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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

2013 Peanuts Moleskine diary: £7.15

I can't believe a whole new year is already upon us. It feels like I closed my eyes for a second, and then when they opened a massive twelve months had disappeared before me. Here's how I'm going to make 2013 my best year yet:

keep saying "yes"
After a four-year relationship eventually came to its sorry end around halfway through 2012, I realised I was trying way too hard holding onto things that didn't make me happy. I decided I wasn't going to bother sacrificing my happiness for things that didn't truly matter to me. I'd fallen out of love with my uni course well before this and finally sucked it up and left after admitting to myself I wasn't going to get anywhere fast with a severe lack of motivation. The relief I had after this is like nothing I'd ever felt before. I also let myself be 'out there' for the first time basically ever, went on a couple of dates and unleashed my Samantha (previously suffocated by my Charlotte).. if you get my drift! Life really is too short to say no and be wary all the time. I took risks instead of doing the same old, and they've ALL paid off. Seriously! I got to interview Keith Lemon, attended the Cosmo Ultimate Women of the Year Awards and saw Ellie Goulding and Rihanna live to name but a few things! I'm also in a much healthier, much happier relationship and it's all down to me not being scared to do new things (so to speak). My #1 advice to anyone in a rut: SAY YES MORE.

I say this all the time but I am one serious hoarder. To put it simply I've got WAY too much stuff. Just way too much of it. It goes without saying because I'm a typical girl that loves shopping and has too many shoes (there's my Carrie!) but when you have a huge wardrobe that's bursting at the seams with boxes and garments it really is time to streamline and this year I HAVE to mean that. I'll be regularly updating my blog sale and giving stuff to charity to make space and feel better about my neglected stuff. As they say.. a tidy house (room) is a tidy mind!

I actually got this diary back in August - it's an 18 month planner but seeing as it's half price now I figured some of you might like it so it's linked in the caption. Having a little handbag sized book where I can write jot down things like upcoming events, plans and deliveries really helps clear my head and leaves me feeling more prepared. I'm not sure how I coped before, phone apps can be handy but I just prefer this method.

Get healthy
Another repeat resolution that doesn't always work out - events and seeing friends usually involves food/cocktails and I'm just too polite to say no most of the time. Generally speaking I don't tend to overdo it so I'm just going to concentrate on generic stuff like getting my 5 a day, cutting down on caffeine (as I've JUST discovered I actually like coffee), drinking more water and getting more sleep. Another big thing is getting more exercise and possibly joining a gym; everyone's a newbie at some point, so it's time to stop worrying about what others think dans le gymnase.

Believe in myself
I'm a humble person. Even saying something like that about myself makes me feel like I'm blowing my own trumpet. More often than not, I feel the need to put myself down, or downplay my achievements. I mean, I won a Cosmo Blog Award! There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and I'm incredibly happy with my success so far.

Stop wasting money
Goes hand in hand with the 'too much stuff' thing, and I've actually been doing this more lately. I'll make sure I don't have anything like it already, think about it rather than just impulse buy and return it if I don't use or wear it within a fortnight. Apart from random extravagant splurges, I think I'm doing pretty well already.

Buy a Mulberry bag
Possibly not the best thing to be included with a list where 'stop wasting money' is one of the other points, but I fully believe it's a good thing to be able to treat yourself now and again. I'd much rather have one expensive, extravagant bag that I'd use and care for rather than dozens of cheaper throwaway purchases. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a label snob in the slightest, but along with the de-clutter rule I'd love to keep my spending to things I really want and that I know I won't get bored of. I'm 99% decided on the Del Rey in Deer Brown (still love the Alexa but it might be a bit 'done' now?) or an SS13 flower plaque, chain handle offering you can see here which isn't out yet!

Read more books
I love books. The idea of an e-reader doesn't appeal to me as much of the smell of a new (or old - inner Carrie strikes again) book. So much so that I really want this candle! I can't remember the last time I actually read a book as everything is so digitalised now, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into immersing myself into some good literature in its traditional medium. Please share your recommendations, new or old!

Make a few small changes to the blog
My blog design has been pretty consistent since it launched, so this probably won't be altered too much but there are a few features I've been meaning to add as well as starting a YouTube channel (need to get my new camera first!) so what better time to do it than along with a fresh new year. Watch this space, I can't wait to get started! I'm also going to finally get some business cards done, thinking of going with MOO, any other suggestions?

