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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

joliebox march 2012

Yardley Luxury body wash, LCN nail polish, Davines Authentic Moisturising
Balm, Eyeko skinny eyeliner, JolieBox mirror via JolieBox*

So here we have the March edition of the JolieBox. I'm glad they kept the same format as last time, what with the bag instead of all the paper and so on! Less wasteful, more reusable! This month comes with four full sized products (!) and a handy mirror for on the go. The fact that all the products are large may impress some people but I was a little disappointed that I got two products I've received previously in other sample boxes. I haven't actually used the first balm I got but I've heard lots of great stuff so I'll definitely get around to it now! The eyeliner is a different colour to the one I have already at least, but I don't really use pencil liners that much these days. Still nice though! I don't like lavender scents so the body wash will lurk in the bathroom for other people to use. The nail polish is nice for Spring!

I sound like I really hate this box, it's a great box in terms of value but personally none of it is very 'me' - makes a change though as I usually love everything in these boxes! I also loved the magazine that's included and will be in future boxes too! Ohai Anna! Are you subscribed to JolieBox? What do you think of the March box?

10 comment(s):

  1. I am the same as you with my box that I got for March. I got a Peony scent but would much rather the Lavender one.

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  2. I'd like to subscribe to one of the beauty boxes but i'm still not sure which one i'd choose:/

  3. The eyeko liner seems to be popping up rather a bit! Nice to see Anna in the mag doing so well!

  4. Joliebox is looking better and better! I'm not currently subscribed to it but I'm thinking about it. I had the Davine's balm in a beauty box too and I love it, really awesome multi-use product :) x

  5. I havn't subscribed to any beauty boxes yet, i really want to, but they seem so hit and miss every month! xo

  6. Aww this box looks so good! I subscribe to Glossy box and got my Harrods one but wasnt hugely fussed. Is jolie box better?


  7. Your products look amazing!

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  8. Nice box! Great filling ;)


  9. I haven't heard of these boxes before, I might have to look into it! I love his it comes with a magazine, that's a really nice touch :DD

  10. The box looks so adorable! The sizes of the products look a lot bigger than other similar brands of boxes


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