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Thursday, November 22, 2012

NARS Satellite of Love highlighter

NARS Satellite of Love highlighting blush: £21

I have a bit of a thing for highlighters. They're probably my favourite beauty product to use and can really transform the skin from drab and tired looking to bright and fresh. I've reviewed another NARS highlighter before (see my post here) so when I saw the press release for this new one a while back I was super excited to see how it would compare.

As part of the NARS Andy Warhol collection, Satellite of Love (named after the Lou Reed song, as he was part of the Factory) is an illuminating powder in a golden sand hue to give the skin a luminous glow. The light reflecting transparent pigments in the product are so flattering and work in unison with a blush or alone as they are marketed as 'highlighting blush powders'. I apply a wash of this with a Real Techniques Setting Brush after bronzer and/or blush, above the cheekbones (or where mine technically would be if you could see them) to give that extra something to the skin and really perk it up. This could also be used as an eyeshadow for when you're in a rush or just to add some depth to a matte colour I think. It's hard for me to pick a favourite out of the two I own, I'd say get this one if you're torn but then again Miss Liberty was made permanent so it may be the same case for this one!

Are you a fan of highlighting powders? What's your favourite - is it a NARS one (like me) or from a different brand?

23 comment(s):

  1. I love highlighters, I've never used a powder version though! I probably should though as I think they have a better finish than cream ones. I really want to try topshop's or clarins odyssey xx


  2. This looks gorgeous on you! I love highlighters as well- I think there's something quite luxurious about buying them, it feels like a real treat :)

  3. It looks so pretty on you! You should try the Topshop highlights, I'm in love with sunbeam! x

  4. I want this so badly but hopefully I'll get it for Christmas as I have literally begged haha! My fave is MAC msf in soft and gentle! XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any comments or followers would mean the world to me <3!


  5. I've never tried a highlighter but this looks like such an amazing product, my skin always seems to look a bit dull.

  6. Just started using Soap and Glory Glow All Out! Like it so far :)

    Elspeth xx

  7. I love highlighters, especially at this time of year! My skin suffers so much with the cold weather - anything to perk it up a bit!!


  8. It looks lovely on you. I love your eyeliner too! :)

  9. this seems like a pretty nice product too bad it's not chezp :l
    sara xx

  10. thats pretty xx


  11. ermahgerd i need this, got a wee bit of a highlight fetish and just love the nars packaging. nars albatross is one of my favies by them, their highlighters work great with their blushes as a duo.


  12. This looks really pretty, I have a Nars obsession!x


  13. This colour is gorgeous on you. Think I may have just fallen in love x

  14. Love this shade of blush lovely and I'm a fan of the Andy Warhol collection - the sets are fabulous, love the packaging too!

    Eda x

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  15. Need this in my make up collection!
    pay day come sooner please!


    abby xxx

  16. I want this so much! I really want to try the Nars highlighters, come payday they shall be mine!



  17. That highlighter is beautiful! I've just recently been getting back into highlighters. They're perfect for the winter months where your skin needs a quick pick me up.

    Katie xo

  18. This highlighter looks so nice on you! Very natural and glowy looking x


  19. This is such a beautiful highlighter, I really need to get my hands on some Nars products x


  20. This looks really pretty on you & the silver box packaging is extra special. This is a lovely highlighter. We all need a little glow in the winter

  21. Ahh, I just recently discovered this highlighter existed and I cannot contain my excitement! Your photos are gorgeous and this product seems amazing.

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