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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Art of Growing Up

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Las Iguanas, at Live Nation HQ in front of some badass MJ discs, love the Marmite Christmas lights at Oxford Circus, Rihanna secret 777 show was awesome, Pixi holiday collection, went to ASOS for an evening of champagne, mad eyelashes and beauty goodies, pub, most amazing parcel ever (follow-up post on the way), my poor pup is in hospital at the moment, amazing Disney sweater coming soon to ASOS, using heated rollers for the first time (again, post to follow), and finally went to HYPER JAPAN yesterday & got myself a mini Totoro keyring!

My week looks like it's been great but to be honest along with the amazing opportunities there have been major downsides too and it's resulted in me being pretty stressed out. I'm worried sick about Beigel and even though he's getting better, and I didn't really want to go into it on the blog (and won't till he's well again), it's true that positive thoughts help any situation so that's why I'm sharing. Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm about to light a few candles and try to clear my room out (AGAIN) - take a look at my blog sale to help me out!

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  2. i hope your pooch gets better soon he is such a cutie xx

  3. the little totoro is SO cute, I want a little plushie for my bedroom. I hope Beigel gets better soon. My 17yr old cat smudge had a massive operation a couple of months ago I'd never been so worried but it's amazing how quickly animals recover it's like it never even happened :) im sure he will be bouncing around in no time xo

  4. awww i hope things pick up a little! hate when you go through a bad patch like that... <3

  5. Gorgeous photos! I hope your little pup will be okay!

    Love the totoro mini!!

    <3 Rubiiee

  6. I hope your okay, and best wishes for Beigel. I know how horrible it can feel when one of your pets is ill xxx

    1. *you're.
      I have become that which I hate.

  7. Thinking of you and little Beigel. I would love to try out heated rollers!x

    new post at
    dont forget to enter my giveaway!

  8. I hope Beigel is back to full health soon enough, sending plenty of love his way.

    lets drive far away

  9. Thinking of your poor little pup!

    Elspeth xx

  10. amazing eyelashes xx

  11. Beautiful pictures... LOVE the mini totoro key chain, I need to get myself one of those!!!

    xx Ellie 
    deborah lippmann giveaway!

  12. I went to Hyper Japan too- did you do the Sake tasting? x

  13. looks like a fun week, but I know how awful it is when a pet is ill :( hope Beigel gets better soon!
    Rebecca @

  14. Oh missy really hope Beigel gets better soon. Well wishing thoughts going your way.
    On a lighter rote - your hair looks fantastic and I love your totoro key ring :) x

  15. I love the totoro keyring! Also I hope Beigel is on his route to recovery :) xx

  16. The marmite decorations look so cute :) Hope your lovely puppy gets better soon !

    Beautiful Dreams

  17. I love those Origins key chains :)

    Katie xo

  18. Hope your feeling more positive & that Beigel is OK.
    Nothing like a little makeup / meeting up with friends to keep up upbeat & cheer us up. Sending you warm wishes & positive vibes x

  19. Sorry to hear about your poochy lovely, got my fingers and toes crossed he gets better asap!
    I so wish I had got to go to the Rihanna concert, bet it was amazing - she performed so well on X Factor last night!

    Eda x

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