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Friday, March 30, 2012

take me away

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As the Easter break approaches I am trawling through websites looking at Turkey holidays. My last trip there (and proper holiday) was a couple of years ago now with my boyfriend. We're hoping to grab a last minute cheap deal this year as I don't know about him but I'm in desperate need of some foreign sun even though we're having a lovely glimpse of summer over here right now! Let's face it, that won't last forever. I wish I was on a lounger around the pool now! Are you going anywhere this year or have you been already? Please don't make me too jealous!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

denim shirt

shirt: primark (old)
leggings: primark
shoes: topshop
watch: michael kors

Pretty much my go to outfit lately. Dug out this bleach denim shirt from a couple years ago (though I'm sure they are doing similar again) for work the other day when nothing else felt right and am back in love with it. First time around I wore it unbuttoned over a vest but I quite like it like this now. Was going to stud the collar but think some gold collar tips will do the trick. eBay seems like the best place to get them, any other recommendations though?

Off to a press day this evening and then popping along to a Motel event. Looking forward to seeing everyone, feels like ages since I had an event! Who else is going? Let me know and of course say hi (if you want to)!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

joliebox march 2012

Yardley Luxury body wash, LCN nail polish, Davines Authentic Moisturising
Balm, Eyeko skinny eyeliner, JolieBox mirror via JolieBox*

So here we have the March edition of the JolieBox. I'm glad they kept the same format as last time, what with the bag instead of all the paper and so on! Less wasteful, more reusable! This month comes with four full sized products (!) and a handy mirror for on the go. The fact that all the products are large may impress some people but I was a little disappointed that I got two products I've received previously in other sample boxes. I haven't actually used the first balm I got but I've heard lots of great stuff so I'll definitely get around to it now! The eyeliner is a different colour to the one I have already at least, but I don't really use pencil liners that much these days. Still nice though! I don't like lavender scents so the body wash will lurk in the bathroom for other people to use. The nail polish is nice for Spring!

I sound like I really hate this box, it's a great box in terms of value but personally none of it is very 'me' - makes a change though as I usually love everything in these boxes! I also loved the magazine that's included and will be in future boxes too! Ohai Anna! Are you subscribed to JolieBox? What do you think of the March box?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

one sequin at a time

shirt: virgos lounge*
leggings: primark
clutch: asos

Bet you've all forgotten what I looked like with straight hair! Or even looked like at all because I'm so bad at getting outfit posts done these days. My apologies! At least the days are getting longer now so I have some more time and sunlight! Saying that though I feel like the days are over quicker after the clocks changed - can't believe it's almost 7pm already?! Didn't realise I finish for Easter on Friday either, so perfect timing with the weather!

Wasn't really 100% sure about the shirt when it arrived but I think I quite like it now? What do you think? I think it's the silver that's putting me off as I usually wear gold. I haven't actually worn it yet but this is probably how I would wear it. Nice and simple. Had to show THE BAG!! that finally came back in stock (wanted it for a good while now..) which came as I was about to start taking photos! Thanks to everyone who tweeted me about it too!

Started the 30 Day Shred over the weekend and am really enjoying it so far. 'Enjoying' might be a bit of a kind way of putting it, what I mean is it feels good to actually move for once (serial couch potato here) and feels like it's paying off already! Am keeping note of my measurements rather than weight as A) I don't know where the scales are and B) this is more about sizing than weight. Just feels nice to get moving for half an hour every day though! Need some heavier weights as I'm only using tins of food at the moment. Lazy girl problems. Anyone tried the 30 Day Shred?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend wishlist #041

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

001. I may have already ordered this already during the 25% student discount offer on ASOS yesterday. Oops!

002. Silly and cute which obviously means I need it! Looks like another beauty to pair with a collared shirt.

003. I have a normal denim jacket but after seeing my friend wear her boyfriend's oversized one I want to get a big one for myself. Scouring eBay for the perfect one! Or could maybe find one in a charity shop?

004. I really don't know why I haven't bought these already. I'm torn between the blue pair from Missguided shown or these ones from Daisy Street - either way, please make your way into my life pronto.

005&6. Some lovely new summery shades from OPI. Tempted to get the full sized bottles from a US seller on eBay like I usually do, but you can snap the mini set up for £6.75 here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

pixiglow pink pirouette nail colour

PixiGlow nail colour in Pink Pirouette: £8*

There really is no showing how neon bright this colour is. Despite its initial garish look I've had it on for a week and haven't thought about taking it off yet! It does clash with quite a lot of my clothes so I've been sticking to black/white/grey and other brights! This also looks lovely with acid wash denim I think. I found the consistency super easy to work with, dried quickly and looked perfect with two coats. Definitely need a tan with it though!

Have you ever tried any Pixi products? I have some more reviews to show so watch this space!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tresemmé liquid gold

TRESemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex: £6.99*

My hair absolutely loves any kind of oil treatment, I can't remember the last time I dried or styled my hair without using one. I've had this product for a while now and use it on rotation with a couple of other oil products. I find it quite a bit runnier than Moroccan Oil (review here!) and less pleasing scent-wise personally, but it's still nice - very light and girly whereas Moroccan Oil is a more masculine kind of fragrance I think.

Personally I tend to use quite a bit of product with my hair as it's so thick. I apply a 3-4 pumps to damp hair just before using a hairdryer to soak up some of the extra moisture so that I won't be putting excess heat on my hair. I usually then sleep on it, but if I need to wash my hair before going out I use another pump or so over dry hair to tame any wildness from drying. I also use the odd pump of product on the ends between washes to keep it looking groomed!

I really like the packaging, it feels really luxe but is plastic so there's no risk of it breaking unlike with my expensive counterpart! Talking of pricing, I think the cost of this one is fantastic at £6.99 (although the price may differ slightly, but this is what I have been told). I have been using this product in a more carefree manner compared to my pricier oils, because it is easier to replace without breaking the bank. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking to start using hair oil treatments or simply looking for a cheaper alternative. I'm pretty sure I'd buy this myself, except I doubt I'll be running out of it anytime soon so only time will tell!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

glossybox march 2012 feat. harrods

molton brown moisture bath & shower, clarins extra-firming body cream, ysl serum,
burberry lip cover and narciso rogriguez for her eau de parfum via glossybox*

We are nearing the end of March now (and I've almost had this box for a month, oops!) so I thought I better get going with the review! As you probably already know, GlossyBox have teamed up with Harrods for the March box (as an ambassador I was invited to the very swish showcasing of the boxes last month too) which means that all the products included in the boxes this month can be found on Harrods beauty counters which I think is a nice idea! When you think of the store the word luxury definitely springs to mind. I loved the little ribbon in this box too!

The standout product for pretty much everyone seems to have been the Burberry lipstick, although personally I wouldn't have 'picked' it out for myself. It's probably too pretty for me to use, but nice to have all the same. I have a million shower gels to get through at the moment but Molton Brown was a welcome brand in my box. Not my usual scent of choice but it smells amazing and I can't wait to use it! The Clarins cream is very intensive which is exactly what I need right now (and all the time really). Won't be able to tell if it firms from the size of the sample but I would probably buy it if I had money to burn! I haven't used the YSL serum yet and I didn't like the perfume but my mum does! Generally speaking I think this is a brilliant box. I really wouldn't have minded what I got in it, as there were lots of amazing products on display at the event! What do you think of the March GlossyBox? If you got this box and reviewed it let me know/leave your link in the comments!

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