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Monday, December 31, 2012

Disney Wonder Linen Spray

Disney Store Wonder Linen Spray: £8

I was in Westfield a couple of weeks ago and naturally had to pay the Disney Store a visit when I spotted rows of these bottles of linen sprays. Obviously I was drawn to the sweet bottle complete with Bambi and Thumper on the front and of course the smell within. Designed with a baby's room in mind, Wonder is a delicate mix of apple blossoms, lemon sugar and marshmallow. It reminds me of pick 'n' mix in a sweet shop and I could sniff it all day.

This home fragrance is a Disney Store exclusive and when I got it it was half price so I don't know if it was particular to that store (Stratford!) or if it's like that everywhere because it's full price online! I probably would pay the full price in future because it's so lovely and I can see it lasting a while, but I might go pick up a couple more while they're cheaper if I can. I have my eye on the candle as well! You can also get a gift set as well as this gorgeous Thumper plush bathed in the same scent! Lovely for gifts or even a little treat to yourself post festive season!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not Writing My Goodbyes

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This time last week I was feeling less than festive and now it's all over I can't help but feel really sad that time passes so quickly. It's been a very indulgent week indeed and I feel about 4st heavier (I wish I was exaggerating!). I can't believe it's New Year's Eve.. Eve already! I'm convinced Beigel is actually a little kid covered in fur judging his levels of excitement on Christmas eve, changed my bedding at 3am so I could wake up on Christmas morning in my favourite duvet covers, used my Father Christmas Bath Bomb and can report I wasn't a glittery mess afterwards, Christmas Day makeup (red lip, oooobviously!), leftover food.. my dad went a bit overboard as usual, treated myself to this beautiful little heart shaped coin purse from Mulberry (no longer online, I bought it from Selfridges in store), Beigel eyeing up a cracker, sweetest little furry leopard slipper socks from my boyfriend, more cracker madness, his & hers Nike blazers, pudding needs a bigger head, Nike x Liberty sneaks & the glorious NEOM Christmas Wish candle.

How was your Christmas week? Let me know what you got up to regardless of if you celebrate it or not :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Outfits

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Another year, another round up of outfit posts. Even though I have been greatly lacking in this department lately (last time I posted one was almost 2 months ago!) I dread to think of how many I'd have had to post otherwise, considering I've also left a handful out of this post! The main thing I spot when I glance over these is how much better I seem to have got with the camera - including saving photos for web and devices which retains the lighting so much better (my photo uploader seems to make pictures a lot colder in tone if I save them the normal way).

I've not been doing these as much recently because I've been redecorating, which also means goodbye to the pink wall! When I get my room to how I want (ie. less, or better still, zero clutter, and mostly white) this type of thing will be more regular on the blog. Quick question - do you prefer blank backgrounds or doesn't it matter? Also I'll possibly be attempting full body shots in future. This is most likely the most boring and self-indulgent post I've ever had the misfortune of writing and I'm cringing a bit typing away here but let me know what you think!

Each outfit is linked in the caption if you wanted to find which store a certain item is from! Do you have a favourite outfit here? Would you like to see more outfits in 2013 or do you prefer my beauty related ramblings?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Essie Beyond Cozy

Essie nail polish in Beyond Cozy: £7.99

Saw this on the display in Boots yesterday on my lunch break and couldn't resist. Essie's Beyond Cozy is a metallic glitter polish that sits comfortably between gold and silver. It's not too yellow like most gold glitters, and because of this I think it would look great as an accent nail paired with a nude, or using this for the tips/moons on each finger.

Two coats were used for the swatches, obviously they're false nails so I tend to find I need less coverage on them, and I can't vouch for the chipping of this polish as I think that's a very relative thing depending on what your nails are subjected to as well as other nail care products you may use. Colour-wise though, this is near enough perfect for both day and night as it's sparkly without being too over the top. Can't wait to experiment with this beaut!

What do you think of Essie polishes? Do you have a favourite shade?
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