I'm a tiny fish in a gargantuan pond and there's so much of the planet I'd love to see. Not particularly setting any goals for 2013 but I've got a couple of city breaks in the pipeline and I'd love to go on holiday this year as otherwise it'll be my third British summer in a row and that just won't do. I want my memories to be from all over the globe!

I'd love to experiment in the kitchen more, so I think it's high time I finally got around to getting this book (who doesn't love the super babe that is Nigella Lawson?) and take a leaf out of Rose's book and recreate some of her delicious looking recipes - particularly the homemade gyros, slutty brownies & manwiches.

Learn to drive
Last but not least I've been putting this one off for half a decade now and I need to get on the road! It's no a necessity considering I'm close to central London where events and stuff are, but it'd be great to be able to not have to use public transport and for hiring a car on holiday and so on. More reason to stop spending frivolously I guess!

So there we are! I'm shocked with how long this post has turned out be, I hope it hasn't been too much of a bore and it's maybe given you some slight inspiration? Do you have any resolutions or goals for 2013?

45 comment(s):

  1. Really like this post! And really love all of your 'resolutions' for this year! Love the 'Buy a Mulberry Bag' one, although that might have to wait a bit in my case! xxx

  2. I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now and I think this is the first time I've seen you be totally open and it was really lovely to read! Hope you have the most amazing 2013 Emma :-). xxx

  3. Yep, although mine is much more simple. Start wearing red. I don't really do resolutions so I'm starting small. Love the blog hun, I've just started blogging again so I suppose thats part of my new years resolution too!

  4. A great post Emma! Sadly, I always felt like I was the Miranda in a group :( x

    1. There's nothing wrong with that at all!

  5. Your first paragraph seemed to sum me up so well (minus all the cool things you've done). I left uni this year and I've felt so good since, and I'm feeling the same in my relationship! Good luck with all your resolutions x

  6. I wish you only the best in 2013 may all your resolutions come true!


  7. Great resolutions post!
    I am going to re-newbie-fy myself to my gym to make sure I hit the road running (so to speak) don't be scared to ask the staff for help - it's what they're there for - but was definitely terrified at first.
    Book wise I love F. Scott Fizgerald for a classic, really into Eat, Pray, Love at the moment, Lark Rise to Candleford is lovely if you like the countryside, One Day is great and everyone seems to be reading The Bell Jar at the moment, so it must be good!! I might try and make myself a reading list too if you have any recommendations?
    Happy New Year!


  8. Good luck with all your resolutions :) if I had to recommend one book it would be The Perks of Being A Wallflower... that and The Outsiders really changed the way I thought about life :D. Definitely going to have to start being more of a yes! person myself this year...

    Frances XX http://kisskissdahling.blogspot.co.uk

  9. are you a full time blogger now? x

  10. One of my favourite ever posts of yours, feel I ''know'' you much better now! Your blog is great and you are beautiful - wishing you a prosperous 2013 :)

  11. Really love this post, especially the very first point; cannot champion that to people enough! Good luck with all your resolutions. If you're looking for book recommendations I'd suggest 'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides; I've just finished it and it's really different to anything I'd ever read before!


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. "Yes girls" will rule the world this year ;) xx

  14. Lovely post, I love reading everyones new year goals and ambitions! I'm definitely going to say yes more & take more risks this year! :)
    Rachelle x

  15. Really enjoyed this post. Loved the Sex and the City references.
    Niamh x

  16. My resolutions are also to say yes more often and to read more books. I find myself reading nothing but university required books and I want to branch out. It would be lovely if you wrote about what you've been reading! I'm currently reading The Casual Vacancy and Anna Karenina (before seeing the film!) x

  17. I think one of my goals should also be to stop wasting money and invest in things I really want, and passing my driving test is also on my list this year. As well as getting fit, good luck with all your resolutions x


  18. The youtube channel sounds great. You'll be good at that I reckon! I have far too many goals and also the driving is one of mine too. I've had lessons but got a tad lazy towards the end. I want to do my theory before I hit the road again but again laziness gets in the way. I dunno, the bag may be a materialistic thing but it's always good to treat yourself. Maybe think of it as when you pass your driving test or achieve another one of your goals that you reward yourself with the bag!

  19. You resolutions are similar to mine! A youtube channel would be fabulous x

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  20. I enjoyed reading those.. Could relate to most of them.. Good luck with them! I made a list of few things for myself.


