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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Party Hard

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Tanning Essex style, baby came home and is much better, so long pink wall (!), forever stealing my seat, kitty shirt (post coming soon), sneak peek of River Island's SS13 press day (again post coming soon), pre & mid-party at #VICE10 which was both awesome and horrendous in equal measure (with Lily, Zoe, Kate and Lina!) & morning snuggles.

Sorry I've neglected the blog a little this week! I've been busy turning 22, being ill, drinking too much, doing DIY and now I'm totally run down. Hardcore Saturday night involving X Factor and most probably an early night I think!

8 comment(s):

  1. Your hair looks AWESOME in your pre-party picture! I bet #VICE10 was so much fun, I saw Andrew WK earlier this year and it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to! I love him so much.

  2. i love your hair!!xx

  3. Your hair is so pretty, i love your little yorkie, he has the cutest face.

  4. I love that iPhone case and you have amazing hair. :)

  5. eee, your iphone case is just soooo cute!

    Great post love,

    My fashion/beauty blog

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous in the bottom left picture!

    Gillian x

  7. LOVE your hair in that bottom pic! x


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