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Friday, December 14, 2012

Hydraluron Moisture Booster

Hydraluron: £24.99

Indeed Labs Hydraluron, a moisture boosting product, has been doing the rounds in the blogosphere lately and has been hyped beyond belief. A couple of months back I succumbed into tracking a Boots down with them in stock and purchased. I wanted to give it a longer time than usual as so many people seemed to be raving about it in days!

This product is designed to combat dehydration of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, but as we age we lose our ability to produce as much as we would like. The acid (sounds scary!) can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, so basically what this means to people like me and you is that it helps any product placed on top to do its job so much better as it sucks in the moisture properly. The tube seems small but you need a tiny blob for your entire face, which is followed with your regular moisturiser - don't skip this step as it won't work otherwise.

I didn't really notice much difference in radiance or anything like that with my skin, but I had been having trouble with little bumps and blemishes on the chin area for quite a while which isn't normal for me so I was very frustrated with it. I found that after using this for a few days, my skin turn around appeared to happen quicker and before long the skin on the problem areas were back to normal. Any blemishes I get now are quickly battled as the skin's healing time is sped up so much. So even if you don't think your skin is dehydrated (it is more than likely!) and you only suffer from the odd blemish, then I'd definitely recommend trying this out and seeing what you think.

While £24.99 seems pricy at first, I've hardly made a dent in my tube and I've had it for almost three months I think! It also 'increases the skin's ability to retain moisture over time and reduces the amount of topical moisturisers needed to maintain ideal skin hydration' so you're saving money on other products when you use this!

Have you tried Hydraluron? What do you think of it?

14 comment(s):

  1. I havn't heard of this prodcuct before reading your review. I tend to get the odd dry patch and sometime my skin can look a little dull. I may have to try this, it seems a little pricey but if it works it will be worth it!x

    new post at

  2. This is on my list of beauty products to try... sounds amaze! x

  3. i tried a sample of this and wasn't a fan of how it felt on the skin, almost slimey on me!!

  4. I've never heard of this product, but I will try! :)


  5. I've actually just bought this! I'd say I'm liking it a lot so far but then again it's been about three days so I can't fairly say; hopefully, based on your positive review, I'll keep liking it!

    Emily Wears Things

  6. I love the sound of this! I'm just getting into more natural products though so I need to see whether this is natural or not because I'd be reluctant to try it otherwise, I'm being very strict on myself!

    Gem x

  7. I get zits on my chin and it's so annoying. I've tried so many products. I'll have to give this a go.

  8. This is why I love Hydraluron! It speeds up spot-healing so well. :)

  9. Oh great review, I'll have to try this!!

  10. I want to try this, but I wish it was a little cheaper! Do you know if they do anything smaller at a cheaper price, it sounds good, but I don't know if it's for me?


  11. I love the packaging :)

    Katie xo

  12. Would love to get my hands on this, sounds like a glass of water for your face.

  13. really love the sound of this! x

  14. I will try this soon, thanks for advice


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