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Friday, August 31, 2012

ghd air boutique

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Professional hair styling giant ghd have launched their very own air Boutique which will open its doors next week at Vogue Fashion's Night Out (September 6th). The Boutique will be the world's first 'socially powered beauty experience' - meaning the public can decide where the Boutique will travel to next via the brand's Facebook page.

ghd are teaming up with Select Model Management on the 6th to find a new model to sign with the agency and work with the hair brand later in the year - exciting! If you fancy your chances, pop down during Vogue Fashion's Night Out next week, and even if that doesn't sound like it's for you, visit anyway if you feel like simply getting an ultimate blow dry from a member of the ghd Style Team - just head to their Facebook or Twitter to book an appointment.

After Vogue FNO, the Boutique Airstream trailer will be heading next to wherever fans of the brand decide! You can vote on the Facebook page - where would you pick? Will you be visiting the ghd air Boutique next Thursday?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

marc jacobs dot

DOT by Marc Jacobs 100ml: £63*

Marc Jacobs is my absolute favourite brand for fragrances. I have or have run out of all of the big ones (Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh, Lola and Oh, Lola!) and rarely steer away from them, so I was really excited when Dot was released!

Dot by Marc Jacobs is described as a 'sophisticated yet happy-go-lucky' fragrance which, as cringe as it sounds, I can certainly agree with. It has top notes of red berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle, heart notes of jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom and base notes of driftwood, musk and vanilla. I really love how the scent is really fresh and bright upon first spritz but dries down more grown-up and sensual, so it's ideal to wear day to night.

Another thing I really like about this fragrance is obviously the beautiful bottle! The design takes inspiration from Marc's love of polka dots, and the 'creature' on top seems to be some kind of butterfly ladybird hybrid. Pretty!

Overall this scent is right up my street and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh, fruity and girly fragrance. I've read that some find it sickly but personally I don't. Definitely give it a go next time you visit a perfume store!

What's your favourite perfume? Have you tried Dot yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MUA undressed palette

MUA Undressed palette: £3

I'm not an eyeshadow person. I think I'm asked how I do my eye make-up more than any other question and my answer was always the same - Naked2 palette, or the Heaven and Earth palette. I'd heard a bit of buzz about the new Undressed palette (nicer way to word 'naked'!) and bought it in Superdrug on a whim a couple of weeks back.

As much as I do love the Naked2, and obviously the quality of the shadow is a lot nicer and easier to blend, these little cheap and cheerful palettes are amazing for three little pounds each. The shades aren't chalky - even the matte ones! - and apply easily. I don't really like that the shades don't have names, but really, how can you complain when the price is so good? I wouldn't use the applicator that's included either, but again, incredible value for money regardless. I tend to use these palettes if I'm going to work and save the Urban Decay palette for going out etc.

Basically all I do is pick a mid-neutral colour - eg. shade 3 - to wash all over the lid, then dab (technical term) a combination of shimmer or matte shades for a subtle ombre across the eye, so say shade 1 for the inner corner blended to maybe shades 4 and 8 towards the outer corners. Hope that makes sense for anyone who was wondering about my 'technique'! Like I said it's entirely unprofessional, but it works for me and people seem to like it!

Have you got any MUA palettes? A favourite by another brand? Or do you like to customise them yourself?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

parrot talk

shirt: zara
disco pants: american apparel
shoes: topshop

Phew! Had such a long day. I feel like such a moron saying this but I can't wait for the weekend and it's only Tuesday!

