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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

clarisonic mia

Clarisonic Mia in pink: £120*

I remember being in John Lewis with Lily around 6 months ago watching her pore over the Clarisonic display and not feeling at all bothered myself. Sooner or later though, as with most products that get a lot of hype, I was caught up in the blogger buzz. The Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System is a handheld, waterproof device that cleans your skin 6x better than just using your hands and the product. When the button is pressed, you have a minute to go over your face with the tool, either applying the product straight to the brush head beforehand or (as I personally prefer) working it into your skin with your hands before using the Mia. Sometimes I am prone to pressing the button 2 or 3 times in one go just because I enjoy using it so much. Personally I don't really like the cleanser that came with it, the smell puts me off and I'd just rather use what I'm used to. If I'm wearing makeup I'll remove that first using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and the muslin cloth that comes with it, or makeup remover and a cotton pad to get the bulk of product off (and so the brush head doesn't get stained orange!) and then use a foaming gel cleanser (I'm currently using this one from Soap & Glory) and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth as well as making me feel super squeaky clean. I was totally prepared for the 'purging stage' other people have spoken about, but the only thing I've been having problems with is dryness, not spots! I haven't used this in a while though as I have misplaced my charger. I'm really missing it so hoping it shows up soon! For reference I've had this since mid-Februrary, I wanted to give the product a good amount of time for me to review it properly. Overall, event though it's pricy I would recommend it. Maybe wait for a birthday or when the ASOS discounts come around though! Sometimes it's on BuyaPowa too!

Have you tried a Clarisonic tool yet? What do you think of them? Skin saviour or just a gimmick?

16 comment(s):

  1. I've used my clarisonic mia with Liz Earle together but haven't tried using Liz Earle before using the clarisonic! May have to try it that way because I never felt clean enough after using it together! Thanks for the post! xx

  2. looks good! anything to feel even cleaner after taking my day off.


  3. I got mine in January, and am completely obsessed with it. I didn't have a purging stage really either, and it really has improved the texture of my skin! Have a lovely evening, Emma!x

  4. I got a pink one too, I didn't really purge badly, just a few spots, nothing bad. I love my clarisonic, my face doesn't feel clean without it.

  5. I'm dying to get my hands on one of these! I'm too broke at the moment though, probably going to settle for a cheaper alternative.

    Frances xx

  6. I got a clarisonic in January and I never had a purging phase either, which was good :D

  7. I personally love the mia. I go through phases of not using it then reintroducing it. Not sure whether this is good for the skin or not ha but it has been a worth while investment.


  8. Still can't work out if i want one of these the purge stage scares me! great post though :) xx


  9. They look a bit scary to me and it's quite a lot to spend if it doesn't suit your skin! Maybe if I win the lottery...


  10. I have been using mine since January and really like it! I just tend to use it in the bath once or twice a week with a foaming face wash as a deep clean. I have dry skin so don't really like to use it too often - every day is far too much for me.
    Also, I don't know about anyone else but I'm not sure if I need to replace the head as often as they say, especially as they're about £30 each!!

  11. I must say that I do like it but I'm not obsessed with it. My skin didn't break out, I had been using it for around 3 month now. I also didn't like the smell of the cleanser that came with it. x

  12. Ooh I've been wanting to try this- nice to see a proper review of it!xx

  13. I've never been bothered about these either but the more I read about them the more I want one!

  14. Don't know whether to splash out on this!! Heard soo many great things!!


  15. I haven't used this yet but definitly interested in trying it now!


    Eda ♥

  16. i love my clarasonic mia too but can't find a good match for cleanser, will try soap and glory one now!


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