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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rootin Tootin

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Time for a roundup of the last fortnight or thereabouts. A bit of Disney action, drinks at the pub for my friend Steve's birthday (and thought I'd share his tattoo for any Potter fans out there!), Domino's feast, being a loner on the bus, falling for Chuck Bass on a weekly basis, playing it goth for uni, finally!!!! the peanut butter Kit Kat is back (hopefully for good - vote here!), too much writing, my friend Hayley had a baby last week (!), new dress, being a water baby, picked up some Vivienne Westwood lookalike wellies for £10 in Primark, wine and Katsu time with Kate and Lily followed by #zomgbloggersbash and a sleepover, obviously stopping at Nando's to revive ourselves today, and a fresh pair of boots (*) which I'm wearing indoors now before I go out in them! So cosy, now I need GG and a nap!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

glossybox january 2012

eyeko skinny eyeliner, davines moisturising balm, davines cleansing nectar,
fab gentle body wash, murad hybrids skin perfecting primer - via GlossyBox*

Got this month's edition in the post (and also some beautiful roses!) earlier this week and people have been asking me what was in it, so now I can spill the beans! It's a Valentine's Day themed box, all about pampering and preening yourself. I'm not sure it will live up to the December box in everyone's eyes but I can see myself getting use out of everything in this month's box (kinda rare for me!) and of course I like the fact that the box itself is bright pink.

I wasn't fussed about the eyeliner at first but now I really like the colour. It's a slightly darker, more muted version of Benefit's Eye Bright pencil which nice to use on the inner corners of the eyes and the waterline to appear more awake.

The cleansing nectar and moisturising balm are a bit of a new thing for me, they're both multi-use but I'll probably only use the nectar on my hair. The balm is designed to be washed off of your hair/skin, which I found quite strange! They have a weird scent too, not totally off-putting but I can't put my finger on it. Still going to use it though!

Not sure if there needed to be another body wash in the box but I look forward to using this. I've never used this brand before but some people had a product from them in the last box and it got my curiosity going.

The primer is a handy little size for my bag in case I'm staying somewhere, perfect for my makeup bag! It's flesh-coloured and at first I thought it would be too dark for me but after applying it just disappears! I like.

Overall I am pleased with this month's GlossyBox but not bowled over by it. What do you think?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

dip dye

dress: topshop
necklace: asos
ring: primark
shoes: topshop

Saw this post the other day and couldn't resist trying it out the same night! I recently had a dream that I dyed my hair red again like years ago and instantly hated it. I woke up with a wet pillow. Saying that I still wanted to try this because it's not really using 'proper' dye! And I can report that it all came out after one wash (two shampoos and a conditioning treatment). As it's a powder - and therefore dries your hair out - it does make hair appear a bit dead. I think my hair looks quite ratty in these pictures but I just think that adds to the whole 'grungy' feel of the look. Lolz.

Had to wear black with the hair so it didn't stain anything which isn't hard for me, about 30% of my wardrobe is just black! All the colours brightened it up a bit anyway. Spent yesterday mostly at the post office (where the woman was SO rude, ugh) and returning stuff to stores. Also ruined my life with a Pizza Hut buffet. Oh noez.

Friday, January 27, 2012

mac creme cup lipstick

mac lipstick in creme cup (£13.50)

Bought this lipstick recently when I ordered my Naked2 palette. I do like me a nice cremesheen formula, very moisturising with good colour payoff and a glossy finish. Perfect! I have quite pigmented lips I think, so a lot of nude pink shades look a bit weird on me but this lightens up the colour quite nicely! I usually apply it straight from the bullet then dab it with a (clean) finger. Nice for daytime or when I'm on the go and don't have a mirror to hand!

I've bought/received a few MAC lipsticks recently, so there are several other posts very similar to this one coming up. I hope nobody gets bored! Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick? Or any other lipstick for that matter?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


jumper: topshop
disco pants: american apparel

Bought this jumper a few weeks ago now and haven't got around to wearing it. Partly because it's that awkward length (bought a 12, swapped for an 8 for a smaller fit and then didn't like it so fitted so got a 12 again) and I wasn't sure about what to wear it with. I just love it though, the colours remind me of a zap lolly from afar but all the shades are a lot brighter up close! It's just lovely and it's really soft too. May pair it with a white shirt underneath in future.

I have a dead arm right now from writing for 6 hours. Who said graphic design was all computer programs and paint? Pretty sure I never want to hear the phrase 'neocolonialism' ever again.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

moroccanoil hair treatment

moroccanoil treatment: feelunique (£30.45)

After wanting to try this product for what felt like forever, my Kerastase hair oil finally ran out a few weeks ago and I decided to try this one for a change. I don't find it as thick as my old one and it seems 'wetter' as silly as that sounds? I really love the smell of it though (quite manly but it's still nice!) and am enjoying using it. I don't really know if it's that different to the Kerastase one, I like both! I think all high end hair oils (not just cooking oils etc. because they make my hair smell funny) do pretty much the same job. Probably placebo effect but still! I do think the product is pricey but bear in mind a 125ml bottle lasted me well over a year, and that's without rationing it - I like to use it before I dry my hair, after I dry my hair and randomly throughout the day to smooth my hair down and just generally pamper it a bit. So overall I really like this product. It feels really luxe and makes my hair feel healthier as well as giving the ends some extra shine. I definitely recommend using a hair oil but it's totally up to you which one you choose (I also like the Macadamia one).

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