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Monday, July 09, 2012

clarins liquid bronze face tanner

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and décolleté: £17.50

Being quite pale naturally and without a hint of British sunshine in sight, I am definitely partial to a good dollop of fake tan. The thing about that though is that while it takes about a week to fade from my body, the daily cleansing and exfoliating of the skin of my face means the colour goes from there before anywhere else. Try matching your face to your body with foundation and wait for the slightest increase in temperature and you have arrived at patch central.

The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face is a milky lotion with a fruity scent. I personally apply it with a cotton pad after moisturising, or I guess it could be mixed with moisturiser and then applied like that. The product is colourless when applied, but because of the light consistency it's easy to make sure your skin is covered. This product doesn't break me out at all - a problem I can sometimes get with fake tan for body - and leaves a subtle healthy glow. My skin tone in my opinion can look quite uneven so this also balances it out a bit.

It's not going to be a life changer - as the result isn't drastic - but I really do enjoy using this and would probably purchase again when there's some kind of points offer at Debenhams (standard!). I use probably a 10p sized blob of this mostly every other night or whenever I remember. I haven't had any problems around the hairline/eyebrows either.

Have you used this product? Do you have a favourite fake tan product for the face?

10 comment(s):

  1. Ive been looking for a decent face tanner for a while as most of them can break me out. Ive heard a lot about clarins face tanners, so I may have to give them a go! Unless this weather decides to perk up a little and give me a real tan :')


  2. Ooh, I may have to give this a go! For the fruit scent alone, haha.

    Enter to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!

  3. Wow this sounds interesting!
    You should check out all the beauty products that we carry in our company. Maybe you'll be interested in getting some :)

    -Tei Spa

  4. I'm to scared to fake tan my face, I prefer to use darker foundation. I like Clarins Body Fake tan, as it last for around a week and gives my skin such a nice olive tan. x

  5. never delved into the world of fake tanning, am really tempted now i'm back from my holiday after realising how white i actually am!

  6. I always find face tanners sink into the pores on my face and give a terrible finish, i might take a look at this tomorrow because it sounds like it smells divine x

  7. I don't like the smell of fake tanners, but it's good to hear that there are some that don't smell that bad. I would be willing to try this one, especially if the smell is fruity!

  8. I'm so nervous to try one of these as i have such crap skin that gets clogged so easily! I've heard Simple do a decent one though so might try that before I splash out on the clarins one! great review, this is going on my wishlist ;)x

  9. My favorite self-tan product is great because it makes me TAN and not ORANGE. Sublime idea, right? ha. I got it from my esthetician at a spa close to my house, but I think you can order online

  10. If you're looking for one to really stay on your face try the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, £17.50. Whilst it's more of a body one it's really quite resiliant against face washing etc, but the colour is a bit more intense. Currently, I'm using Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning on my face, but at 30ml for the same price as what you've used I think I'm going to swap!



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