I've been neglecting wearing my disco pants for some unknown reason lately, till I took them to Brighton with me the other weekend and decided to wear this outfit one night (went to Komedia, a great night!). I must have liked it as I wore it last week to go for dinner with Lily and Kate too. I love this shirt, the little gems on the collar make a nice change from studded everything (although I will always be head over heels for those too). I always buy a large in Zara shirts for an oversized fit but I definitely could have done with smaller judging by the sleeves. Ahhh well.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye To Sleep

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Outfit (full post coming soon), my handsome boy, haul from Cyber Candy, Donkey Punch cocktail from Meat Liquor, testing out some Bumble and Bumble products (reviews in due course), salt beef, Starbucks lime Refresha, buyers guilt, friend's family BBQ with Hayley. Sorry that's all you're getting from me today, so tired! What did you do over the bank holiday weekend?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

mac saint germain lipstick

MAC lipstick in Saint Germain: £14

Saint Germain is a lipstick I've wanted for a couple of years now, and on my trip to Bicester Village I was surprised to see that there were loads of them in the cosmetics outlet for some unknown reason as it's a permanent shade (I have no idea how these things work, they also had another popular shade which I'll be posting about soon!).

The colour of this lipstick does look quite intimidating upon first glance. The MAC website describes Saint Germain as a 'clean pastel pink' which I do agree with although I find it a bit bolder than what you would expect from a pastel. I would advise warming up the skin with bronzer or natural blush to tone down the possible garishness of this lipstick, and also keeping the eyes quite simple! I usually wear gold and bronze eyeshadows on a daily basis but with this lip colour I used more neutral greys, pinks, beiges on the eye and my default black cat flicks and mascara.

The amplified finish of Saint Germain means it's very pigmented but also really creamy so applies well with all the coverage of a matte formula, but without drying out your lips. These are definitely my favourite kind of MAC lipsticks, as even though I do love lustres and cremesheens for their simplicity and ease of application you get a really nice colour payoff so don't need to apply so much and therefore the bullet should last you much longer!

What are your thoughts on this lipstick? Do you have a favourite MAC shade and formula?

Friday, August 24, 2012

always move fast

top: Lavish Alice*
shorts: H&M
necklace: Primark
sunglasses: H&M
watch: Michael Kors

I have absolutely NO idea where today has gone, but hello weekend! Not that I'm doing much of note.. regardless I hope everyone has a great fun-filled bank holiday weekend as summer (really?) comes to an end.

Love this necklace so much, it was only £6! I have another one which is darker and more green but has a bead look chain rather than a link chain. Probably overkill with the shorts but who cares! They are scarily short but have a massive gap at the back of the waist. Ill-fitting but beautiful clothes are the bane of my life.

I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick in this post if anyone was wondering!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

look beauty make me blush in flirt

LOOK Beauty Make Me Blush in Flirt: £8

For someone who prefers to use high end blushes, I've been reaching for this one an awful lot since I bought it! Flirt is a highly pigmented shimmery reddish coral colour blush. I definitely think this is a shade that would suit most skin tones, but approach with caution if you're pale as the pigmentation is so good you'll just look embarrassed! Despite the shimmer which I usually don't like, the finish on this is lovely. Perhaps because it's summer?

Either way I think this will look beautiful all year round, on either pale or tanned skin! Especially perfect for sunny days though, as it's so fresh and bright. The packaging is really sturdy and has a magnetic closing with a handy mirror inside. Highly recommend this one! Have you used this blush or anything else from the brand?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

he is the lamb, she is the slaughter

top: topshop
bag: zara
jeans: topshop
watch: michael kors
sandals: topshop
bracelet: This Is Not A Butchers

What's this?! An outfit post?!?!! Am I feeling okay? It's been dead on two months since I last posted one of these. Sorry to anyone that's missed them! Kind of annoying that I've wasted the lighter evenings but there you go.

Standard almost entirely dressed in Topshop as usual (I hate myself) and a guest appearance from my new baby bag which I am head over heels with! It does seem to get ridiculously heavy and is quite weighty on its own anyway, so it's like a mini workout whenever I use it. Don't think that's a bad thing though.. jeans were £15 in the sale so I'm not sure if you'll be able to find any now (I got them last month). Not as high waisted as I'd like but a nice change from blue or black denim! Absolutely loving peplum tops at the moment, such a flattering fit. Have bought way too many lately so I'm hoping the love affair doesn't wear off for a while yet! What do you think of them?

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