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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

new real techniques brushes

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: £9.99
Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush: £6.99
Real Techniques Setting Brush: £6.99

Since trying out the Stippling Brush and the Core Collection (plus a few others I haven't blogged about yet) it's safe to say I am hooked on the Real Techniques brushes. Normally I would wait for this kind of thing to become available in Boots but I just couldn't wait, so ordered these three new brushes from Beauty Chamber a couple of weeks ago.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

The main gripe people have about Real Techniques brushes is that the really amazing ones come in the sets, meaning you have to spend £20+ just to try that one brush out. The most raved about brush is the Buffing Brush from the Core Collection, and I've heard the Expert Face Brush is comparable. I have to be honest though, I used this once for liquid foundation and switched straight back to the Buffing Brush - it's smaller so is good for getting into all the nooks and crannies, but I just prefer the larger flat top of the Buffing Brush to get my foundation looking flawless.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

I wasn't really fussed about buying this one, but it is absolutely amazing for using with gel liner! I hadn't used a gel for quite a while but now it's my liquid liner that's taking a backseat. I twist it in the gel pot so all of the bristles are covered for a lovely clean line above the eye. The bristles are extremely soft and easy to work with.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

This is the brush I use to apply powder highlighter. It works like a dream and also does a good job with powdering pesky places like around the nostrils - I hate it getting too cakey but do like some coverage there so for me this picks up just the right amount of product. Again, super soft bristles and really easy to use.

Overall I don't regret buying any of these brushes, in retrospect my favourite of the bunch is the Fine Liner Brush which I expected to be the least exciting of the bunch. I find the prices of the brushes very reasonable considering the same from MAC or somewhere like that would be a lot more. It's just a shame they work out more expensive in the UK (considering that's where Samantha is from - the brushes are made in the US so cheaper there) but there you go!

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? Do you have a favourite? If not, do you have a preferred brand?

24 comment(s):

  1. I can't stop buying the real technique brushes! Already have the core collection, powder brush, stippling brush and blush brush! really don't need any more but i waaaaant that setting brush!! xxxx


  2. love love love these brushes! Can't wait for the new ones to be available at boots, my card points are ready and waiting! :) K

  3. I recently bought the expert face brush and the setting brush. I love them both, the setting brush is great for setting the concealer under my eyes! great post :)


    1. Ahh I'll try that and see how I get on! Thanks!

  4. would you recommend the core collection or the stiffling brush as I want a new brush for my foundation x

    1. Definitely the Buffing Brush in the Core Collection. Stippling Brush is better for cream blush (:

  5. Oh! I will definitely have to check those out. I am already in love with my other Real Techniques brushes, so it is only fair I give these a fair try, right?

    -Elodie x

  6. so jealous! can you please do photos of your make up collection? i bet it's huge!!


  7. I really love the Real Technique brushes, I just bought the expert face brush for my liquid foundation and do really like it but as soon as payday comes I'll be ordering Core Collection for the buffing brush. They are pretty amazing for not that much money! xx

  8. The new expert face brush is on my radar, even though I love the buffing brush I want to try this out. The prices are incredible and they are definitely up there with some of the more expensive higher end brushes if not a lot better.


    Beckys Makeup

  9. I bought the core collection and lovee the buffing brush. I've never really been into brushes but this brush really does work. Think I may have the get the expert face brush too!


  10. i really like the look of the setting brush! I have the core face set and I love them brushes, it's nice to see they are expending their range. They are great quality brushes!

  11. These brushes sound great, they constantly get brilliant reviews amongst bloggers so I think once it is time to invest in brushes, I'll definitely be looking towards Real Technique :-)

  12. These brushes are my all time favourite!

  13. I'm going to go buy the core collection as soon as my exams are over :). xx

    A Scholar Life

  14. Aww I really want to try the Face Expert brush ! xx


  15. hey hun, just to let u know that you can buy real techniques brushes on boots online xx

  16. I was going to buy the expert face brush but I may just stick to the buffing brush now ! Xx

  17. I have the core collection, stippling brush and the blush brush. I think i might have to get the powder brush and the starter set because I need some new eye brushes!

  18. I just bought the Core collection and the stippling brush online from iHerb.com. I found it through the Vogue forums (the Australian one). They are sold at US prices but ship internationally! For $5 off, use this code:OJE062

    Can't wait til they arrive next week!

    ps. Did you find it was easy to control the size and shape of the line with the the liner brush? I have a similar brush but find the bristles are too soft.

  19. I really need to invest in some more of these! And I know what you mean about the best brushes coming in sets, I would love the Buffing brush to become available separately.


  20. I absolutely love my Core Collection set..
    I know some people may not want the whole set but for £21.99 you're getting a set of brushes that are truly amazing! If you go into MAC you can pay £30 for ONE brush.. It's a real bargain for the quality! There's no fall out, they wash beautifully, apply/blend products beautifully and are gentle on the skin!

    I'd happily never own any other brushses than Real Techniques!

    Jess xx



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