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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not Writing My Goodbyes

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This time last week I was feeling less than festive and now it's all over I can't help but feel really sad that time passes so quickly. It's been a very indulgent week indeed and I feel about 4st heavier (I wish I was exaggerating!). I can't believe it's New Year's Eve.. Eve already! I'm convinced Beigel is actually a little kid covered in fur judging his levels of excitement on Christmas eve, changed my bedding at 3am so I could wake up on Christmas morning in my favourite duvet covers, used my Father Christmas Bath Bomb and can report I wasn't a glittery mess afterwards, Christmas Day makeup (red lip, oooobviously!), leftover food.. my dad went a bit overboard as usual, treated myself to this beautiful little heart shaped coin purse from Mulberry (no longer online, I bought it from Selfridges in store), Beigel eyeing up a cracker, sweetest little furry leopard slipper socks from my boyfriend, more cracker madness, his & hers Nike blazers, pudding needs a bigger head, Nike x Liberty sneaks & the glorious NEOM Christmas Wish candle.

How was your Christmas week? Let me know what you got up to regardless of if you celebrate it or not :)

19 comment(s):

  1. I LOVE those floral Nikes! I agree that Christmas went way too quickly, I wish it was more of a month long indulgence fest!

  2. Those red blazers ^_^ so cute!

  3. Your dog is the cutest thing ever, I just want to give him lots of cuddles and kisses!

    Gem x

  4. I have the same bed as you! ahaha
    I wish that there was a bigger gap between christmas and new year- it makes me sad that they're both over so quickly
    Jennifer xx

  5. I love your instagram! What a cute puppy! I feel you I really don't like how fast the holidays went by, I'm not ready to start classes again!

  6. I love your lipstick and hair in the 6th photograph :)


  7. your dog <3


  8. Love the photo of your dog peeping round the door, i have two Yorkies and love them x

  9. I want some of those trainers from the Liberty collection... Post xmas treat? Love your blog!
    Katie xx

  10. will never get over how cute your little dog is!! his face is just gorgeous! :)

  11. Merry Christmas xxx


  12. Adorable doggie! Love your instagram pics!


  13. Those nikes are lush! I used the Santa bath bomb the other day. I was well worried laying there surrounded by floating red glitter but was pleased it never stuck to me aha :) Glad you had a lovely Christmas Emma!

    Love, Ashleigh x

  14. Love when you did these posts ;) This was very Christmas and cosy! Love this time of the year! I wish you a great year and rock on at the NYE ;)

  15. i can relate to the less than festive feelings. Cheers & Happy New Year! :)

  16. Wish you the best in the New Year!


  17. Looks like your Christmas was magical and your puppy is the utter best guy ever. Love him pulling the cracker, way too cute. Know what you mean about being sad it's over, feels like I've barely had time to breath!
    The his n hers nike sneakers are pretty adorable. Just saying. x

  18. Looks like you had a brilliant Christmas and did get in the festive spirit after all!!! Mine was great, I got to go back home, in France for a bit. It was so lovely and warm!

    -Elodie x


  19. omg your dog is so adorable! :3 xx


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