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Monday, May 21, 2012

caudalie beauty elixir

Caudalie Beauty Elixir 100ml: £28.80

Sorry if you've seen this a million times already - it seems to have blown up in the blogosphere lately - but I thought I'd add my two cents anyway! Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a toner/serum type product that you spritz onto your face before applying moisturiser but can also be applied over your makeup throughout the day to freshen your skin. The main ingredients are 'extracts of grape essential oil of rosemary, orange blossom and rose extracts, benzoin, myrrh essential oils of oraganic balm mint and mint' and personally I really don't like the smell, but I know it's a 'good' smell if that makes sense? The product is supposed to smooth, tighten pores and give a burst of radiance to the complexion, I'm not sure if I'm overusing it as I've gone through about a third of it in almost a month, and my skin leans towards the dry end of the scale. I do really like it though, it's probably a placebo but my skin feels refreshed after (I notice a tingling sensation) and it clears my mind a bit too. A spa in a bottle, if you will!

Have you tried this product? What do you think? I'd definitely repurchase but next time I'll be buying the 30ml version as it's easier to pop into my bag for on the go. Are there any products similar to this that you'd recommend?

23 comment(s):

  1. i love caudalie!

    just started up my blog, have a look if you'd like! thankyou :)


  2. I'm avoiding this as I hate spraying things on my face!
    It sounds really nice from what I've heard though.


    1. Oh but it feels so good! And obviously you can't wipe stuff on your face after you have makeup on!

  3. Facial sprays are nice for summer but most of the ones I've used tend to leave my face a bit sticky... Maybe I'm not using it properly?!

  4. I love this! I have to say I think my skin looks better since I have started using it. I tend to use it as toner in the am as it is nice and light and then through the day more to refresh myself and it does seem to clear my head and relax me! xxx


  5. I really really want to try this, read so many great reviews about it!! Pretty annoying if you don't like the smell when it's going on your face though, I really dislike the smell of MAC foundations for some reason!

    Allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  6. I've just used up another bottle of this *sobs* I'm lost without it.

  7. I've seen this everywhere, think I might have to finally give in and buy it :)

  8. Does this actually work at tightening pores? I can't seem to sort mine at the minute. I've been using avene thermal water and Liz Earle Tonic Boost at the minute which I think are fairly similar products so I'm reluctant to pay that much for another variant, but I can never really resist french skin care! x


    1. I'm not sure, I don't really have problems with my pores! It was a bit of a frivolous purchase because everyone else was raving about it to be honest, and then it turned up on BuyaPowa so who was I to resist!

  9. I've heard alot about this product, thank you for your views on it :)

    Jess x

  10. Think I might treat myself to this before I go on holiday, it sounds like it'd be so nice and refreshing to use in the heat x


  11. I really want to try this, I've heard so many good things about this product :) x

  12. I just did a blog on this today too! I love the smell but i agree with the whole placebo thing. x


  13. I love the idea of this and very almost purchased it the other day but the smell makes me feel a little sicky, I think it's a love/hate product I envy those that can use it!!.xo

  14. Think I'm too sceptical about products like this, like you're saying about the placebo thing. The problem is it's so difficult to tell whether or not it is just purely psychological. I need to stop being so dubious and give this a try haha

  15. I want it sooo much, maybe after exams as a reward :) xx

    A Scholar Life

  16. Ooo I like how you say it clears your mind; this sways me towards this product more than other posts that I have read. :)


  17. I havent noticed any improvement in my skin since using this but I still love it. I purchased the 30ml bottle first and it only lasted a month, I'm onto my 100ml now.

  18. I really want this!



  19. I love this product! So strange how you can't get it in the UK! It is so popular where I live in Dubai and so cheap ( under £10 for 100mls)


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