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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

glossybox june 2012

Glossybox Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush, HD Brows Precision Tweezers,
BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer, Green People Sun Lotion with Tan
Accelerator & Vichy Dermablend starter kit via GlossyBox*

This month's GlossyBox has a 'sexy summer' theme - products with sun, sea and sand in mind. Inside my box was a pair of HD Brows tweezers, which unfortunately don't live up to my expectations (I'm a lifetime fan of Tweezermans!) but are still pretty good and handy to have! I'm looking forward to trying out the Vichy concealer kit - I like that there are six shades so you can mix them if there isn't a perfect shade (still more catered to light skins though which is a shame). Sun lotion always comes in handy and it's a nice little size for my bag - happy to see that it has tan accelerator in it too! I haven't used the bronzer yet but I've used other products from the brand before and thought they were nice. I really wanted to like the brush but the hairs are quite scratchy! Fine to chuck in your handbag I'm sure but it won't be the first one I reach for when doing my makeup. What do you think of this box?

Overall I think this is an okay box, some boxes I've seen have a Caudalie fragrance inside which I would have liked but I don't really mind! Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? If so what have you got in your box this month?

35 comment(s):

  1. seeing glossyboxes like these make me want to resubscribe! xxx

  2. I got the bronzer, concealer, agent provocateur perfumes, Yves Rocher mascara and the brush.

    I feel exactly the same about the brush especially as I have just brought real techinques brushes!


  3. Can't wait to get mine - it's always late for some reason!


  4. You got some good products :) the bronzer looks nice! x

  5. I'm so indecisive about whether to join glossybox or not, this months box is making me wish I already had!!



  6. I actually think this box looks better than usual.


  7. I didn't get the tweezers, but really helpful to see your review about them!
    here's my blog post on this month's box -

  8. I quite liked this box- preferred it to the last one anyways! Love the new layout to your blog :)

  9. I'm always wondering whether to subscribe to glossybox or not, this certainly tempts me! Also, just love the background fabric/pattern to these shots!


  10. I think when I get back to England I'm going to get a 3 month subscription and give it a go! x


  11. can't wait for this box to come through! thanks for sharing x


  12. always so tempted to resubscribe after these posts!


  13. I've not been bowled over by this months box if I'm honest. I got the same as CathrynLaura.


  14. that looks like the best glossy box yet! the vichy dermablend starter kit is perfect for these sample boxes


  15. I got the Caudalie perfume which is actually rather nice and perfect handbag size yet I would of liked to have got the HD tweezers I am yet to get a HD product in my box which is a shame.


    beckys makeup

  16. Mine came with the concealer samples, the make up brush & the bronzer. I also got a dermalogica skin care kit and the Yves Rocher mascara. I think that this is a much better box than last month so I plan to stay subscribed for a few more months


  17. I thought exactly the same about the brush :( And you may have a different nose palette, but the Caudalie fragrance didn't do it at all for me. I'm a little gutted as was really excited when I signed up to glossybox a couple months ago, but this one has made me think about cancelling my subscription. Ho hum.


  18. I actually really liked this month's box - I got a few different products to you, but you can see them on my review here: http://fashboxstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/june-beauty-box-2-glossybox.html

    Your blog is so pretty! :)

    Kate xx

  19. This month looks ok but like most people say it cant be amazing every month!

  20. This month isn't the most amazing I've had, but I did get the Caudalie fragrance which is lovely! x

  21. The hd brows stuff looks interesting! x

  22. I wish i had glossybox
    please visit my blog


  23. i really liked this months box, i got different products to you, see them on my blog!

  24. I wasn't overwhelmed with the box this month either. Although it may have something to do with the fact my box was dripping wet because Hermes left it behind my wheely bin and we had a massive thunderstorm. I got the same as CathrynLaura. I've still never received any HD products so far and its a brand I want to try :)

    1. I HATE HERMES! They are so awful. Every time I get a delivery from them it either doesn't arrive or something's missing! Terrible company.

  25. Man, I need to sign up for something like this! It looks like you got some cool stuff!

  26. Think it may be sign for me to get on the Glossybox bandwagon, loving those tweezers!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

    Follow me on twitter @BloggerEda

  27. Great post, have to say I wasn't that impressed with my first box (this one) but I was lucky enough to get a Caudalie fragrance inside mine- Eaux Fraiches: Zeste de Vigne, which I love and is the only thing inside the box I liked. Hopefully the next ones better!
    Daniella x


  28. Love the blog post! I was very fond of this months GlossyBox but everyone has different opinions on each box, I've only ever had the HD Brows palette but I do need a good pair of tweezers! The best thing about this box was the Dermalogica Clean Start Mini Kit. End of the day your paying for a really good bargain :)

    Hayley x


  29. this one looks really good, the others haven't really interested me so far!

  30. i got the brush and bronzer and the vichy set but i got the agent provocateur perfume samples and a mini mascara by Yves Rocher... i love the bronzer even if it does go everywhere when i open it but the perfume was a bit of a let down they didnt smell brilliant but unlike you seem to i was quite impressed with the brush and didnt find it scratchy :)

  31. These look like good things. I like the glossy boxes, i'm really thinking about subscribing

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  32. I love, love, love getting my Glossybox each month whatever the products - the anticipation is exciting!
    And I like my products this month, not convinced they say 'sexy summer' though...

  33. I only got mine today, and the contents of my box are the same as yours!
    unforuntely the brush let me down, the hairs were molting everywhere :(


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