  21. This is such a great post, your resolutions are doable but still challenging. I particularly like the first part about saying yes to more - it definitely makes a difference in your life! And I think it's awesome you're in a new relationship now. you deserve it after going through a break up after 4 years. And I decided against uni this year too. It's made me realise to do what makes me happy and not what I think I 'should' do. And you're more than entitled to blow your own trumpet about the Cosmo blog award, that's pretty fricken amazing. I look forward to your next post :)

  22. Love your resolutions - many of mine are similar :) Happy 2013!

    Lela - http://www.LelaLONDON.com

  23. Good luck with your new goals, with motivation and determination they will be a piece of cake. have an awsome 2013 everyone!xx

    new post at www.beautifulthings-danielle.blogspot.co.uk

  24. I loved this post. Found it really inspiring! New years are full of endless possibilities...


  25. I LOVE the Sex in the City references! Good luck with if all, and I hope you achieve it all!

  26. this has to be my favorite new years post I've read! I definitely relate to most of your resolutions (I really need to start saying yes more) and I wish the best for you on achieving them. happy new year :)
    Rebecca @ trbcca.blogspot.com

  27. I have a lot of NY resolutions that are quite similar! You're brave to end a relationship that went on for so long, I continued a relationship for months that was damaging because I wasn't brave enough!
    Good luck with your resolutions!
    I could recommend about 50 books ha! The Great Gatsby and Perks of Being a Wallflower are fantastic, as is 'The Bloody Chamber' by Angela Carter if you like darker stories - it's a collection of short stories, similar to gothic fairytales :)
    Goodreads is a really good website, you can list what books you've read/want to read and it gives you recommendations from other members, I have found SO many amazing books through it!
    If you want any recommendations for a certain genre ask me on twitter, as an English student, I have to know my shit haha x

  28. you're resolutions seem very interesting darling! i couldn't agree more with your first one... :) xxx

  29. Really did enjoy this post! I'm one of those people who never makes new year's resolutions but some of yours really resonate me.

    I was actually about to buy the same planner, then I changed my mind to buy The Little Prince Moleskine and then I finally just decided on a plain black one, because I was so conflicted!

    In terms of book recommendations, definitely anything by Haruki Murakami and just classics in general. I've been reading a crap load since the Summer began in Australia, and feel free to ask me for my reading list!

    Love your blog and am now following :)

  30. Stop wasting my money is high up on my new year's resolution list! I'm actually on a 100 day spending ban! eeek!



  31. Just read "Tuesdays With Morrie" was a fabulous, quick read and a reminder of how good it is to reflect on your life and readjust. It was just such a good book, I recommend it to everyone I meet nowadays! xx

  32. Great post Emma, you should be proud of yourself - your blog is amazing! I really need to learn to drive at some point too! xx

  33. I'm also guilty on the 'putting off learning to drive' front. I think it's time to bite the bullet and just do it. Good luck with your resolutions lovely.


  34. What a great little post - I too am a huge hoarder so one of my resolutions is to get my life into some sort of order (you should see the piles of clothes in my room!) I definitely think buying things unnecessarily is a contributing factor but saving for your Mulberry is a great way to combat this.

    I've had my Alexa since I graduated uni in 2010 and the cost per wear would be miniscule.

    Hannah www.cagneyandlace.com

  35. I just love your goals. My mom was a huge hoarder and clutter bug! You need to organize first, then throw some things out, and re-organize. Good luck! Get healthy yes, great idea - water and sleep, those might be the two most important things! I think people who get long, deep sleep feel and look 10 years younger over time than those who don't! Lastly you are right, there is nothing like curling up and reading a good book. Let the mind wander into some good novels, it's invigorating and also calming at the same time. Stay wonderful in 2013, and don't forget hot bubble baths and a beautiful facial at night before bedtime!

  36. why didn't you study fashion merchandising instead of graphic design?

  37. good luck with your resolutions, i love your blog!x

  38. Hey there mikteef! Thanks for linking my blog Bag Addicts Anonymous in this post!! :)

    Stylicious Fashionista
    Twitter , Pinterest : @bagaddictsanon

    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/BagAddictsAnonymous

  39. Aw I love moleskins, this one is so cute! We have many of the same resolutions! I need to de-clutter, organize, get healthy, stop wasting money, and cook! I'm not off to a good start either considering I've been home for a day and haven't started unpacking and had my boyfriend cook my dinner tonight but I'm getting there!

  40. Love cute diaries xx


  41. Loved this, nice to know a little more about how you're getting on. Definitely make a YouTube channel! Your resolutions are very similar to mine. x

  42. Great post! You should definitely make a youtube channel :)
    My new years resolutions were eating healthier and all that..
    And I also wanted to start a blog! and I have :)
    www.elinlikes.blogspot.com if anyone is interested in checking it out!


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