that's it! Also have made it pretty obvious that I have to buy most things if they have animals or a cute print on them. I don't know if my fashion sense will ever truly 'grow up' - call me Peter Pan!

All this blabbering has made me pick all the flaws out. Huge negative of blogging for me is that I just find more stuff about myself to moan about! Despite this it is quite nice to look back at stuff and there's not anything here that I've looked at now and wondered why I ever thought it looked good. Looking forward to getting some use out of the summer stuff again! After Christmas the cold weather isn't such a novelty anymore and I'm sick of jumpers.

Do you have a favourite outfit of mine? Is it one of these or a different one I haven't posted? They are all kept under the outfits tag so you can find them easily for future reference (should you so wish)! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas!

Just a quick little hello to one and all. Hope you are having a great day with lots of food! Nursing a gargantuan food baby right now, not that I feel like I've eaten that much I'm just so full! Currently watching the Inbetweeners movie sprawled out on the sofa. Why do we do this to ourselves? Makes me feel slightly guilty for being so gluttonous considering a lot of people aren't so fortunate.

Feeling totally spoiled today, even though I've had no surprises! Got lots of the things I wanted though so I'm happy! Finally got all the Harry Potter hardbacks and the limited number (25,000 isn't really anything to panic about though?) DVD/Blu-ray collection which has the photo album in! Can't wait to watch them! If anyone wants to see the rest let me know (don't worry I like being nosy too)! Did you get anything nice?

Also included my buys from the Topshop sale. Delivery was super quick compared to normal which is crazy, took 2 days with standard shipping?! Mad. The loafers are a bit tight, does anyone else have them? If so what size did you get?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

joliebox december 2011

opi gold shatter polish, jane iredale 24-karat gold dust, joliebox concealer brush, kusmi detox tea, mitchell and peach shower wash, new cid cosmetics i-gloss*

My December Joliebox came in the post yesterday! Formerly known as Boudoir Prive, has joined forces with the leading beauty box subscription service in France and has taken on the name Joliebox UK. I love the new look, the slightly smaller box makes everything inside seem bigger and now the colour scheme doesn't compare to GlossyBox.

Really loving all the Christmas/December beauty boxes, and this one is no different. Again I would say this box is probably my favourite to date from Boudoir Prive/Joliebox! Even though not every single thing is right up my street I would love to get this kind of thing as a present on Christmas day. Everything looks lovely!

I don't really like crackle polish (at all) but hopefully this can be layered to make a solid coat? It's lovely and glittery though! Impressed at a full size bottle in the box regardless. Another one to add to my OPI family!

I absolutely love the shade of the Gold Dust. It's called 'Rose Gold' and is similar to NARS Orgasm but this can be used anywhere. Looking forward to using this, it feels really soft on the skin. Also love that there's a brush in the box, by Joliebox themselves. I'm not sure if they make other brushes but this seems nice and I'd love to try some others if so.

Probably not going to get around to trying the tea (well I might do after New Years.. maybe) but I'm in love with the cute little tin it comes in! So that's good enough for me.. it was a bonus product anyway.

Silly me expected the shower wash to actually smell like peaches even though it's just the brand name. The scent is a little strong for me, I think my dad might like it though. Cheeky little stocking filler time!

The light on the gloss blinded me for a few minutes, it's so bright! I don't see how these things actually help in the dark because it makes everything so WHITE. I tried to take a photo with the light on but it wouldn't come out right. The colour of the actual gloss is nice though! I got shade 'Baby Doll'.

What do you think of this month's Joliebox? Have you subscribed or are you tempted if you haven't already?

PS. If you got one, check under the wrapping paper in the bottom of the box for some discount codes!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

cough cough


Old faithful instagram post to prove I'm still alive.. working all week and when I get home it's too dark to take photos!

Best chocolate ever, Bourjois goodies that I'll be reviewing soon, nude/glitter nails, Lipsy press day, The Diner with Kate, bought some new boots.. and a lipstick, amazing surprise gift from Benefit that I reviewed, silly dog sleeping on a squeaky toy, thisiswhyyourefat: Chinese takeout edition, loving the Deborah Lippmann polish from the December GlossyBox, Supercharger did not impress, cosy new jumper, sleepy dog v2.0, love St. Tropez so much and willing it to never run out, decorated the tree, sneak peek at one of my Christmas presents, went shopping with my best guy friend, Nando's with my beau, had a sore throat so only managed to consume instant ramen, extra sleepy pooch, Christmassy biscuits and 99% of my wrapping is done! Beigel keeps trying to open everything. Funny but alarming!

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